Architects: Yazgan Design Architecture
Area: 2415 m²
Year: 2018
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Geberit, Reynaers Aluminium, FRANKE, Serge Ferrari, Duravit, Ersa, SISECAM
Lead Architects:Kerem Yazgan, Begum Yazgan, Kamer Saglam Yigin
Design Team:Yazgan Design Architecture
Clients:Pasifik & Çiftay
Engineering & Construction:Kinaci Engineering, GMD Engineering, Yurdakul Engineering
Landscape:Yazgan Design Architecture

製造商:AutoDesk,Geberit,Reynaers Aluminium,FRANKE,Serge Ferrari,Duravit,Ersa,SISECAM
首席建築師:Kerem Yazgan,Begum Yazgan,Kamer Saglam Yigin

Merkez Ankara Showroom is a 2.415 sqm building located in Turkey. The building is a sales office for Merkez Ankara, which is a mixed-use project of residences and offices. It contains mock-up apartment flats, administrative and sales offices, and small inner and outer gardens. The principal design idea is to integrate nature into architecture through the use of gardens. The inner courtyards and outer backyards are placed between the open spaces sequentially.

Merkez Ankara陳列室是位於土耳其的2.415平方米建築。 該建築是Merkez Ankara的銷售辦事處,這是住宅和辦公室的混合用途項目。 它包含模擬公寓房,行政和銷售處以及小型內部和外部花園。 主要設計思想是通過使用花園將自然融入建築。 內部庭院和外部後院依次置於開放空間之間。

The rectangular shaped gardens physically separate spaces that have different functions such as model area, lounge etc. The separation of spaces through transparent courtyards gives way to visual continuity and the increase in the perception of depth. Blurring the distinction between inside and outside, the gardens ensure natural light reach every corner of the building. Nature is integrated into the daily lives of office users that way. Inner courtyards help the users to observe daily and seasonal changes of nature. In that sense, the interior space becomes a dynamic entity in which you can interact with nature.

矩形花園在物理上分隔了具有不同功能的空間,例如模型區域,休息室等。通過透明庭院分隔空間可以讓視覺連續性和深度感增強。 花園模糊了內部和外部之間的區別,確保自然光射入建築物的每個角落。 通過這種方式,大自然可以融入辦公室用戶的日常生活中。 內部庭院可幫助用戶觀察自然的每日和季節性變化。 從這個意義上講,內部空間成為一個動態的實體,您可以在其中與自然互動。

The function of open spaces changes according to their placement between courtyards. The entrance hall, the exhibition area in which the project model is located and the information counter are all placed between the courtyards. The entrance hall and the model area have double heights to achieve the visual relationships with the upper floor. Service areas, circulation cores and administrative offices surround the main spaces, leaving center solely for the exhibition space and inner gardens. On the plan, the space ends with the fully furnished sample apartment units that are built in true dimensions and materials with the one that is located inside the residence building.

開放空間的功能根據其在庭院之間的放置而變化。 入口大廳,項目模型所在的展覽區和問訊處都放置在院子之間。 入口大廳和模型區域具有雙重高度,以實現與上層的視覺關係。 服務區,流通中心和行政辦公室圍繞主要空間,而中心僅用於展覽空間和內部花園。 在平面圖中,該空間以配備齊全的樣本公寓單元結束,這些樣本公寓單元以真實的尺寸和材料建造,並位於住宅樓內。

The folded shell that wraps around the building is one of the important features of the project. Fabric is used as a material for the shell allowing for sun shading while drawing a strong image of the building in its creation of diverse visual experiences during the day and night.

環繞建築物的折疊式外殼是該項目的重要特徵之一。 織物被用作外殼的材料,既可以遮陽,又可以在白天和晚上創造出多樣化的視覺體驗時繪製出強烈的建築形象。


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