Architects: RoosRos Architecten
Area: 3350 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Laurens Kuipers
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Maas en Hagoort, Reynaerts, Saint-Gobain, Trimble Navigation
Clients:Breezand Vakanties
Interior:Ennik interieur
Consultants:IMd Raadgevende Ingenierus, Bouwgroep Peters, M3E Groep, H&R Installatie B.V, Walcheren Elektrotechniek
Country:The Netherlands

建築師:RoosRos Architecten
攝影:Laurens Kuipers
製造商:AutoDesk,Maas en Hagoort,Reynaerts,Saint-Gobain,Trimble Navigation
客戶:Breezand Vakanties
內部:Ennik interieur
顧問:IMd Raadgevende Ingenierus,Bouwgroep Peters,M3E Groep,H&R Installatie B.V,Walcheren Elektrotechniek

Atmospheric theme “The requirements for the project were considerable,” says Zwerus. “It was quite a challenge to satisfy the brief whilst respecting the natural surroundings.” The solution was found by allowing the building to merge into this environment. After all, the physical proximity to the water of the North Sea and the dune landscape that meets it is precisely why people looking for peace and quiet come to the Breezand holiday park. Zwerus: “Visitors come to Zeeland for fresh air, wind, sand, space, and a healthy atmosphere. The building should not remove visitors from that atmosphere, rather it should consolidate that atmosphere.

大氣主題“該項目的需求相當大,” Zwerus說。 “在尊重自然環境的同時滿足簡短要求是一個很大的挑戰。” 通過允許建築物合併到此環境中找到了解決方案。 畢竟,與北海的水和沙丘景觀相得益彰,這正是人們尋求和平與寧靜的人們來到Breezand假日公園的原因。 Zwerus:“遊客來到Zeeland呼吸新鮮空氣,風,沙,空間和健康的氣氛。 該建築物不應將訪客從那種氣氛中帶走,而應鞏固那種氣氛。

We wanted the sense of the dunes, wind, and space to continue into the hotel rooms.” Formed by the wind With this ambition in mind, Zwerus designed a building with rounded corners that draw on the dune landscape and feel as if – just like the dunes themselves – it was formed by the wind. Inside and outside are visually and physically connected almost everywhere in the building. Living greenery on every level of the outdoor space enhances the building’s natural elegance even more.

我們希望沙丘,風和空間的感覺能持續到酒店房間。” 風的形成Zwerus懷著這個雄心壯志,設計出了一個帶有圓角的建築,該建築在沙丘景觀上繪製,感覺就像沙丘本身一樣,是由風形成的。 內部和外部在建築物中幾乎所有地方都在視覺和物理上相連。 在室外空間的每個樓層上都可以看到綠色的生活,這進一步提高了建築物的自然優雅度。

The design is characterised by muted materials, open, airy spaces, a large patio, and generous overhangs for sun and shade. Despite the organic forms, everything in the building is functional. For instance, the large, progressively more deeply recessed projections regulate the penetration of sunlight. “Everything, absolutely everything, has been considered,” says Zwerus. “Even possible other future functions.

該設計的特點是靜音材料,開放,通風的空間,大露台以及充足的陽光和陰影懸挑。 儘管採用了有機形式,但建築物中的所有功能均正常。 例如,大的,漸進的,凹進的更深的投影調節了陽光的穿透。 Zwerus說:“一切,絕對一切,都已考慮在內。” “甚至將來可能還會有其他功能。

At RoosRos, our aim is always to create multifunctional buildings. Long before the coronavirus crisis, we had considered that healthcare could work well in this building. But we haven’t developed that concept further, mind you. For now, it is and remains a very beautiful hotel.” Stimulated and challenged The hotel in this form not least came about through close collaboration with the structural engineers IMd, the contractor Bouwgroep Peters, and systems advisors M3E. But the most important partner in the development was the client Jan de Visser, on behalf of Breezand Vakanties. Zwerus explains: “Jan has the gift of being both very critical and full of trust. That produced a collaboration in which we stimulated and challenged one another, and that brought out the best in us. It was a dynamic process that taught us a lot, and we are all very proud of the result!”

在RoosRos,我們的目標始終是創建多功能建築物。 在冠狀病毒危機發生很久之前,我們就曾考慮過醫療保健可以在這座大樓中正常工作。 但是,請注意,我們還沒有進一步發展該概念。 目前,它仍然是一家非常美麗的酒店。” 刺激和挑戰這種形式的酒店,尤其是與結構工程師IMd,承包商Bouwgroep Peters和系統顧問M3E密切合作而產生的。 但是,開發中最重要的合作夥伴是代表Breezand Vakanties的客戶Jan de Visser。 Zwerus解釋說:“ Jan具有非常挑剔和充滿信任的天賦。 那產生了一種合作關係,在這種合作中我們相互激發和挑戰,並發揚了我們最好的一面。 這是一個動態的過程,它教會了我們很多東西,我們都為結果感到驕傲!”


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