Architecture office Tate Harmer has converted a 100-year-old fire station in Belsize Park, London, into a set of apartments.

Belsize Fire Station was designed and built in the Arts and Crafts style in 1914 by the architect Charles Canning Winmill for London County Council.

建築事務所泰特·哈默(Tate Harmer)已將倫敦Belsize公園有100年曆史的消防局改造成一套公寓。

Belsize消防局是1914年由建築師查爾斯·坎寧·溫米爾(Charles Canning Winmill)為倫敦縣議會設計和建造的,其工藝風格是手工藝品。

The station was operational and used by firefighters and their engines – originally horse-drawn – until 2014 when it was closed due to council cuts.

London architects Tate Harmer carefully upgraded the Grade II*-listed building to improve its thermal performance and turned it into 20 homes.


倫敦建築師泰特·哈默(Tate Harmer)精心升級了這家列入II級*的建築,以改善其熱性能,並將其變成20棟房屋。

Original features such as the fireman’s poles and the double-height bays where the engines were kept have been preserved and incorporated into the homes.

Below street level, former accommodation for the firefighters has been neatly converted into one-bedroom apartments.



Open-plan apartments with individual gardens have been carved out of the ground and first floors. Second-floor apartments with double-height ceilings have been built up into the vaulted roof.

“Creating new homes within a listed fire station is not simple but it’s important to retain London’s heritage where possible and improving the sustainable credentials of our built landscape,” said Tate Harmer partner Rory Harmer.

“The most environmentally-friendly building is the one that already exists.”

帶有獨立花園的開放式公寓已被雕刻在地面和一樓。 拱形屋頂上建有帶雙高天花板的二樓公寓。

泰特·哈默(Tate Harmer)的合夥人羅里·哈默(Rory Harmer)說:“在列出的消防局內建造新房屋並不簡單,但重要的是要盡可能保留倫敦的遺產,並改善我們建築景觀的可持續發展。”


Tate Harmer insulated the roof, basement and exterior walls and improved the air-tightness of the windows.

Each apartment has a dual aspect for cross-ventilation, with south-facing open plan living areas to make the most of the sunlight during the day.

泰特·哈默(Tate Harmer)對屋頂,地下室和外牆進行了隔熱,並提高了窗戶的氣密性。


Existing white-glazed bricks help the building absorb and retain heat to minimise temperature fluctuations.

A communal heating system for the apartments, accessed by buttons in each flat, cuts down carbon emissions and helps keep fuel bills for occupants low.



Interiors feature exposed brick fireplaces and timber beams, with metal spiral staircases for duplexes. The front doors are, appropriately, painted fire-engine red.

Tate Harmer was founded in 2007 by Jerry Tate and Rory Harmer and is based in Dalston. Recently the practice built a staircase for visitors to explore a subterranean shaft dug by the 19th-century engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel that’s been turned into a performance space.

Photography is by Kilian O’Sullivan.

室內設計有裸露的磚壁爐和木橫梁,以及用於雙工的金屬螺旋樓梯。 前門適當地塗有紅色的消防車。

泰特·哈默(Tate Harmer)由傑里·泰特(Jerry Tate)和羅里·哈默(Rory Harmer)於2007年成立,總部設在達斯頓。 最近,這種做法為參觀者搭建了一個樓梯,供他們探索由19世紀工程師Isambard Kingdom Brunel挖出的地下豎井,該豎井現已變成表演空間。

攝影是Kilian O’Sullivan。



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