Design platform Studio Curiosity worked with local residents in east London to wrap a bridge in a rainbow of ribbons as a “message of hope” during the coronavirus pandemic.

Called RAW Rainbow, the art installation covers a footbridge in the Royal Albert Wharf (RAW) in the borough of Newham.

設計平台Studio Curiosity與倫敦東部的當地居民合作,在冠狀病毒大流行期間,用彩虹絲帶包裹了一座橋,以此作為“希望的訊息”。

這套藝術作品被稱為RAW Rainbow,涵蓋了位於Newham鎮的Royal Albert Wharf(RAW)的一條行人天橋。

The project is shortlisted for Dezeen Awards 2020 and has already won the public vote in its category.

Andrew Morris, an architect and the founder of Studio Curiosity, lives in the RAW apartment complex.

He began by creating his own rainbow of ribbons as part of the national Clap For Carers campaign in the UK, where members of the public showed their support for the NHS by applauding on their doorsteps and making signs with symbols of rainbows.


Studio Curiosity的創始人,建築師和建築師Andrew Morris居住在RAW公寓大樓中。


“The ambition for this project is to create a united message of hope by bringing the local community together in the collective production of a public artwork,” said Morris.

“The project started with my own balcony,” he added.

“Balconies have become a poignant interface between the public and the private recently. The prototype was developed into one that could be adopted and scaled up to transform large pieces of infrastructure such as the bridge.”




Morris worked with RAW Labs, an art centre managed by the Bow Arts Trust, and the Notting Hill Genesis housing association to create a rainbow for the bridge.

RAW Rainbow involved 50 residents cutting and wrapping 5,000 metres of ribbon on to the bridge over the course of seven days – while complying with social distancing rules.

Residents were invited to collect a takeaway pack of ribbon to cut at home. Individual households then went down to the bridge and wrapped a section in timed slots over two weekends. Vulnerable residents were still able to participate in RAW Rainbow by cutting up ribbons while shielding at home.

莫里斯與RAW Labs(由Bow Arts Trust管理的藝術中心)和諾丁山創世紀房屋協會合作,為這座橋創造了彩虹。

原始彩虹號(Rainbow Rainbow)在遵守社交疏散規則的同時,在7天的時間內讓50名居民在橋上切割並包裹了5,000米的緞帶。

邀請居民收集一盒外帶,然後在家裡剪彩。 然後,每個家庭走到橋上,在兩個週末的定時時段內包裹了一段。 弱勢居民仍然可以通過在家裡屏蔽時剪彩來參加RAW Rainbow。

Seven colours are woven between the metal struts of the bridge in a mosaic pattern that blends brick-sized blocks of colours together to create the rainbow.

“Fundamental to my approach was community participation in both the production and installation, whilst adhering to strict government guidelines,” said Morris.

“The process has reinforced the importance of considering our physical and mental health and wellbeing. It has also shown how a creative activity can bring value to the community during these unprecedented times.”




To make the project as sustainable as possible, Studio Curiosity sourced acetate satin ribbon which will be reused by the Bow Arts Trust when the installation is removed. The acetate ribbon is a fibre made from cellulose extracted from wood pulp and is certified OK Biodegradable by a TUV inspector.

The ribbon is held in place by tension, some tape and a single staple to make it easy to remove without damaging the bridge.

為了使該項目盡可能可持續,Studio Curiosity採購了醋酸纖維緞帶,當拆除安裝後,Bow Arts Trust將重新使用該緞帶。 醋酸纖維條是一種由從木漿中提取的纖維素製成的纖維,並經TUV檢查員證明可以生物降解。


“I hope this provides the opportunity, as a community, to collectively show our gratitude to all the key workers and NHS staff across the country,” said Morris.

“I am also interested in the idea of replicating and spreading the project through an Open Source network where the project can be re-purposed and re-used for the identity and enrichment of each city, district or neighbourhood.”

Other installations shortlisted in the installation design category for Dezeen Awards 2020 include an air quality data project that displays the pollution level to the public, and a film made using artificial intelligence.

Photography is by Rob Harris.




攝影是羅伯·哈里斯(Rob Harris)。



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