More than 60 international architecture firms have put artworks and signed drawings up for auction, in a bid to raise funds for rebuilding Beirut after the explosion that rocked the city in August and left at least 300,000 people homeless.

Among the items for sale is a lithography by David Adjaye rendered in 24 karat gold leaf, a one-off sketch by Renzo Piano and a limited edition sculpture designed by the late Zaha Hadid.


待售的物品包括大衛·阿賈耶(David Adjaye)用24克拉金箔繪製的石版畫,倫佐·皮亞諾(Renzo Piano)的一次性素描和由已故的紮哈·哈迪德(Zaha Hadid)設計的限量雕塑。

Called Architects for Beirut, the auction is being hosted virtually by the Design Miami fair and will be live until the end of November, with all proceeds going to the Beirut Urban Lab.

This interdisciplinary research space was originally founded by faculty from the American University of Beirut’s Department of Architecture and Design, in order to counteract the destruction of civil infrastructure that occurred during Lebanon’s 2006 war with Israel.

Now, the collective is focusing on rebuilding the city in an equitable, sustainable way in the wake of the blast by helping to coordinate bottom-up efforts on both a neighbourhood and a wider urban planning level.

“Even before the explosion, the country was going through an economic and financial crisis that paralysed the banking system and the government’s capabilities to deal with the aftermath of the blast,” said Makram el Kadi of New York architecture firm LEFT, which organised the auction in collaboration with the dean of Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture Amale Andraos.

“This was made even worse with the outbreak of Covid 19,” he added. “And mistrust in the government’s ability to secure foreign aid – let alone manage it – led to a plethora of small local and international NGOs filling that void.”




紐約建築公司LEFT的Makram el Kadi說:“即使在爆炸發生之前,該國仍處於經濟和金融危機之中,癱瘓了銀行體系和政府應對爆炸後果的能力。”與哥倫比亞大學建築學研究生院院長阿馬德·安德拉斯(Amale Andraos)合作。

他補充說:“隨著Covid 19的爆發,情況變得更加糟糕。” “而且,政府對獲得外國援助的能力不信任,更不用說對其進行管理了,導致大量的本地和國際小型非政府組織填補了這一空白。”

In particular, Beirut Urban Lab is planning to help reconstruct crucial infrastructure like hospitals and emergency accommodation, as well as gardens, libraries and other public spaces that hold a significance for the local community.

A number of original, one-off artworks, which pay homage to the city of Beirut, were created especially for the fundraiser to support these efforts.



Lebanese architect Lina Ghotmeh, who compared the explosion to a “nuclear blast” after witnessing it from a local cafe, contributed a hand drawing of her apartment block The Stone Garden, which was completed shortly before the blast.

Although the building’s monolithic shell survived the explosion, the sketch captures the moment when all of its glazings shattered, as was the fate of countless buildings up to 10 kilometres away from the site of the blast.

黎巴嫩建築師莉娜·霍特梅(Lina Ghotmeh)在當地一家咖啡館目睹了爆炸後,將爆炸與“核爆炸”進行了比較,並為她的公寓樓“石頭花園”(Stone Garden)繪製了手繪圖。


Italian architect Stefano Boeri drew the Mediterranean Mosaic map, in which Beirut’s relationship to major European cities is expressed through bright yellow lines, while fellow countryman Renzo Piano created a mixed media piece envisioning a new history museum for the city.

“Renzo Piano’s sketch showcases a certain hope that permeates the current grief – a scenario in which planning for a better tomorrow is still something one can and must dream about,” El Kadi told Dezeen.

意大利建築師斯特凡諾·博埃里(Stefano Boeri)繪製了地中海馬賽克地圖,其中貝魯特與歐洲主要城市的關係通過鮮黃色的線條表示,而同胞倫佐·皮亞諾(Renzo Piano)創建了混合媒體作品,為這座城市建立了一座新的歷史博物館。

埃爾卡迪告訴Dezeen:“倫佐·皮亞諾(Renzo Piano)的素描向人們展示了一種瀰漫當前悲痛的希望,在這種情況下,為更好的明天做計劃仍然是人們夢and以求的事情。”

Others contributed architectural drawings and prints of notable buildings they designed, including an axonometric drawing of BIG’s Amager Bakke power station in Copenhagen, signed by one of the firm’s partners Kai-Uwe Bergmann.

