Architects: Design Forum India
Area: 800 m²
Year: 2016
Photographs: Vishnu T, Anoushka Pradhan
Manufacturers: DraftSight, Schueco
Lead Architects:Harsha Vardhan Tenkayala, Shyamanta Shekhar
Design Team:Harsha Vardhan Tenkayala, Akshata Shinde, Nandita N, Imon Pradhan
Engineering:SR Consultants
Landscape:Hariyalee Landscapes
Consultants:Esteem Engineering

攝影:Vishnu T,Anoushka Pradhan
首席建築師:Harsha Vardhan Tenkayala,Shyamanta Shekhar
設計團隊:Harsha Vardhan Tenkayala,Akshata Shinde,Nandita N,Imon Pradhan

The Farmhouse was conceived as a getaway home for the client. Located in Sarjapur, the three-acre site was fairly even with a number of existing trees around the edges. The site provided an existing natural base to highlight the structure alone. The target was to achieve symmetry to complement the character of the site which in turn allowed the functionality to be arranged in a similar fashion.

農舍被認為是客戶的度假屋。 位於薩里亞普爾(Sarjapur)的三英畝土地邊緣邊緣相當平坦,周圍有許多現成的樹木。 該場地提供了一個現有的自然基礎,僅用來突出其結構。 目標是實現對稱性,以補充場所的特徵,從而使功能以類似的方式排列。

The final objective was to reduce the amount of solidly built up spaces and make the perceived structure lighter to engage the interiors with the exteriors and vice versa. This allows the lawn around to participate in the ongoing events of the house. The design was desired to follow the footsteps of Mies Van Der Rohe’s industrial and transparent style.

最終目標是減少堅固的空間,使感知的結構更輕巧,以使內部與外部接合,反之亦然。 這使得周圍的草坪可以參與房屋正在進行的活動。 希望設計遵循Mies Van Der Rohe的工業和透明風格的腳步。

The interiors of the house are offset within the colonnade of vertical steel channels. These steel columns not only gives a lightness to the structure but also keeps the interiors sheltered from the weather. The ‘H’ Shape allows the house to tuck in a gravel yard and a water body. This acts as a buffer between the structure of the house and the vast lawn that surrounds it, it also adds character to the overall internal ambiance. The interior walls are finished with a color tone that does not attract attention which makes the lawn the visual priority. The decor within adds quirk to the monotony of the dark grey partitions and the herringbone wooden flooring. The transparency remains intact along the flanks of the interiors which allows a part of the house to remain outdoors.

房子的內部在垂直鋼製通道的柱廊內錯開。 這些鋼柱不僅使結構輕巧,而且使內部免受天氣影響。 “ H”形允許房屋塞入碎石場和水體中。 這在房屋結構和周圍的廣闊草坪之間起到緩衝作用,也為整體內部氛圍增添了特色。 內牆飾有不吸引眼球的色調,這使草坪成為視覺優先。 內部的裝飾使暗灰色分隔和人字形木地板的單調感更加怪異。 透明性沿內部側面保持不變,這使得房屋的一部分可以保留在戶外。

The twin structures are connected by an outdoor corridor that enjoys the water body on one side and the expanse of the entrance on the other. The heights of the lintel for the glass partitions are kept at a cozy 12 feet which adds humility and subtlety to the architecture. The overall atmosphere is achieved by mutual respect between the structure of the built house and the large expanse of green grass that surrounds it.

雙胞胎結構通過室外走廊連接,該走廊的一側是水體,另一側是入口的廣闊空間。 玻璃隔斷的門tel高度保持在舒適的12英尺,這增加了建築的謙遜與精緻。 整體的氣氛是通過相互尊重建築的房屋結構和周圍環繞的大片綠草而實現的。


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