Architects: Hoem + Folstad Arkitekter
Area: 115 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Knut Folstad
Manufacturers: Artemide, Bega, EGE, Meling, Reggiani, Alvdal Surlag AS, Eilo Tre AS, Kota Inari, Norheimsmia, Osterhausgaten Dører og Vinduer, RA Norway AS, Steinovn

建築師:Hoem + Folstad Arkitekter
攝影:Knut Folstad
製造商:Artemide,Bega,EGE,Meling,Reggiani,Alvdal Surlag AS,Eilo Tre AS,Kota Inari,Norheimsmia,OsterhausgatenDørerog Vinduer,RA挪威AS,Steinovn

The cabin in the woods is inspired by reading Henry Thoreau´s “Walden Pound”. Architectural design is closely related to old farmhouses from the local valleys. The central room is dominated by a large fireplace and large room height. It opens onto the sun and lake views.

樹林中的小屋靈感來自於亨利·梭羅的《瓦爾登磅》。 建築設計與當地山谷中的舊農舍息息相關。 中央房間以大壁爐和大房間高度為主導。 可以欣賞到陽光和湖泊的景色。

Bedrooms and storage rooms located at the back. The sloping walls protect the shingle cladding from weather stress and keep the terrace dry throughout the year. On the outside, both the roof and walls are clad with heartwood pine shingles. Inside is used pine planks which are cut to the entire thickness of the log.

臥室和儲藏室位於後面。 傾斜的牆壁可保護帶狀覆層免受天氣壓力,並使露台全年保持乾燥。 在外面,屋頂和牆壁都覆蓋著心材松木帶狀皰疹。 裡面是用過的松木板,被切成原木的整個厚度。

The planks, therefore, have a tapered thickness which provides an extra challenge for the carpenter during laying. The sauna annex consists of a sauna with a self-designed aluminum bathtub and a wood stove.

因此,木板具有漸縮的厚度,這給木匠在鋪設過程中帶來了額外的挑戰。 桑拿房的附屬設施包括一間配有自行設計的鋁製浴缸和木爐的桑拿浴室。

In addition, is a restroom with sliding glass doors that can be opened to the forest and lake. Both the cabin and sauna are set on poles so that the whole construction is lifted above the ground. It causes all surface water from both rain and melting snow to easily drains away. All fixed furnishing, including doors and sofas, are made on-site.

此外,還有一個帶滑動玻璃門的洗手間,可對森林和湖泊敞開。 機艙和桑拿房都設置在電線桿上,以便將整個結構抬高到地面上方。 它使雨水和融雪中的所有地表水都容易流失。 所有固定的家具,包括門和沙發,都在酒店現場製作。


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