Architects: ZDA – Zoboki Design and Architecture
Area: 8000 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Zsolt Hlinka
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, EQUITONE, Bosch RexRoth, Graphisoft, Milliken, MátraParkett, Robert McNeel & Associates, Schuco, Stuhlwerk
Lead Architects:Gábor Zoboki, Balázs Orlovits, András Lente
Design Team:Johanna Jánossy, Miklós Heppes, Attila Fekete, Valéria Szabó
Clients:Millenáris Tudományos Kulturális Nonprofit Kft., Nemzeti Táncszínház
Engineering:Andor Fürjes, Zsuzsa Tompai, Zoltán Bencze, Bencze Kólya, László Berzétei, László Lukács, János Sápi, Bendegúz Csuba

照片:Zsolt Hlinka
製造商:AutoDesk,EQUITONE,Bosch RexRoth,Graphisoft,Milliken,MátraParkett,Robert McNeel&Associates,Schuco,Stuhlwerk
設計團隊:約翰娜·詹諾西(JohannaJánossy),米克洛斯·赫普斯(MiklósHeppes),阿提拉·費克特(Attila Fekete),瓦萊里亞·薩博(ValériaSzabó)
工程學:安道爾·菲耶斯(AndorFürjes),祖薩·通帕(Zsuzsa Tompai),佐爾坦·本傑(ZoltánBencze),本茨·科里亞(BelczeKólya),拉斯洛·貝爾卡特(LászlóBerzétei),拉斯洛·盧卡奇(LászlóLukács),薩諾(JánosSápi),本德古斯·庫薩

In an old industrial building that was once a flourishing hub for world-famous inventions, Hungarian dance has found a new home. The former Ganz factory, which had its heyday at the end of the 19th century, was not just a symbol of Hungarian industry, but also a cradle for a generation of Hungarian scientists who lent extraordinary creative impetus to the world. The factory hall, now home to the National Dance Theatre, hosted the creative endeavours of internationally renowned engineers and scientists, and several defining inventions such as the transformer and the dynamo were conceived there. The new building is thus a forum where science and culture meet, where experimental genres, folk dance, contemporary dance, as well as classical ballet, are all given a stage. At the same time, the building is not only a cultural and artistic space, but also a meeting point in one of Budapest’s regenerated parks.

在曾經是享譽世界的發明繁華中心的古老工業建築中,匈牙利舞蹈找到了新家。 這座前Ganz工廠在19世紀末期鼎盛,不僅是匈牙利工業的象徵,還是一代匈牙利科學家的搖籃,他們為世界帶來了非凡的創造力。 現在是國家舞蹈劇院所在地的工廠大廳主持了國際知名工程師和科學家的創作活動,並在那裡構思了一些具有定義意義的發明,例如變壓器和發電機。 因此,新建築是科學與文化相遇的論壇,實驗流派,民間舞蹈,當代舞蹈以及古典芭蕾舞都得到了舞台。 同時,該建築不僅是文化和藝術空間,還是布達佩斯再生公園之一的集合點。

Past and future, spirit and creativity – in one place. The previous home of the National Dance Theatre was a monastery converted into a theatre that provided limited technical possibilities for presenting a broad repertoire of dance genres. The site chosen for the new building was an industrial hall in one of the capital’s parks, which in the 19th century was one of the buildings of the Ganz factory. The factory was closed during the change of regime, then transformed into a public park, and the industrial buildings were converted into exhibition and studio spaces.

過去和未來,精神和創造力–融合在一起。 國家舞蹈劇院的前身是一座修道院,後來改建為劇院,為展示各種各樣的舞蹈流派提供了有限的技術可能性。 新大樓的選址是首都公園之一的工業大廳,在19世紀曾是Ganz工廠的建築物之一。 政權更迭期間工廠被關閉,然後轉變為公園,工業建築被轉變為展覽和工作室空間。

Cultural and community space, in an industrial listed building. When designing the new theatre building, the architects had a dual objective: to emphasise the virtues of the existing industrial building, and to transform the space to meet the diverse current and future needs of the dance profession. A new wing and facade was added to the previously closed-off industrial hall, which connects it to the park, open and inviting. The see-through lobby is part of both the park and the theatre: it serves not only to receive visitors but is also a vibrant community and cultural space where art, human interaction and recreation are present simultaneously.

文化和社區空間,位於受工業保護的建築中。 在設計新的劇院建築時,建築師有一個雙重目標:強調現有工業建築的優點,並改變空間以滿足舞蹈行業當前和未來的各種需求。 一個新的機翼和立面被添加到以前關閉的工業大廳中,將其連接到公園,開放而誘人。 透明的大廳既是公園又是劇院的一部分:它不僅接待遊客,而且還是一個充滿活力的社區和文化空間,藝術,人類互動和娛樂同時存在。

The industrial hall can be thought of as a three-nave cathedral, the central element of which is a large hall for 368 people converted into a multifunctional theatre space. The stage area, equipped with modern theatre technology, can be adapted to the broad repertoire of the dance profession, to its current and future needs, but other events such as concerts and gala dinners can also be held in it. The detachable, mobile chair system of the auditorium, which can be moved to the side if necessary, also serves this purpose.

工業大廳可以被認為是一個三間教堂的大教堂,其中心元素是一個可容納368人的大型大廳,被轉變為多功能劇院空間。 配備了現代劇院技術的舞台區域,可以適應舞蹈行業的各種曲目,以適應當前和未來的需求,但也可以在其中舉辦其他活動,例如音樂會和晚宴。 禮堂的可拆卸的移動式座椅系統也可用於此目的,如有必要,可將其移動到側面。

The small hall suspended over the lobby is a space for experimentation, which also functions as a theatre for staging a variety of genres. By moving the mobile curtain system, the acoustic environment can also be changed, making the sound of the room sharper or duller. A sound studio has also been set up in the building to expand the artistic potential of the dance productions, and there are also two large rehearsal rooms in the dance theatre.

懸掛在大廳上方的小禮堂是進行實驗的空間,它還可以作為劇院演出各種流派。 通過移動移動窗簾系統,還可以改變聲學環境,使房間的聲音更清晰或更暗。 大樓中還建立了一個錄音室,以擴大舞蹈作品的藝術潛力,並且在舞蹈劇院中還有兩個大型的排練室。


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