Architects: Amir Mann-Ami Shinar Architects and Planners
Area: 8500 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Omri Amsalem
Manufacturers: Revit
Architect In Charge:Ami Shinar
Design Team:Barak Levy, Yahav Lederer
Clients:Zalman Zecharya Investments
Engineering And Construction:Yaacov Guttman
Landscape:Noga Altar
Collaborators :Zigi Zohar, Lobby design
City:Ramat Hasharon

建築師:Amir Mann-Ami Shinar建築師和規劃師
攝影:Omri Amsalem
負責建築師:Ami Shinar
設計團隊:Barak Levy,Yahav Lederer
客戶:Zalman Zecharya投資
工程與建設:Yaacov Guttman
合作者:Zigi Zohar,大廳設計

Following our award winning Z Design building of 2013, Z-5 building, completed recently, takes even a further step in sharpening the “villa in the air” concept. We aim to present here another alternative typology vs. the too common “apartment block”, so typical of contemporary residential architecture all around us.

繼我們2013年屢獲殊榮的Z Design大樓之後,最近完工的Z-5大樓甚至在加強“空中別墅”概念方面邁出了進一步的一步。 我們的目標是在這裡展示另一種替代類型,而不是過於常見的“公寓樓”,這是我們周圍當代住宅建築的典型特徵。

The plan is basically simple, comprised of four units per floor. But there is no “typical floor”. By rotating some of the 33 units and subtracting others in certain floors, we break the uniform block: a three dimensional composition is achieved. Thus, while all apartments are “planted” around the building core, each is almost disconnected from its neighbors. As a by-product of this composition, various private roof terraces are created, some are small -15 sqm, and some large – 100 sqm.

該計劃基本上很簡單,每層包含四個單元。 但是沒有“典型的地板”。 通過旋轉33個單元中的一些並減去某些樓層中的其他單元,我們打破了均勻的塊:實現了三維構圖。 因此,儘管所有公寓都被“種植”在建築核心周圍,但每個公寓幾乎都與其鄰居斷開了連接。 作為這種構成的副產品,創建了各種私人屋頂露台,其中一些面積為-15平方米,而較小的則為100平方米。

The structure is basically 35 cm thick cast in place concrete slabs with no columns inside any of the units. exterior walls are cladded with dry mounted off-white granite. Living rooms and some adjacent bedrooms are enclosed by aluminum and glass curtain walls, enhancing the contrast between transparency and opaqueness.

該結構基本上是35厘米厚的現澆混凝土板,任何單元內部均無立柱。 外牆覆蓋著乾燥的灰白色花崗岩。 客廳和一些相鄰的臥室被鋁和玻璃幕牆包圍,增強了透明度和不透明性之間的對比。


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