Architects: TANGRAM architecture and urban landscape
Area: 30000 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: John Lewis Marshall, meijeske fotografie
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Engels Baksteen, Geelen Beton, VPT Versteeg, Alkondor, Scheuten Glass, Trimble
Lead Architects:Bart Mispelblom Beyer and Charlotte ten Dijke
Design Team:Ton de Lange, Laura Rokaite, Abdessamed Azarfane, Pieter Doets
Clients:SSB/De Nijs JvS VOF CBRE Global Investors Netherlands
Engineering:Van Rossum (construction) Hiensch (installations) LBP|Sight (acoustics)
Landscape:TANGRAM architecture and urban landscape Schadenberg
Consultants:New Cheese Development
Collaborators:Urban Sync Cascoland
Country:The Netherlands

攝影:約翰·劉易斯·馬歇爾(John Lewis Marshall),攝影作品
製造商:AutoDesk,Engels Baksteen,Geelen Beton,VPT Versteeg,Alkondor,Scheuten Glass,Trimble
首席建築師:Bart Mispelblom Beyer和Charlotte 10 Dijke
設計團隊:Ton de Lange,Laura Rokaite,Abdessamed Azarfane,Pieter Doets
客戶:SSB / De Nijs JvS VOF CBRE全球投資者荷蘭
工程:Van Rossum(建築)Hiensch(裝置)LBP | Sight(聲學)
合作者:Urban Sync Cascoland

Rhapsody in West is a residential development situated on a complex site next to Amsterdam’s busy peripheral highway, on the edge of the Kolenkit neighbourhood. Ten years ago this area was designated one of the most deprived in the Netherlands, and redevelopment was long overdue.

West Rhapsody是一個住宅開發項目,位於Kolenkit街區邊緣,毗鄰阿姆斯特丹繁忙的周邊高速公路,位於一個複雜的地點。 十年前,該地區被指定為荷蘭最貧困的地區之一,重建工作早就該進行了。

For a long time, the undeveloped site had an important neighbourhood function as a green space and meeting place. The difficult task of realizing an extensive development brief has been achieved through a unique collaboration between designers, builders, investors, city council, and local residents. The initiative for the redevelopment was taken by TANGRAM Architekten, urban planners Urban Sync, and artist collective Cascoland representing the neighbourhood. The ensemble offers a solution for numerous challenges, such as noise, pollution, energy conservation, water management, heat mitigation, community building, and social safety. It combines high density with plenty of space for green and water. Furthermore, it also still offers a meeting place for the neighbourhood.

長期以來,這片未開發的場地具有重要的鄰里功能,可作為綠地和聚會場所。 通過設計師,建築商,投資者,市議會和當地居民之間的獨特合作,實現了廣泛的開發簡介這一艱鉅的任務已經完成。 重建計劃由TANGRAM Architekten,城市規劃師Urban Sync和代表社區的藝術家集體Cascoland共同發起。 該集成體為眾多挑戰提供了解決方案,例如噪音,污染,節能,節水,減熱,社區建設和社會安全。 它結合了高密度和足夠的綠色和水空間。 此外,它仍然為鄰居提供聚會場所。

To make the site habitable there are two ‘high back’ buildings that block the sound of the road. The residual noise is deflected by the rounded shapes of the blocks and partly absorbed by the facades and the abundance of greenery. Because there are no parallel surfaces, the sound cannot reverberate. The result is spectacular: the courtyard garden feels like a city oasis.

為了使該地點適合居住,有兩座“高背”建築物擋住了道路的聲音。 剩餘的噪聲通過塊的圓形形狀偏轉,並被立面和大量的綠化部分吸收。 因為沒有平行的表面,所以聲音無法迴響。 結果是驚人的:庭院花園就像是城市的綠洲。

By making use of the height difference of the adjacent bridge, space is created to hide parking, storage, and a rainwater attenuation system. The open allotment garden creates ‘air’ between the building blocks, making the complex an inviting place.

通過利用相鄰橋的高度差,可以創建空間來隱藏停車,存儲和雨水衰減系統。 開放式分配花園在構件之間創造了“空氣”,使建築群成為誘人的場所。

Cultivating a good relationship with the neighbourhood was crucial to the success of the project. This is why the former meeting place was reintroduced, as well as a greenhouse in the courtyard that serves as a central meeting point where events are organized. There are facilities such as a guest house and a commercial café and living room where people can eat, drink, work, or follow evening courses. Owner CBRE also offers extra amenities such as shared electric cars and bicycles and James service, run by “local heroes”.

與鄰居建立良好的關係對於項目的成功至關重要。 這就是為什麼重新引入了以前的會議場所以及在院子裡的溫室作為組織活動的中心會議點的原因。 有諸如招待所,商業咖啡廳和起居室之類的設施,人們可以在這裡吃飯,喝酒,工作或參加夜校課程。 業主世邦魏理仕還提供額外的便利設施,例如共享的電動汽車和自行車以及由“當地英雄”經營的詹姆斯服務。

Rhapsody is characterized by openness. Due to the layout of the blocks, there are always ‘eyes on the street’ from the apartments and a clear view of the public space. Five local community managers (four of whom live on-site) strengthen the contact between the residents and the surrounding neighbourhood. They take care of the overall living quality and organize activities. The housing project is very flexible in its design. Different layouts of the blocks are possible, with apartments ranging from 50 to 110 sqm or even larger, now and in the future. It takes into account the needs of (future) residents and retains value for a long period of time.

狂想曲的特點是開放。 由於街區的佈局,公寓裡總是有“街上的眼睛”和公共空間的清晰視野。 五位當地社區經理(其中四位住在現場)加強了居民與周圍社區之間的聯繫。 他們照顧整體生活質量並組織活動。 住房項目的設計非常靈活。 街區的佈局可能不同,現在和將來的公寓面積從50到110平方米甚至更大。 它考慮了(未來)居民的需求,並在很長一段時間內保持了價值。

Noteworthy is the extremely good energy performance. The entire complex is an energy factory. The residents supply energy to the grid after deducting their own use. This is due to various measures, including a large number of photovoltaics on the roofs.

值得注意的是極好的能源性能。 整個建築群是一個能源工廠。 居民扣除自己的使用量後為電網供電。 這是由於各種措施所致,包括屋頂上的大量光伏電池。


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