Architects: Roth-Architecture
Year: 2018


AZULIK Uh May is a new multi-faceted art center in Francisco Uh May, Mexico, due to open at the end of November. It is the latest project of Roth (Eduardo Neira), the founder and designer of luxury resort AZULIK, and the adjacent art space IK LAB.

AZULIK Uh May是墨西哥弗朗西斯科Uh May的一個新的多面藝術中心,將於11月底開放。 這是豪華度假勝地AZULIK的創始人和設計師Roth(Eduardo Neira)的最新項目,也是毗鄰的藝術空間IK LAB。

Roth is responsible for the captivating architecture of each of these locations, all of which are environmentally conscious and are each built to ensure they leave no carbon footprint. The spaces are a refreshing and imaginative combination of locally sourced materials including polished cement surfaces that undulate from floor to ceiling and raw ‘Bejuco’ wooden floors – a vine-like plant native to the region.

羅斯(Roth)負責上述每個地點的迷人建築,所有這些地點都具有環保意識,並且每個地方的建造都確保它們不留下碳足跡。 這些空間融合了當地採購的材料,令人耳目一新,充滿想像力,包括從地板到天花板起伏的拋光水泥表面和原始的“ Bejuco”木地板-一種當地種植的藤蔓植物。

These anthropomorphous structures have timber canopy-like roofs and appear to naturally grow from the ground, with various rooms connected by floating bridges and meandering paths guided by the spaces between the trees. To get a first impression of Azulik Uh May, please find the initial images from the site: A multi-faceted and flexible complex, AZULIK Uh May will encompass an array of creative spaces, including an innovative art space, a lab dedicated to fashion and design, a state of the art recording studio as well as residencies for artists. At the heart of the center, a school focusing on the universal language of art and craft will bring together the local Mayan population, artists in residence, international students, and scholars.

這些擬人結構的屋頂呈木材樹冠狀,看起來自然是從地面生長的,各種房間都由浮橋連接,樹木之間的空間引導著蜿蜒的小路。 要獲得Azulik Uh May的第一印象,請從該網站上找到初始圖片:AZULIK Uh May是一個多面且靈活的綜合體,將包含一系列創意空間,包括創新的藝術空間,致力於時裝和時尚的實驗室。 設計,最先進的錄音棚以及藝術家的住所。 在中心的中心,一所專注於手工藝通用語言的學校將把當地的瑪雅人,居住的藝術家,國際學生和學者聚集在一起。

For the center’s opening, IK LAB’s artistic director Claudia Paetzold has invited Ernesto Neto, Paulo Nazareth, and Oskar Metsavaht to show immersive sculptures and installations. These works will reside in the new spaces within AZULIK Uh May dedicated to contemporary art, aptly named IK LAB Uh May.

為中心的開幕,IK LAB的藝術總監克勞迪婭·帕佐爾德(Claudia Paetzold)邀請了埃內斯托·內圖(Ernesto Neto),保羅·納扎雷斯(Paulo Nazareth)和奧斯卡·梅塔瓦(Oskar Metsavaht)來展示沉浸式雕塑和裝置。 這些作品將駐留在AZULIK Uh May致力於當代藝術的新空間中,恰當地命名為IK LAB Uh May。


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