Architecture studio Summary built VDC, a modular housing scheme in Portugal’s Vale de Cambria, out of prefabricated concrete elements.

Set on a sloping site, six independent cabin-style homes and a communal terrace sit atop a mixed-use building.

Architecture Studio Summary用預製的混凝土構件在葡萄牙的Vale de Cambria建造了VDC,這是模塊化的住房方案。


Summary created VDC after presenting a prototype at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016.

Prefabricated concrete modules were used to speed up construction and keep costs low, while a flexible design should allow the complex to be extended or changed in the future.



The ground floor, in particular, is supposed to be as flexible as possible. Concrete slabs make up its perimeter walls with no structural dividing walls.

“It’s possible to add or remove compartments or let the whole floor function as a big open space,” said Summart. “Users may adapt the space according to their needs.”

尤其是一樓應該盡可能地靈活。 混凝土板組成其周牆,沒有結構分隔牆。

Summart表示:“可以添加或刪除隔層,也可以讓整個地板充當較大的開放空間。” “用戶可以根據需要調整空間。”

Slanted roofs add extra ceiling height, and glazed ends under deep eaves bring light into the interiors.

“Designed and licensed as a collective housing building, with this feature this project offers the main advantages of single houses,” said Summary.

“There are clearly individualised entrances and complete acoustic separation between the different units.”




The raw concrete structure has been left bare to continue to minimise costs. Bright yellow internal elements, such as doors and room dividers, and powder-blue built-in kitchens add pops of colour to the homes’ interiors.

Sliding doors save on space and a table on casters can slot in under the counter as a breakfast bar or be rolled out to be used for group dining.

未加工的混凝土結構被裸露以繼續使成本最小化。 明亮的黃色內部元素(例如門和房間隔板)和粉藍色的內置廚房為房屋的內部增添了色彩。


Summary was founded by Samuel Gonçalves in 2015 and is based in Porto.

VDC is shortlisted for Dezeen Awards 2020 in the housing project category, along with a precast concrete live/work building in Berlin and a housing scheme made of concrete and brick in France.

Photography is by Fernando Guerra of FG+SG.



攝影是FG + SG的Fernando Guerra。



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