French architect Jean Nouvel has unveiled the design for a subterranean hotel that will be carved into a sandstone hill in the AlUla desert in Saudi Arabia.

Named Sharaan by Jean Nouvel, the resort will be cut into the sandstone hills in the AlUla area of Saudi Arabia, which is around 220 miles north of the city of Medina and contains the Madâin Sâlih UNESCO World Heritage site.

法國建築師讓·努維爾(Jean Nouvel)透露了這家地下酒店的設計,該酒店將被雕刻到沙特阿拉伯阿勒烏拉沙漠的砂岩山中。

該度假勝地由讓·努維爾(Jean Nouvel)命名為撒哈拉沙漠(Sharaan),將被切割成沙特阿拉伯AlUla地區的砂岩丘陵,該地區位於麥地那市以北約220英里處,並擁有聯合國教科文組織MadâinSâlih世界遺產。

FROM:Jean Nouvel reveals cave resort in Saudi Arabia’s AlUla desert

According to the architect, the subterranean resort was informed by the nearby UNESCO World Heritage site where the remains of a Nabataean city can be found.

The Nabataean people occupied the Arabian Desert in between the second and fourth century BC and carved cities, including Petra in Jordan, into the area’s sandstone rock.



“AlUla is a museum,” said Nouvel. “Every wadi and escarpment, every stretch of sand and rocky outline, every geological and archaeological site deserves the greatest consideration.”

“It’s vital we keep all its distinctiveness and conserve its attractiveness, which largely rests on its remote and occasionally archaic character,” he continued. “We have to safeguard a little mystery as well as the promise of discoveries to come.”

努維爾說:“阿勒烏拉是一個博物館。” “每一個旱谷和懸崖,每條沙石的輪廓,每一個地質和考古遺址都應得到最大的考慮。”

他繼續說:“至關重要的是,我們必須保留其所有特色,並保留其吸引力,這在很大程度上取決於其遙遠的,有時是過時的特徵。” “我們必須捍衛一點神秘色彩,並保證即將到來的發現。”

Sharaan by Jean Nouvel will contain 40 rooms and three resort villas that will be cut into a cliff face, with each suite having a balcony that looks out across the surrounding landscape.

The hotel’s entrance will be from a circular courtyard that will be carved into the sandstone hillside. From here a series of rooms will be arranged around a central 80-metre high lift shaft.

讓·努維爾(Jean Nouvel)創作的Sharaan將包含40間客房和三座度假別墅,這些別墅將被切成懸崖,每間套房都設有一個可以俯瞰周圍景觀的陽台。

酒店的入口將來自圓形庭院,該庭院將被雕刻到砂岩山坡上。 從這裡開始,一系列的房間將圍繞中央的80米高的電梯井佈置。

Each of the suites will have sandstone walls that are aimed at creating a direct connection with the former Nabataean city.

“Our project should not jeopardise what humanity and time have consecrated,” said Nouvel.

“Our project is celebrating the Nabateans spirit without caricaturing it. This creation genuinely becomes a cultural act.”




The development of the resort forms part of The Royal Commission for AlUla’s plan to encourage global tourism in the area. Nouvel hopes that the modern hotel will celebrate the area’s legacy.

“AlUla deserves to acquire a degree of modernity,” said Nouvel.

“Envisioning the future is a never-ending obligation that requires us to be fully alive to places in the present as well as conjuring up the past,” continued Nouvel.

該度假勝地的開發是皇家皇家阿勒拉(AlUla)計劃的一部分,該計劃旨在鼓勵該地區的全球旅遊業。 Nouvel希望這家現代化的酒店能慶祝該地區的傳統。

Nouvel說:“ AlUla應該獲得一定程度的現代性。”


Nouvel is a French architect who won the Pritzer Prize in 2008. His studio has previously completed several buildings in the Middle East, including the Louvre Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and the National Museum of Qatar in Qatar.




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