Interior Designers: AIM Architecture
Area: 70714 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Dirk Weiblen
Lead Architects:Wendy Saunders, Vincent de Graaf
Project Managers:Danyang Wang, Min Yan
Project Architects:Javier Paz Taibo, Wanshu Zhou, Xiuzhi Hu
Design Team:Jovana Petrovic, Jamie Fernandez Rosa, Chen Ding, Yan Jiao, Chen Lian, Chao Liu, Jing Qin, Le Tian, Weizong Wang, Difeng Zhou
Interior Design:Arpad Bercek, Byungmin Jeon, Michael Hankiewicz,Peichin Li,Sowon Lee, Haiwen Deng, Xiaoming Huang, Xin Li, Xingheng Wu, Baoer Wangyou
Landscape:AIM Architecture
Construction:Shanghai Shunjie Construction (Group) Limited Company
Collaborator:East China Architectural Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Facade Contractor:BRIGHT. Intelligent Curtain Wall Co., Ltd.

照片:Dirk Weiblen
首席建築師:Wendy Saunders,Vincent de Graaf
項目建築師:Javier Paz Taibo,周萬樹,胡秀芝
室內設計:Arpad Bercek,Byungmin Jeon,Michael Hankiewicz,Peichin Li,Sowon Lee,鄧海文,黃曉明,李欣,吳興恆,鮑爾旺友
外牆承包商:BRIGHT。 智能幕牆有限公司

When we think about an office headquarter, we think of a landmark, a tall building situated in a busy CBD. What if the headquarter roots on the edge of the city, one foot in the countryside? Could we embrace the rural qualities in this contemporary fashion headquarters? A few years ago, we were approached with this question. The request was a campus that celebrated the unique culture of the company, evoked the spirit of the brand, “Be different”, and create cohesion between two contrasting identities – that of the city dweller, the new urbane, modern China, and that of the traditionalist.

當我們想到辦公室總部時,我們想到的是地標性建築,位於繁忙的中央商務區的一棟高樓。 如果總部紮根在城市邊緣,腳下是鄉村,該怎麼辦? 我們能在這個當代時尚總部接受鄉村特質嗎? 幾年前,我們遇到了這個問題。 要求是在一個校園中慶祝公司的獨特文化,喚起品牌的精神,“與眾不同”,並在兩種截然不同的身份(城市居民,新都市人,現代中國和中國人)之間建立凝聚力。 傳統主義者。

This client has long navigated that tension, as one of contemporary China’s first and arguably most successful retailers. In 1995, the brand broke open the divide between the country’s working-class and previously inaccessible, expensive European fashion, and was at one point one of mainland China’s leading casual wear apparel brands. The project isn’t simply building a new corporate headquarters, but building a sustainable future. Breaking ground on one of the last unbuilt expanses of land between Disney, Pudong Airport, and the heart of Shanghai, the project evolved over time into a careful meditation on contrasts, context, and ultimately, developing an agricultural landscape into a commercial one. We needed to address the contrasts. So we did it in a way that only makes sense here: Head on. The campus was split into two landscapes — hard and soft.

這位客戶長期以來一直是這種緊張局勢的解決者,因為它是當代中國最早的並且可以說是最成功的零售商之一。 1995年,該品牌打破了中國工人階級與以前難以接近的昂貴歐洲時尚之間的鴻溝,並一度成為中國大陸領先的休閒服裝品牌之一。 該項目不僅僅是建立一個新的公司總部,而是建立一個可持續的未來。 該項目在迪斯尼,浦東機場和上海市中心之間最後一塊未建的土地上破土動工,隨著時間的流逝,它演變成對對比,背景的仔細思考,最終將農業景觀發展成商業景觀。 我們需要解決對比問題。 因此,我們這樣做的方式僅在這裡有意義:繼續前進。 校園被分為硬和軟兩種景觀。

The soft scape is the domain of nature, growth, and sustainability. This area houses a library, training center, and an executive suite. The architecture is inspired by the textures of the countryside and more traditional courtyard homes. Nature is incorporated into the design through recycled brick evoking the rural vision. At the center is a lake, with a meandering path that connects the two areas.

軟景是自然,增長和可持續性的領域。 該區域設有圖書館,培訓中心和行政套房。 該建築的靈感來自鄉村和更傳統的庭院住宅的紋理。 通過回收磚喚起鄉村的視野,將自然融入到設計中。 中心是一個湖泊,蜿蜒曲折的道路將兩個區域連接起來。

The natural environment – green trees bordering the water’s edge, water, hedge-lined pedestrian walkways – helps maintain the dialogue with the suburban environment, and sustains the vision of a living and working in a natural world.


On the other side, we created a more high-density area. The client envisioned his campus as a place where work and life happen in tandem. Using about a third of the space, this part will be much more public-facing, and further blurs the line between what is corporate culture, and what is simply culture. We recreated the texture of daily city life,there are hotel and conference centers, flagship retail stores, offices, apartments, and a museum dedicated to the history of clothing culture in China.

另一方面,我們創建了一個更高密度的區域。 客戶將他的校園設想為一個工作和生活串聯的地方。 使用約三分之一的空間,該部分將更加面向公眾,並且進一步模糊了企業文化與簡單文化之間的界限。 我們重塑了日常城市生活的質感,其中包括酒店和會議中心,旗艦零售店,辦公室,公寓,以及專門介紹中國服裝文化歷史的博物館。

Separately, the buildings are singular, modest, and contrasted. But the campus was created to be as diverse as the people who will use it. Taken together, the juxtaposition of a high density, urban commercial center, and serene tree-lined courtyards with sun-splashed brick elicit a kind of tension that transforms the whole.

分別地,建築物是單一的,適度的和對比的。 但是,校園的創建與使用它的人們一樣多樣。 綜合起來,高密度的城市商業中心和寧靜的綠樹成蔭的院子與陽光灑滿的磚塊並置,產生了一種改變整體的張力。

Individually, each landscape is a testament to the power of identity. Together, the campus is a visual celebration of the diversity of the community.

每個景觀單獨都證明了身份的力量。 校園在一起,以視覺方式慶祝社區的多樣性。


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