Norman Foster shared one of a limited run of 100 lithographies, showing a modular school his firm completed in Sierra Leone in 2009, which was built using locally available materials such as timber planks and metal sheets. Previously, another edition of this same print was gifted to the Queen of England to commemorate 60 years of her reign.

Fellow architecture stalwart Sir David Chipperfield put up a print, depicting the concrete bridge he designed as an extension of the Royal Academy of Arts, while David Adjaye contributed a gold-gilded lithography of his multifaith temple The Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi.

其他人提供了建築圖紙和他們設計的著名建築的印刷品,包括由BIG哥本哈根合作夥伴之一的Kai-Uwe Bergmann簽名的BIG哥本哈根Amager Bakke電站的軸測圖。

諾曼·福斯特(Norman Foster)分享了有限的100幅版畫中的一幅,展示了他的公司於2009年在塞拉利昂完成的一所模塊化學校,該學校是用當地可用的材料建造的,例如木板和金屬板。 此前,同一版畫的另一版曾被贈予英格蘭女王,以紀念她執政60週年。

資深建築大師大衛·奇珀菲爾德爵士(Sir David Chipperfield)進行了版畫,描繪了他作為皇家藝術學院的延伸而設計的混凝土橋,而大衛·阿賈耶(David Adjaye)為他的多信仰寺廟阿布扎比家庭住宅在阿布扎比貢獻了金鍍金的版畫。

Since banning renderings in her studio, Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbao works mainly with collages, one of which is up for auction as part of Architects for Beirut, while Zaha Hadid’s design studio contributed one of the few three-dimensional artworks to the fundraiser.

The smoked acrylic sculpture, called the Serenity Centrepiece, features the architect’s characteristic fluid, sinuous lines and was donated on her behalf in recognition of her “deeply personal” connection to the city, which many of her friends and family call home.

自從她的工作室禁止渲染以來,墨西哥建築師塔蒂亞娜·畢爾巴鄂(Tatiana Bilbao)主要使用拼貼畫,其中之一正作為貝魯特建築師的一部分進行拍賣,而扎哈·哈迪德(Zaha Hadid)的設計工作室則為募捐人提供了為數不多的三維藝術品之一。


Meanwhile, Archigram founder Peter Cook offered up a print of his 2013 gouache drawing Hidden City and the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Guggenheim Museum is the star of a letterpress print, created by New York studio SO-IL for an exhibition celebrating the building’s 50th anniversary in 2010.

“In addition to the architectural imagination that the drawings inspire in us, they collectively express a wonderful sense of generosity and global solidarity,” LEFT co-founder Ziad Jamaleddine told Dezeen, “which is a quality that is hard to mobilise in an increasingly fragmented world.”

與此同時,Archigram創始人彼得·庫克(Peter Cook)提供了他的2013年水粉畫《 Hidden City》的印刷品,由弗蘭克·勞埃德·賴特(Frank Lloyd Wright)設計的古根海姆博物館(Guggenheim Museum)是凸版印刷品的明星,由紐約工作室SO-IL創建,以慶祝該建築50週年。 在2010年。

LEFT聯合創始人Ziad Jamaleddine告訴Dezeen:“除了我們的靈感激發了建築的想像力之外,它們還共同表達了一種奇妙的慷慨感和全球團結感。 世界。”

Since August, the design world has shared an outpouring of support for the citizens of Beirut, with Erik Spiekermann being one of 157 designers to contribute a glyph to a new typeface with the aim of raising funds for victims of the blast.

Meanwhile, design duo Bokja has transformed its showroom in the city into a temporary furniture clinic, where members of the community can bring in any items damaged by the explosion to be stitched back together using red thread, nodding to how golden lacquer is used in the Japanese craft of kintsugi.

自八月以來,設計界一直對貝魯特市民給予極大的支持,埃里克·斯皮克曼(Erik Spiekermann)是157位為新字體添加字形的設計師之一,旨在為爆炸受害者籌集資金。

同時,設計二人組Bokja將其在城市的陳列室變成了一個臨時的家具診所,社區成員可以將爆炸所損壞的所有物品帶進來,然後用紅線將它們縫合在一起,以點點讚歎金漆是如何在商店中使用的。 日本的近鐵工藝。



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