Architects: UAO Design
Area: 3195 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Ran Jia, Yilong Zhao
Architect In Charge:Tao Li
Design Team:Yu Fu, Kecheng Long
Plaza Landscape Design:Yueqin Zou, Jieming Zhang, Lixia Li, Fanyi Kong
Cooperation Unit:ANA Office, Cai Mengshi


At the beginning of 2020, a sudden epidemic resulted in the closure of Wuhan. After the people of Wuhan persisted in fighting the epidemic and the strong support of the people of the whole country, a few months later, Wuhan reopened and everything slowly went to normal. In September, my friend Mi Yangwen approached me, hoping to help design a temporary market “Yolechang2020” for free. The purpose is to implement the revitalization plan of the old neighborhood through this public welfare design activity and at the same time boost confidence in resuming work and production. I readily agreed, because, during the lockdown period, I also thought about using my own design power to do some charity design after the epidemic to help Wuhan and give back to society;

2020年初,一場突然的流行病導致武漢關閉。 武漢人民堅持抗擊流行病並得到全國人民的大力支持後,幾個月後,武漢重新開放,一切逐漸恢復正常。 9月,我的朋友Mi Yangwen走近我,希望免費幫助設計一個臨時市場“ Yolechang2020”。 目的是通過這項公益設計活動實施舊社區的振興計劃,同時增強人們對恢復工作和生產的信心。 我很同意,因為在封鎖期間,我還考慮過用自己的設計力量在疫情過後進行一些慈善設計,以幫助武漢和回饋社會。

The location of the temporary market is located on the central square of “Pinghefang” in the century-old historical building cluster, which was designed by us. This is an excellent site where historical buildings gather together: the 115-year-old Pinghe Packing Factory site is on the south side; the 127-year-old Orthodox Church is on the north; the 107-year-old Lutz’s house is on the east; The first highway tunnel across the Yangtze River is right below the central square. The classical clock tower on the south side of the square is actually the ventilation shaft of the Yangtze River tunnel.

臨時市場的位置位於由我們設計的具有百年曆史的建築群“平和坊”的中央廣場上。 這是歷史建築匯聚的絕佳地點:擁有115年曆史的平和包裝廠址在南側; 擁有127年曆史的東正教教堂位於北部; 擁有107年曆史的Lutz的房子在東方; 穿越長江的第一條公路隧道就在中心廣場的正下方。 廣場南側的經典鐘樓實際上是長江隧道的通風豎井。

The relatively new buildings on this site have been demolished during the construction of the tunnel in 2004-2008, and new buildings directly above the tunnel are no longer allowed; as an above-ground supporting space for urban transportation facilities, it is passive and closed, and not frequently used by the public; our initial landscape design plan was to create a central square with enclosed corridors, hoping to connect different buildings of different ages on the site through the corridors, and use the corridors to create stays; this landscape plan eventually was not realized, only the central hard plaza was retained, and different design strategies were adopted to create a small environment in different surrounding areas, such as stepped green spaces. The empty square in the center reserved the possibility for the multi-functional use of the composite space later.

在2004-2008年的隧道建設期間,該站點上相對較新的建築物已被拆除,並且不再允許在隧道正上方的新建築物。 作為城市交通設施的地上支撐空間,它是被動且封閉的,不為公眾所頻繁使用; 我們最初的景觀設計計劃是創建一個帶有封閉走廊的中央廣場,希望通過走廊將場地上不同年齡的不同建築物連接起來,並利用這些走廊創造住宿。 最終沒有實現這個景觀計劃,僅保留了中央硬廣場,並採用了不同的設計策略在不同的周圍區域(例如階梯式綠地)中創建一個小的環境。 中間的空方塊為以後多功能使用複合空間保留了可能性。

The predecessor of the Pinghe Packing Factory on the south side of the square was an industrial building located in the English Concession of Hankou. It functions as a cotton packing warehouse and was built by the British businessman Liddell brothers in 1905; when we designed the indoor public space of the Pinghe Packing Factory two years ago, It also hopes to increase the publicity of this area; Party A hopes to convert this industrial building into a cultural and creative office function. We use the newly implanted modern material “steel plate” to blacken it to wrap the walls of key new public spaces. The building materials and texture of the old building are retained, forming a juxtaposition of old and new materials at the same time and space.

廣場南側的平河包裝廠的前身是位於漢口英租界的一棟工業建築。 它起棉花包裝倉庫的作用,由英國商人利德爾兄弟於1905年建造; 兩年前,我們在設計平和包裝廠的室內公共空間時,也希望增加該區域的宣傳; 甲方希望將這座工業建築轉變為具有文化創意的辦公功能。 我們使用新植入的現代材料“鋼板”將其變黑以包裹關鍵的新公共空間的牆壁。 舊建築的建築材料和質地得以保留,同時將新舊材料並置在一起並形成空間。

This “juxtaposition” logically continued to the design of this market. What kind of market do we need on the surrounding square surrounded by three-hundred-year-old ancient buildings? The first thing I think of is the “sense of the times”. The more modern, the stronger the contrast with the surrounding classical atmosphere. The juxtaposition of modern components and classical buildings in contrast increases the attractiveness of the site, thereby achieving more open and multi-functional publicity.

