Swiss timber company Neue Holzbau has created a pair of geometric cross-laminated timber roofs for two indoor tennis courts by Rüssli Architekten in Bürgenstock, Switzerland.

Called Diamond Domes, the tennis courts stand 874 metres above sea level and are part of the Bürgenstock Resort in the Swiss Alps.

瑞士木材公司Neue Holzbau為瑞士Bürgenstock的RüssliArchitekten的兩個室內網球場創建了一對幾何交叉層壓木材屋頂。


Perched atop concrete foundations in the mountains, the two indoor tennis courts with undulating roofs face each other across a central outdoor court. In winter, the outdoor tennis court is turned into an ice rink for winter sports such as skating and curling.

Using spruce wood that is native to Switzerland, Neue Holzbau designed and built the roof for Lucerne-based architecture firm Rüssli Architekten. Harder ash wood was used for certain support beams.

兩個帶有起伏屋頂的室內網球場坐落在山區的混凝土基礎之上,彼此面對面,穿過一個中央室外球場。 在冬季,室外網球場變成了進行滑冰和冰壺等冬季運動的溜冰場。

Neue Holzbau使用瑞士原產的雲杉木材為盧塞恩州的建築公司RüssliArchitekten設計和建造了屋頂。 較硬的白蠟木用於某些支撐梁。

“The form and the indoor profiles were given to us by the architects. We then developed and designed the whole construction, the connections and all the details,” Neue Holzbau director Bruno Abplanal told Dezeen.

Rüssli Architekten said the diamond-pattern created by the faceted roof is meant to be reminiscent of crystal formations in rocks.

Neue Holzbau的負責人Bruno Abplanal告訴Dezeen:“建築師將形狀和室內輪廓交給了我們。然後,我們開發並設計了整個建築,連接和所有細節。”


Diamond Domes’ roof plates are made from spruce cross-laminated timber (CLT), made by layering and glueing slices of wood together to create a strong and light building material.

The tennis court roofs in Bürgenstock are a demonstration of an engineering system created by Neue Holzbau called GSA Technology. Steel rods are glued into the CLT so that each module can be quickly bolted and held in place, able to bear heavy loads.

Diamond Domes的屋頂板是由雲杉的交叉層壓木材(CLT)製成的,這種木材是通過將木材切片分層並粘合在一起以製成堅固而輕巧的建築材料而製成的。

Bürgenstock的網球場屋頂是Neue Holzbau創建的名為GSA Technology的工程系統的演示。 將鋼棒膠粘到CLT中,以便可以將每個模塊快速螺栓固定在適當的位置,並能夠承受重負荷。

The tennis halls have concrete walls on three sides, with a fourth wall of glazing facing out over the valley below. This wall of windows had to be taken into account when the roofs were constructed.

“The structure was assembled on four pre-positioned assembly towers. The support structure was erected on top of these towers in a slightly ‘exaggerated’ position,” explained Rüssli Architekten.

“At the assembly stage, the support structure was in a sort of pre-tensioned state. Once the three-layer panels had been assembled and complete static attachment to the diamond system had been achieved, the assembly towers were lowered,” added the studio.

“Once the initial, planned deformation of the roof support structure had taken place, this was fixed to the concrete walls on three sides, meaning that deformations caused by variable roof loads could then only affect the window-side facade area.”

網球場的三面有混凝土牆,第四層玻璃牆面向下方的山谷。 建造屋頂時必須考慮窗戶的牆壁。


“在組裝階段,支撐結構處於一種預張緊的狀態。一旦組裝了三層面板並完全固定到鑽石系統上,就降低了組裝塔,”工作室補充道。 。


Aluminium composite panels cover the roofs’ exteriors, chosen for their durability and colour, which complements the stone used for the buildings’ facades. The panels are arranged in a diamond pattern, mirroring the wooden roof below.

Vent flaps in the facade and roofs are used to ventilate the courts in summer, and the two spaces double as events halls.

鋁複合板覆蓋了屋頂的外部,其耐用性和顏色得以選擇,與建築物外牆所用的石材相得益彰。 面板以菱形排列,與下面的木製屋頂相映成趣。


Rüssli Architekten also built a new clubhouse for the tennis facility that faces the outdoor court and connects the two indoor courts.

Founded in 1964, Rüssli Architekten is based in Lucerne. Neue Holzbau was founded in 1983 and is based in Lungern.

Neutelings Riedijk Architects and Bureau Bouwtechniek recently completed the largest CLT project in Europe – the conversion of a 20th-century railway shed in Brussels.

Photography is by Leonardo Finotti unless stated otherwise.


RüssliArchitekten成立於1964年,總部位於盧塞恩。 Neue Holzbau成立於1983年,總部位於龍格。

Neutelings Riedijk建築師事務所和Bouwtechniek局最近完成了歐洲最大的CLT項目-布魯塞爾20世紀鐵路棚的改建。




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