Robert A M Stern’s New York firm RAMSA will add another “ultra-luxury” residential building to Hong Kong’s skyline.

Designed for Sino Land Company Limited and CLP Group, the 175-unit property is located in the historic and lush Kadoorie Hill neighbourhood of Hong Kong. The area dates back to the 1930s when the area was purchased by the Kadoorie family which runs the global Peninsula Hotels chain.

羅伯特·阿姆斯特恩(Robert A M Stern)在紐約的公司RAMSA將在香港的天際線增加另一座“超豪華”住宅樓。

該物業由信和置業有限公司和中電集團共同設計,擁有175個單位,位於香港歷史悠久且鬱鬱蔥蔥的嘉道理山附近。 該地區的歷史可以追溯到1930年代,當時該品牌由經營全球Peninsula Hotels連鎖店的Kadoorie家族收購。

Called St. George’s Mansions, the new building is named after apartments built on the site as part of the development of the neighbourhood in the 1940s. RAMSA aimed to reference this history while also bringing in contemporary touches.

“During the process, we drew reference from the past, stepping back to move forward and really understand what other architects have done before us, so we can speak the same language, reinterpreting architectural elements from the past in ways that give continuity,” said RAMSA partner Grant Marani.

這座新建築被稱為聖喬治大廈,以1940年代鄰里發展的一部分在該地點建造的公寓而得名。 RAMSA旨在參考這一歷史,同時也帶來了現代感。

“在整個過程中,我們藉鑑了過去的經驗,退後一步,真正了解了其他建築師在我們之前所做的事情,因此我們可以說相同的語言,以賦予連續性的方式重新詮釋過去的建築元素。” RAMSA合夥人Grant Marani。

“We’ve created a new take on these ideas to create a 21st-century building,” Marani added. “The result is a trio of buildings that brings Kadoorie Hill’s past into the modern-day.”

RAMSA aimed to draw similarities to the surrounding buildings through the material used for St. George’s Mansions’ three towers

馬拉尼補充說:“我們對這些想法進行了創新,以創建一棟21世紀的建築。” “結果是三層建築將Kadoorie Hill的過去帶入了現代。”


The facade facing Kadoorie Avenue is clad in biege limestone handpicked from Portugal – chosen by the firm to blend with the off-white cement of surrounding buildings. Windows with aluminium frames puncture the stonework.

Each tower is fronted by a vertical band of glazed balconies, accessed from the residences by glass doors. Stone coverings over each outdoor area provide shade while also drawing on the hooded windows of houses in the area.

面對Kadoorie大道的外牆是用從葡萄牙挑選的Biege石灰石覆蓋的-公司選擇將其與周圍建築物的灰白色水泥混合。 帶有鋁製框架的窗戶刺穿了石材。

每座塔樓前面都設有垂直的玻璃陽台帶,可從住宅通過玻璃門進入。 每個室外區域的石材覆蓋物都可以遮蔭,同時還可以在該區域的帶帽窗戶上繪畫。

“Over many of the windows we’ve introduced this element into our design to offer sun protection, but this detail also gives a nod to the architecture of the Kadoorie Hill houses to tie the two together,” Marani added.

“The new building and surrounding houses share common elements that make them one family.”

“在許多窗戶上,我們都已將此元素引入設計中以提供防曬保護,但這一細節也向Kadoorie Hill房屋的建築致敬,將兩者結合在一起。” Marani補充說。


“It’s this attentive and refined approach that will see the new homes passed from generation to generation, much like the existing houses in Kadoorie Hill,” associate partner Bina Bhattachary added. “We put a lot of thought into every aspect of the design to imbue it with a sense of place and permanence.”

Plant-filled balconies are also a nod to the lush greenery that surrounds the neighbourhood.

合夥人Bina Bhattachary補充說:“正是這種細心和完善的方法將使新房屋一代又一代地傳承,就像Kadoorie Hill的現有房屋一樣。” “我們在設計的每個方面都投入了很多思想,以賦予其位置感和持久感。”


Billed as “ultra-luxury” the building has a mix of two, three-and four-bedroom residences with large windows offering natural light and vistas.

Typical three-bedroom and four-bedroom units will range from 1,839 square foot to 2,141 square foot.

The simplex penthouses out of the 175 residences have rooftop access, while two other simplex units have access to a flat roof on the same level.

Amenities include a clubhouse containing a lounge at the lobby level, with access to the gymnasium, children’s playroom and outdoor swimming pool.

RAMSA was founded in 1977 as the eponymous studio of Robert A M Stern, a New York architect who served as dean of the Yale School of Architecture for 18 years from 1998 to 2016.

Visuals are by DBOX for Sino Land, unless stated.





RAMSA成立於1977年,是紐約建築師Robert A M Stern的同名工作室,從1998年到2016年擔任耶魯建築學院院長18年。




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