Architects: BLAF Architecten
Area: 190 m²
Year: 2015
Photographs: Stijn Bollaert
Stability :Tecclem
Epb:Barbara Oelbrandt
Structural Work :G-build

建築師:BLAF Architecten
攝影:Stijn Bollaert

gjG House is one of the experimental houses BLAF architecten is known for in Flanders and beyond. It is part of their research called ‘Brick Wall City’, that addresses the precise relationship between material, construction, and the appearance of brick architecture. Since the introduction of energy performance standards ‘EPB’ in 2006, thermal insulation in building skins gradually got thicker, causing a shift towards light and low-cost facade cladding materials such as putz, scales, tiles, textiles, etc. As for brick buildings, this meant an evolution towards brick tiles glued onto buildings as ‘exterior wallpaper’. BLAF noticed in an early stage that a construction method with layers glued onto each other would lead to the impossibility to separate the materials at the end of the building’s life cycle, resulting in huge amounts of non-re-usable waste.

gjG House是BLAF建築事務所在法蘭德斯及其周邊地區聞名的實驗性建築之一。 這是他們稱為“磚牆城”的研究的一部分,旨在解決材料,結構和磚建築外觀之間的精確關係。 自2006年引入能源性能標準“ EPB”以來,建築表皮的隔熱層逐漸變厚,導致轉向輕質和低成本的外牆立面裝飾材料,例如普茨,天平,瓷磚,紡織品等。 ,這意味著將磚瓦作為“外部牆紙”粘貼到建築物上的發展。 BLAF在早期階段注意到,將建築物的各層膠合在一起的施工方法將導致無法在建築物壽命週期結束時分離材料,從而導致大量不可重複使用的廢物。

Also, in terms of the design, this evolution leads to new aesthetics, with tectonic expressions no longer to be considered as the result of stacking bricks, as well as a recalibrated position of the architect towards the design of the building elevation. BLAF’s considerations on brick design and construction have led to a series of brick houses, exploring hybrid construction and the development of the new ‘Big Brick’. The gjG house is one of the early houses in that series, in which the architects explore the re-use of bricks and the shape of the shell in the function of its autonomy.

同樣,就設計而言,這種演變帶來了新的美學效果,由於堆疊磚塊以及建築師對建築立面設計的重新調整位置,構造表達不再被考慮。 BLAF對磚塊設計和建造的考慮導致了一系列磚塊房屋的開發,探索了混合式結構以及新型“ Big Brick”的發展。 gjG房屋是該系列中的早期房屋之一,建築師在其中探索磚的再利用和殼體形狀,以發揮其自治功能。

The gjG house seems to be set in a forest-like residential environment, while actually, it sits right next to the E17-highway in Ghent, on a plot that used to be part of the garden of a late 19th-century mansion. The curved brick shell of the gjG house has multiple motives. First of all the house was to be built on a plot with trees. Instead of cutting the trees, the house was shaped to fit in between them. Secondly, the shape of the shell allows it to be structurally autonomous. The stability of the outer brick wall is not depending on cross walls, columns, or beams, but merely on its form and the brick bonding.

這座gjG住宅似乎位於森林般的居住環境中,而實際上,它坐落在根特E17高速公路旁,該地塊曾是19世紀晚期豪宅花園的一部分。 gjG房子的弧形磚殼有多種動機。 首先,房子要建在有樹木的地塊上。 房子沒有砍伐樹木,而是被改造成適合它們之間的形狀。 其次,殼的形狀使其在結構上是自主的。 外磚牆的穩定性不取決於橫牆,立柱或橫梁,而僅取決於其形式和磚的粘結性。

Thirdly, the massive shell of the house contributes to the acoustic comfort on the inside. The shell is made out of re-used bricks, creating a generic and timeless aesthetic. The shell supports the roof, together they form a ‘bell’, with a receptible interior space. The infill of the bell is the house, made with steel and timber frame constructions, making three stories in one area and one open space in another area. The inside of the shell is finished with the same re-used bricks, creating the idea of an exterior space between the trees.

第三,房屋的巨大外殼有助於內部的聲音舒適感。 外殼由重複使用的磚塊製成,營造出一種永恆的永恆美感。 外殼支撐屋頂,它們一起形成一個“鐘”,並具有可接受的內部空間。 鐘的填充物是用鋼和木結構建築製成的房子,在一個區域中製作三個樓層,在另一個區域中製作一個開放空間。 外殼的內部使用相同的可重複使用的磚塊進行裝飾,從而形成了樹木之間的外部空間的想法。


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