US firm Trahan Architects has renovated the Coca-Cola Stage at the Alliance Theater in Atlanta, Georgia, using steam-bent timber to form an undulating auditorium.

Constructed in 1968, the 650-seat Alliance Theater is part of the Woodruff Arts Center campus in the state capital of Georgia.

美國公司Trahan Architects已使用喬治亞州亞特蘭大市的聯盟劇院翻新了可口可樂舞台,使用蒸汽彎曲的木材形成起伏的禮堂。

擁有650個座位的Alliance Theatre劇院建於1968年,是喬治亞州首府伍德拉夫藝術中心校園的一部分。

For the renovation, Trahan Architects stripped the interiors of the lobby, theatre and backstage areas back to the original concrete walls.

New York-based, steam-bent furniture designer Matthias Pliessnig collaborated on the design of the wooden elements, which were made by fabrication specialists CW Keller Associates.

為了進行翻新,Trahan Architects將大廳,劇院和後台區域的內部剝離回原來的混凝土牆。

總部位於紐約的彎彎曲曲的家具設計師Matthias Pliessnig參與了由製造專家CW Keller Associates製造的木製元素的設計。

Pliessnig created a 1:1 scale mock-up of the Coca-Cola Stage at the Alliance Theater and shared his expertise in steam bending wood, a process that involves heating wood to make it pliable and bending it by hand.

“The result is a series of beautiful steam-bent millwork guardrails and balconies that merge handcraft with mass production,” said Trahan Architects.

“The synthesis of acoustic performance, hand-driven artistry, and sophisticated laser positioning are all carefully choreographed to execute the complex steam-bent millwork without the need for wasteful CNC moulds.”

Pliessnig在Alliance Theatre創建了可口可樂舞台的1:1比例模型,並分享了他在蒸汽彎曲木材方面的專業知識,該過程涉及加熱木材使其柔軟並用手彎曲。

Trahan Architects說:“結果是一系列美麗的蒸汽彎曲的木製品護欄和陽台,將手工與大量生產融為一體。”


The seating is now 10 feet (three metres) closer to the stage than before, and the seating of the stalls abuts the orchestra pit.

Seating stacked around and above the stalls in the balconies are defined by curving wooden elements but are not separated.

The architects said this design decision was a symbolic one to draw on Atlanta’s history. The city was America’s most racially segregated after 1865 when slaved were freed in the US, right up until the 1960s.

During this period, black people were barred from eating at certain restaurants or attending certain cinemas reserved for white patrons or were forced to sit in separate seating.



建築師說,這一設計決定是藉鑑亞特蘭大歷史的象徵性決定。 1865年以後,直到1960年代,奴隸才在美國獲釋,這個城市是美國種族最隔離的城市。


“The design team felt a responsibility to remove the separation between balcony and orchestra – challenging historic notions of segregation and discrimination,” said Trahan Architects.

“All seating zones can be accessed from every entrance within the chamber.”

Trahan Architects表示:“設計團隊感到有責任消除陽台與樂團之間的分隔,這對隔離和歧視的歷史觀念提出了挑戰。”


Based in New Orleans and New York, Trahan Architects was founded in 1992 by Trey Trahan. Previous work by the practice includes a visitor centre for an 18th-century plantation in Louisiana.

The Coca-Cola Stage at the Alliance Theater is shortlisted for Dezeen Awards 2020 in the civic and cultural interior category, along with a museum in Pittsburgh built in a ligtening-struck library and a museum of architecture models in China.

Photography is by Leonid Furmansky unless otherwise stated.

Trahan Architects成立於1992年,總部位於新奧爾良和紐約。 該做法以前的工作包括在路易斯安那州一個18世紀種植園的遊客中心。


除非另有說明,否則攝影由Leonid Furmansky完成。



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