Architecture studio Foster + Partners has revealed updated visuals of The Tulip tourist attraction in the City of London showing its interiors and base.

Foster + Partners created the updated visuals ahead of the public inquiry into the planning application for The Tulip viewing platform, which began today.

A review is taking place as London mayor Sadiq Kahn rejected the proposal after the City of London had approved the attraction’s construction.

建築工作室Foster + Partners透露了倫敦市The Tulip旅遊勝地的最新視覺效果,展示了其內部和基礎。

Foster + Partners在向今天開始的The Tulip觀看平台的規劃應用程序進行公眾查詢之前,創建了更新的視覺效果。

倫敦市長薩迪克·卡恩(Sadiq Kahn)拒絕了該提議,因為倫敦市已批准該景點的建設,因此正在進行審查。

The visuals show several of the spaces that would be created within the planned 305.3-metre-high tourist attraction.

These include The Tulip’s Sky Bar, which would be built within a glass dome at the tip of the structure.



The visuals show the glass-fronted atrium space, which will include the Skybridge with a glass floor.

There are also images of several of The Tulip’s viewing galleries as well as visuals of the Aspire London Space education and community facilities.



Foster + Partners has also revealed several visuals showing the areas surrounding the base of the tower, which would be built directly alongside Foster + Partners’ Stirling Prize-winning 30 St Mary Axe skyscraper.

Billionaire Jacob J Safra, who owns the skyscraper that is better known as the Gherkin, would fund the construction of The Tulip.

Foster + Partners還透露了一些視覺效果圖,顯示了塔底周圍的區域,這些區域將直接與Foster + Partners的斯特林獎得主30聖瑪麗斧頭摩天大樓一起建造。

擁有摩天大樓(更名為小黃瓜)的億萬富翁雅各布·J·薩夫拉(Jacob Safra)將為“鬱金香”的建設提供資金。

At the base of the tower, Foster + Partners plans to create a small park.

The studio has also designed a two-storey, glass-walled pavilion, which would be topped with a rooftop garden.

在塔的底部,Foster + Partners計劃創建一個小公園。


The concrete viewing tower, which will be wrapped with a series of gondola ride attractions, has proved controversial since it was first revealed in 2018.

Initially, London City Airport said the structure could impact its radar system, while the London mayor said the structure breached planning guidelines.



Although the structure was approved by the City of London planners, London mayor Kahn rejected the towers planning application.

This lead to Foster + Partners launching an appeal in January 2020. The government will now make a final decision on whether the attraction will be built.


這導致Foster + Partners在2020年1月發出上訴。政府現在將就是否將建造吸引力做出最終決定。

The controversy surrounding the project did not surprise Foster + Partners founder Norman Foster, who described the tower as “inevitably controversial” last year.

However, the British architect believes that like the Gherkin, the structure has the chance to become “a world symbol of London”.

Visuals by DBOX for Foster + Partners.

圍繞該項目的爭議並沒有使Foster + Partners創始人Norman Foster感到驚訝,後者去年將該塔形容為“不可避免的爭議”。


DBOX為Foster + Partners提供的視覺效果。



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