這種“並置”在邏輯上一直延續到這個市場的設計。 在擁有300年曆史的古老建築所環繞的周圍廣場上,我們需要什麼樣的市場? 我想到的第一件事是“時代感”。 越現代,與周圍古典氣氛的對比就越強烈。 相比之下,現代組件和古典建築的並置增加了網站的吸引力,從而實現了更加開放和多功能的宣傳。

In the selection of construction materials, taking into account the outdoor durability and the rainy conditions in Wuhan, the practice of building individual shops with conventional wooden structures was first ruled out; the “Yolechang2020” market lasts relatively longer than ordinary markets, From the opening on September 19 to the three weekends of the National Day on October 1, so it must be stable, anti-theft, and rain-proof; and no need to move around on working days when there is no market in the middle. After three weeks, the market was disbanded. Considering this “temporary nature”, I decided to use scaffolding as a construction site material to build the market.

在選擇建築材料時,首先考慮到武漢的室外耐久性和雨天條件,首先排除了使用傳統木結構建造個體商店的做法。 “ Yolechang2020”市場的持續時間比普通市場更長,從9月19日開放到10月1日國慶節的三個週末,必須保持穩定,防盜和防雨。 在中間沒有市場的情況下,無需在工作日內走動。 三個星期後,市場解散了。 考慮到這種“臨時性”,我決定使用腳手架作為建築工地材料來建立市場。

Scaffolding is cheap to rent and easy to build. Three skilled workers on site completed all the structures in eight hours; we designed 2X2X2 meter unit modules as each shop unit; there are 4 meters and 6 meters high towers locally, using Translucent grid cloth form eye-catching floating boxes at high altitudes, which are vividly called “Kongming lanterns” by the workers. What I care about is the floating feeling brought by its transparent texture, just like the floating red box designed by UAO in the Hongfang ADC showroom.

腳手架租金便宜且易於建造。 現場的三名熟練工人在八小時內完成了所有結構。 我們設計了2X2X2儀表單元模塊作為每個車間單元; 當地有4米和6米高的塔樓,它們是用半透明的網格佈在高空形成醒目的浮箱的,被工人形像地稱為“孔明燈”。 我關心的是透明紋理帶來的浮動感,就像UAO在Hongfang ADC展廳設計的浮動紅色框一樣。

Taking into account the convenience of actual construction and reducing the number of processing, during the construction process, the original top rain tarpaulin in each unit was modified and integrated into a long rain tarpaulin covering the top of a longitudinal strip as a whole; The scaffolding steel pipes are fixed with the same material cloth strip tying mode, the reason is that it is convenient, and the second is that it reflects the tension characteristics of the material of the rain tarpaulin.

考慮到實際施工的便利性和減少的加工數量,在施工過程中,對每個單元的原始頂部雨篷進行了修改,並整合成一個覆蓋整個縱向條帶頂部的長雨篷; 腳手架鋼管採用相同的材料布條綁紮方式固定,原因是方便,其次是反映雨篷布材料的張力特性。

The rain tarpaulin is made of blue, and the top “kongming lantern” and the scaffolding steel pipe spray paint are orange. The two contrasting colors have a strong visual appeal; and the theme neon light is pink to highlight the LOGO.

雨篷用藍色製成,頂部的“孔明燈”和腳手架鋼管噴漆是橙色。 兩種對比色具有強烈的視覺吸引力。 主題霓虹燈為粉紅色以突出LOGO。

The top lighting adopts the aluminum alloy ceiling keel commonly used in households, which just accommodates a common fluorescent tube; the LED light strip adopts the uninterrupted “己” shape surround mode, which is also an emergency good way on the spot to reduce the workload of workers, and rapid the construction, and reduce lights with joints.

頂部照明採用家庭常用的鋁合金天花龍骨,僅容納一個普通的日光燈管。 LED燈帶採用不間斷的“己”形環繞模式,這也是減少工人的工作量,加快施工速度,減少接縫燈的應急方法。

The layout of the market adopts a three-vertical and three-horizon pattern. The vertical bars are shops, and the horizontal bars are functional connection modules: entrances and exits, connection corridors, and stage VIP canopies; the inner street enclosed by the shops is 4-6 meters in size, The scale of the inner street is strengthened by the 4m or 6m high “Kongming Lantern”.

市場佈局採用三縱三橫格局。 垂直欄是商店,水平欄是功能連接模塊:入口和出口,連接走廊和舞台VIP頂篷; 商店圍成的內大街尺寸為4-6米,內大街的規模通過高4m或6m的“孔明燈”得到加強。

A two-story “street art gallery” was built on the lawn of the large landscape ladder with scaffolding and oriented strand board, with an art scale of 4.8X4.8X2.4, with a ladder leading to the roof platform, and a transparent box above the platform. “Kong Ming Lantern”.

在大型景觀梯的草坪上建造了兩層樓的“街頭藝術畫廊”,梯子帶有腳手架和定向刨花板,藝術比例為4.8X4.8X2.4,梯子通向屋頂平台,透明 平台上方的盒子。 “孔明燈”。

The Street Art Museum has exhibited small art exhibitions on different themes for three consecutive weeks. In the propaganda words of the organizer, this is the Wuhan version of the “Snake Gallery”. Although it is small, it reflects the original intention of the market: public welfare, which is acting to boost confidence in resuming work and production.

街頭藝術博物館已連續三個星期展出了不同主題的小型藝術作品。 用主辦方的宣傳話來說,這是武漢版的“蛇廊”。 儘管很小,但它反映了市場的初衷:公共福利,旨在增強人們對恢復工作和生產的信心。


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