Architectural designer Caspar Schols has developed the design for a garden shed with moving walls that he built for his parents into a flat-pack cabin for living and for working.

Schols drew on the Garden House pavilion he completed before architecture school in 2016 to create two commercially available cabins: the ANNA Stay home and the ANNA Meet workplace.

As with Garden House, the cabins have an inner beam-and-glass structure that is separated from the outer wooden walls and the metal roof.

Both the inner and outer parts are set on runners so that the elements can be moved to create different layouts.

建築設計師卡斯珀·舒爾斯(Caspar Schols)開發了一個帶活動牆的花園棚的設計,他為父母建造的這是一個平整的小屋,用於居住和工作。

斯科爾斯借鑒了他在2016年建築學院畢業之前完成的花園別墅展館,創建了兩個商業上可用的小屋:ANNA Stay home和ANNA Meet工作場所。



FROM:Caspar Schols develops Cabin ANNA from the garden shed he built for his mother

“[It is] a sellable, fully inhabitable house, a flat-pack that could be built and re-built anywhere in the world,” Schols said.

“A dynamic home in the shape of an open platform to live with rather than against the elements, by playing with the configuration of the layers of the house – just like the way you dress yourself to suit different weather conditions, occasions and moods.”



While the original version had four moving sections – two inner parts and two outer sections – ANNA Stay is simplified so that just two sections move on wheels.

“ANNA Stay has two sliding shells instead of the four in the original Garden House,” Schols told Dezeen. “But the two are longer and cover more area.”

“It also has a fixed part which houses a kitchen, shower, toilet and storage space,” he added.

原始版本具有四個運動部分-兩個內部部分和兩個外部部分-ANNA Stay得以簡化,因此只有兩個部分可以在車輪上運動。

斯科爾斯對Dezeen表示:“ ANNA Stay擁有兩個滑蓋,而不是原始的花園別墅中的四個。” “但是兩者更長,覆蓋的面積更大。”


A bedroom and lounge are within the moving volume, so they can be opened up entirely to the outdoors, or used for other activities.

ANNA Stay also has a mezzanine level in the non-moving half providing space for a second bed.


ANNA Stay在不可移動的一半中還設有一個夾層,為第二張床提供了空間。

ANNA Meet, meanwhile, is intended as a cabin for gatherings, for friends, work or parties, or as an office.

Like Garden House it has four moving parts so it can form an enclosed wooden cabin, open up in the middle, or make one long space for gatherings.

The walls and structure of both cabins are made from untreated larch wood and then insulated by five centimetres of sawdust.

Inside, the wooden walls are lined with pale birch plywood. Horizontal windows in the wood walls are intended to offer views from a lower level – like sitting down or in bed.

Both ANNA Stay and ANNA Meet are designed to be transported to site either fully built or flat-packed, and come on or off-grid versions.

同時,ANNA Meet旨在用作聚會,朋友,工作或聚會的小木屋,或作為辦公室。



在內部,木牆襯有淡白樺木膠合板。 木牆中的水平窗戶旨在提供較低水平的視野-例如坐下或躺在床上。

ANNA Stay和ANNA Meet均設計為可以運輸到完全建造或扁平包裝的現場,也可以在離網或離網版本中運輸。

Schols originally came up with Garden House because his mother wanted a flexible space she could use for dinner parties with friends, theatre performances by her grandchildren, painting and meditating.

“It was much more difficult to turn a one-off design into a reproducible and affordable product then I expected,” he said.



Schols went to study at London’s Architectural Association after completing Garden House and began working on Cabin ANNA. He credits an article on Dezeen with the kickstart for developing it further.

“That article had quite an impact on my life, to put it mildly,” said Schols. “I found people that supported me, not only in word, but were also ready to financially invest in ANNA.”

“This led to more prototypes in which we experimented with more practical use and temporal or permanent inhabitation. In which the initial spirit of flexibility and connectivity to the environment would remain intact.”

Photography is by Tõnu Tunnel and Jorrit ‘t Hoen. Video by Jonas Sacks.

在完成“花園之家”的工作後,斯科爾斯進入倫敦的建築協會學習,並開始從事ANNA小屋的研究。 他讚揚有關Dezeen的文章,為進一步開發它提供了開端。

舒爾斯說:“溫和地說,那篇文章對我的生活產生了很大的影響。” “我發現人們不僅在語言上支持我,而且還準備在ANNA上進行經濟投資。”


攝影是TõnuTunnel和Jorrit’t Hoen拍攝的。 喬納斯·薩克斯(Jonas Sacks)的視頻。



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