Mexico City-based studio Rojkind Arquitectos has revealed the design for a holiday resort in Mexico’s Valle de Guadalupe wine region with a curvilinear swimming pool.

Located in Baja California, Ummara will be built in an area of the popular tourist destination called the Tres Cerritos, which translates as three small hills.

位於墨西哥城的工作室Rojkind Arquitectos透露了該度假勝地在墨西哥Valle de Guadalupe葡萄酒產區的設計,帶有曲線游泳池。

烏瑪拉(Ummara)位於加利福尼亞州下加利福尼亞(Baja California),將建在受歡迎的旅遊勝地Tres Cerritos的區域內,該區域翻譯為三個小山丘。

Rojkind Arquitectos worked with Mexican studio Amasa Estudio to design Ummara to integrate with the landscape of the wine region, hiding 28 villas in the hillsides.

“Ummara encompasses an oenology project for grape cultivation and wine production as well as olive derivatives such as oils and fragrances, lavender and orange trees,” said Rojkind Arquitectos.

“We are creating a new category and concept of hospitality under a DNA and premise that redefines holistic and multi-sensory perspectives,” added the studio.

Rojkind Arquitectos與墨西哥工作室Amasa Estudio合作設計了Ummara,使其與葡萄酒產區的景觀融為一體,在山坡上隱藏了28棟別墅。

Rojkind Arquitectos說:“ Ummara涵蓋了一個用於葡萄種植和葡萄酒生產的釀酒學項目,以及諸如油和香料,薰衣草和橙樹之類的橄欖衍生物。”


Twenty-eight holiday villas will be embedded into ascending topography along pathways carved through the site. Renderings show residences with angular forms and green roofs, blending in with the greenery and large stones in the surroundings.

Routes will lead to the peaks of the three hills, where a winery, restaurant and swimming pools will be placed.

28座度假別墅將沿著沿該場地雕刻的路徑嵌入上升的地形中。 渲染圖顯示的住宅呈角形和綠色屋頂,與周圍的綠色植物和大石頭融為一體。


Featuring a reinforced concrete structure, the buildings will be covered in burnt clay brick and draw on “handcrafted vaults” that are found in architecture throughout the region.

The winery, which forms the heart of the project, will be a circular building formed of 11 vaulted shapes arranged together.

Another building will include a large curvilinear swimming pool, while additional smaller and circular pools will be set on a higher level raised above grassy platforms.

“On one side of the land, with one of the best views of the Guadalupe Valley, there’s a pool area that evokes the idea of earth turned into mud as a natural container of water,” Rojkind Arquitectos explained.

The restaurant will be at the top of the largest hill and have slanted green walls that appear to grow out of the landscape. Inside, bulbous forms will be arranged around a courtyard with arched openings to the outdoor space.

The starting date for construction on Ummara is yet to be confirmed.




羅伊金德·阿基特克托斯(Rojkind Arquitectos)解釋說:“在土地的一側,可以欣賞瓜達盧佩河谷(Guadalupe Valley)最好的景色之一,這裡有一個泳池區,讓人聯想到將泥土變成天然的水容器的想法。”

該餐廳將位於最大的山丘的頂部,並有傾斜的綠牆,這些牆似乎從景觀中生長出來。 在內部,將在院子周圍佈置球形的形式,並向室外空間提供拱形開口。


Rojkind Arquitectos was founded by Michael Rojkind in Mexico City in 2002.

It has completed a number of large-scale projects across Mexico including Boca del Rio Philharmonic Orchestra, Nestlé Chocolate Museum and the renovation of Mexico’s National Film Archive and Film Institute.

Renderings are by Hossein Yadollahpour.

Rojkind Arquitectos由Michael Rojkind於2002年在墨西哥城創立。

它已經在墨西哥完成了許多大型項目,包括Boca del Rio愛樂樂團,雀巢巧克力博物館和墨西哥國家電影檔案和電影學院的翻新。

效果圖由侯賽因·亞多拉普爾(Hossein Yadollahpour)提供。



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