Architects: Denkkamer
Area: 572 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Rene de Wit
Manufacturers: De Vorm, HAY, Plan Effect, Sempergreen, Bentzon Carpets, Graphisoft, Scheuten Glass, Schuco, Vorsselmans
Lead Architects:Dennis van de Rijdt, Peter Verschuren, Leonique Winnen, Celine Hendriks
Engineering:Archimedes bouwadvies, Eindhoven (Structural engineer)
Energy And Installations:FJ Swinkels advies
Contractor:Bouwbedrijf Hendriks Gemert
Contractor Facade:Vorsselmans
Country:The Netherlands

攝影:Rene de Wit
製造商:De Vorm,HAY,Plan Effect,Sempergreen,Bentzon地毯,Graphisoft,Scheuten Glass,Schuco,Vorsselmans
首席建築師:Dennis van de Rijdt,Peter Verschuren,Leonique Winnen,Celine Hendriks
能源與安裝:FJ Swinkels欣賞
承包商:Bouwbedrijf Hendriks Gemert

KeenSystems headquarters is situated along the ring road around the village of Gemert. The decision to not establish their new office building for the rapidly expanding telecom provider in the city of Eindhoven comes from the desire to operate from a very much green and inspiring environment. Their technology does not necessarily needs a physical relation with a city or a high-tech campus.

KeenSystems總部位於Gemert村周圍的環路上。 決定不在埃因霍溫市為迅速發展的電信提供商建立新的辦公大樓的決定,是因為人們希望在一個非常綠色且令人振奮的環境中進行運營。 他們的技術不一定需要與城市或高科技園區建立物理聯繫。

The software is developed, tested and maintained from Gemert while all hardware is located in Amsterdam. The earth berm noise barrier that follows the ring road and protects the residential area behind it from the traffic noise is extended and completed. In this way we aspire to strengthen the present green character of the area. The earth berm ends at the main access road for the residential area. There the office is placed on top of the berm. The main entrance is also located there and can be reached by a path that winds up over the berm. The building consists of three floors.

所有硬件都位於阿姆斯特丹時,該軟件是由Gemert開發,測試和維護的。 延伸並完成了沿環形道路並保護其後面的居民區免受交通噪聲影響的土坡隔音屏障。 通過這種方式,我們渴望加強該地區目前的綠色特色。 土堤在居民區的主要出入口處終止。 那里辦公室位於護堤的頂部。 主入口也位於那兒,可以通過一條蜿蜒穿過護堤的路徑到達。 該建築包括三層。

Each floor has its own specific function which can be read in both the interior as well as the exterior. The sunken ground floor accommodates supportive function for the offices. In addition to these services and storage facilities, a communal relaxation and videogame area has been created inside the sound barrier.

每個樓層都有自己的特定功能,可以在內部和外部讀取。 沉沒的底樓可為辦公室提供支撐功能。 除了這些服務和存儲設施外,在聲屏障內還創建了一個公共休閒區和電子遊戲區。

The first floor, the largest rectangular volume, accommodates all operational teams. The volume is oriented precisely in such a way that the long facades focus on the green-lined pond in the northwest and the historical farmland, Bolle Akker in Dutch, in the southeast. The second floor, a mirrored box accommodates the conference room and canteen with adjacent outdoor space amidst the grass roof.

一樓是最大的矩形容積,可容納所有運營團隊。 體積的精確定位使長的外牆集中在西北的綠線池塘和東南部歷史悠久的農田荷蘭語的Bolle Akker中。 第二層是一個帶鏡子的盒子,可容納會議室和食堂,草屋頂之間設有相鄰的室外空間。

Both the structure and application of materials are intended to emphasise the hi-tech character of KeenSystems. The volume laying on top of the sound barrier is characterized by a steel spaceframe in the facades which allow the volume to cantilever dramatically. The copper-coloured anodized aluminium and the mirrored glass are detailed and constructed with surgical precision.

材料的結構和應用都旨在強調KeenSystems的高科技特徵。 放置在聲屏障頂部的空間的特徵是立面上有一個鋼製的空間框架,可以使該空間顯著懸臂。 銅色陽極氧化鋁和鏡面玻璃均經過精心設計,並具有手術精確性。

All rooms in the building can be heated and cooled through both fluid floor and air systems. The longitudinal facades are facing south and north. Therefore the heat and cooling loads in the adjacent rooms varies. The intelligent climate control system is able to exchange natural heating and cooling between the various rooms. For example, rooms on the north side can benefit from the heating of spaces on the south side and vice versa.

建築物中的所有房間均可通過流體地板和空氣系統進行加熱和冷卻。 縱向立面面向南方和北方。 因此,相鄰房間的熱負荷和冷負荷會發生變化。 智能氣候控制系統能夠在各個房間之間交換自然供暖和製冷。 例如,北側的房間可以從南側的空間供暖中受益,反之亦然。


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