Architects: Heren 5 Architects
Area: 3200 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Luuk Kramer
Manufacturers: Hagemeister
Design Team:Jan Klomp, Sjuul Cluitmans, Gertjan Laan, Pier Helder, Risko Reuvers, Tuan Tu, Rodger van Leeuwen, Sara Bonet Cruchaga
Clients:municipality of Haarlemmermeer
Landscape:Hosper Landscape Architecture
Consultants:Pieters Bouwtechniek, NIBE, INNAX,
Interior Builder :Paul Timmer
Country:The Netherlands

建築師:Heren 5位建築師
攝影:盧克·克雷默(Luuk Kramer)
設計團隊:揚·克朗普(Jan Klomp),舒爾·克盧特曼斯(Sjuul Cluitmans),格特琴·蘭(Gertjan Laan),皮埃爾·海爾德(Pier Helder),Risko Reuvers,團塗,羅傑·範·呂溫(Radger van Leeuwen),薩拉·博內·克魯恰加
顧問:Pieters Bouwtechniek,NIBE,INNAX,

A living room between park and plaza A building with the shape of a village and the feeling of a living room The new Zwanenburg village house has been completed. A striking and sustainable building that unites public functions such as sports, meeting, recreation and reading under one spectacular wooden roof, inspired by the village roofs in the immediate vicinity. The building emphatically unites two worlds; that of park and plaza.

公園和廣場之間的起居室具有村莊形狀和起居室感覺的建築新的Zwanenburg村屋已經完成。 這是一幢引人注目的可持續性建築,將體育,會議,娛樂和閱讀等公共功能結合在一個壯觀的木屋頂下,並受到附近村莊的屋頂的啟發。 建築物著重將兩個世界結合在一起。 公園和廣場。

This is visible in the architecture with the material use of wood and stone, which connects with each other and with the natural environment. This meeting place with sports, culture and relaxation for young and old, connects the center of the village with the park, giving the Heart of Zwanenburg new meaning and allure. All usage areas are visible and accessible from the spacious centrally located “inner street”, which forms an inviting collective living room with the bar and terrace on the water. Outside there will be a square paved like wall-to-wall carpet with various seating options, a water basin and a small ornamental garden.

這在建築中可以看到,木材和石材的材料使用相互之間以及與自然環境相連接。 這個集體育與文化休閒於一體的聚會場所,將村莊的中心與公園相連,為茨瓦嫩堡心臟地帶帶來新的含義和魅力。 所有使用區域均可見,並可從位於中心的寬敞“內部街道”進入,該內部街道形成了一個誘人的集體起居室,酒吧和露台在水上。 外面將有一個像牆到牆的地毯一樣舖有廣場的廣場,有各種座位可供選擇,一個水盆和一個小型觀賞花園。

This tree-enclosed pedestrian domain can be used flexibly, motorists are “guests” and small-scale events can take place. (Completion 2021, after relocation of the adjacent building). The village house is built sustainably and very energy efficient (EPC below 0 & GPR 8.1). By making optimal use of daylight and natural greenery, a noticeably pleasant and healthy indoor climate is created throughout the building.

這個被樹包圍的行人專用區可以靈活使用,駕車者是“客人”,並且可以舉行小規模的活動。 (在搬遷相鄰建築物後完成2021年)。 村屋結構可持續且非常節能(EPC低於0和GPR 8.1)。 通過充分利用日光和天然綠色植物,在整個建築中營造出明顯宜人和健康的室內氣候。


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