Architects: Grandio
Area: 45 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Gonzalo Viramonte
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Durlock, Lafarge Holcim, REHAU, ACINDAR, Condorand, Dlubal, Egger, FV, Jhonson Acero, Peri Corporate, Rüm

攝影:貢薩洛·維拉蒙特(Gonzalo Viramonte)
製造商:AutoDesk,Durlock,Lafarge Holcim,REHAU,ACINDAR,Condorand,Dlubal,Egger,FV,Jhonson Acero,Peri Corporate,Rüm

The idea. Hüga was born from the Danish concept Hygee. This idea has become the life philosophy of thousands of people around the world. For them, achieving happiness does not mean having fortunes or an infinity of material things, just by being in a cozy place and living peacefully. The encounter with oneself, with family, with friends, is valued. It is on this concept that our interest is born to be able to develop a unique, different project that combines a set of ideas with great potential, fused in design, construction, and marketing. The team. Hüga is the result of 24 months of work by a multidisciplinary team of professionals from Córdoba. Through a dedicated research and development process, a product with high standards in design and technology was achieved, extremely versatile that can be quickly adapted to the changes of those who inhabit it. Art, technology, and real state came together so that Hüga can become our home of the future.

這個主意。 Hüga出生於丹麥概念Hygee。 這個想法已成為全球成千上萬的人的生活理念。 對他們而言,獲得幸福並不意味著擁有財富或擁有無窮無盡的物質,只需要在一個舒適的地方生活和平即可。 珍惜與自己,家人,朋友的相遇。 正是基於這一理念,我們的興趣誕生於能夠開發出獨特的,與眾不同的項目,該項目結合了具有巨大潛力的一系列想法,並融合了設計,施工和營銷。 團隊。 Hüga是來自科爾多瓦的多學科專業團隊24個月的工作成果。 通過專門的研發過程,我們獲得了具有高標准設計和技術的產品,該產品用途廣泛,可以快速適應居住者的變化。 藝術,技術和真實狀態融為一體,因此Hüga可以成為我們未來的家。

Looking for innovation. In the current scenario in which we live, it is evident that innovation has reached many devices for domestic use that have changed the way of life of people. Hüga comes to take another step in evolution, to transform our homes. Hüga has the purpose of changing our way of living, of living. Hüga is a reinforced concrete house, easy to maintain, safe, domotic, of the highest quality, design, and fully equipped. It is installed in one day (without the need for preliminary works such as foundations). The user can take it wherever their dream is to live. Hüga is an intelligent home, which can be expanded or reduced, seeking to accompany its owner in all stages and projects of his life, creating a true revolution in the experience of who inhabits it. In numbers. The house has an area of 45 m2 covered with the following environments: bedroom, relax zone (mezzanine with space for a 2-seater mattress), zoned bathroom, kitchen, and living-dining room. Its dimensions are 3.90×3.90×11 m. of development, far exceeding the surface and habitability quality of the modules known in some countries of the continent, such as tiny houses or tiny cabin. How is this made? For the manufacture of Hüga, a system of lightweight polymer molds and formwork equipment was chosen, specifically designed to be able to build the “structural shell” of the home in a limited time frame. Once the thick work stage is finished (reinforced concrete), work is done inside giving the house excellent levels of completion and materials (some of them pre-certified under Leeds standards) that will aim to achieve the greatest comfort, habitability, and the lowest energy consumption.

尋找創新。在我們目前生活的情況下,很明顯,創新已達到許多家用設備,這些設備已經改變了人們的生活方式。 Hüga邁出了進化的又一步,以改變我們的房屋。休加的目的是改變我們的生活方式。赫加(Hüga)是一座鋼筋混凝土房屋,易於維護,安全,住所,具有最高的質量,設計和齊全的設備。它可以在一天內安裝(無需進行基礎等前期工作)。用戶可以將夢想帶到任何地方。於加是一個智能家居,可以擴展或縮小,它試圖與業主一起生活的各個階段和項目,在居住者的居住體驗上掀起一場真正的革命。在數字上。房屋面積為45平方米,覆蓋以下環境:臥室,休閒區(夾層空間,可容納2人座床墊),分區浴室,廚房和起居飯廳。它的尺寸是3.90×3.90×11 m。的發展程度,遠遠超過了非洲一些國家/地區已知的模塊(例如小房子或小木屋)的表面和可居住性質量。這是怎麼做的?為了製造Hüga,我們選擇了一套輕質的聚合物模具和模板設備系統,該系統專門設計用於能夠在有限的時間內建造房屋的“結構外殼”。一旦完成了厚實的工作階段(鋼筋混凝土),便完成了內部工作,使房屋具有極佳的完工水平和材料(其中一些材料已根據利茲標准進行了預先認證),旨在最大程度地提高舒適性,適居性和最低限度能源消耗。

How we move it. The estimated weight of Hüga is 55 Tn. The size and weight of the house mobilized the team to develop, together with specialists, the engineering for the assembly on bogies/trucks, its transfer, and subsequent delivery on the destination lot. How we sell it. Hüga is in the process of being sold on the continent through a franchise-type system, which includes technical documentation, manufacturing equipment, professional support for the manufacture of the first unit, training of professionals and the construction team, software for the marketing loyalty, technical advice for 24 months online, advertising management, legal documentation, others. HÜGA came to revolutionize our way of living, of undertaking, or investing.

我們如何移動它。 Hüga的估計重量為55 Tn。 房屋的大小和重量促使團隊與專家一起開發了轉向架/卡車裝配,其轉移以及隨後在目的地批次上的組裝的工程設計。 我們如何出售它。 Hüga正在通過特許類型的系統在非洲大陸進行銷售,該系統包括技術文檔,製造設備,為第一單位的製造提供的專業支持,專業人員和建築團隊的培訓,用於營銷忠誠度的軟件, 在線提供24個月的技術建議,廣告管理,法律文檔等。 HÜGA徹底改變了我們的生活方式,事業或投資方式。

FROM:Comercial Hüga Redes


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