An external walkway and glazed living space are hidden behind sliding slatted woodwork in this house in Chile, designed by architects Santiago Valdivieso and Stefano Rolla.

Rolla and Valdivieso completed the house on Punta Pite, an arm on the Central Chilean coast stretched toward the Pacific Ocean. The architects describe the house as sitting on “a rocky and stormy cliff between two small bays”.

在智利這棟由建築師聖地亞哥·瓦爾迪維索(Santiago Valdivieso)和斯特凡諾·羅拉(Stefano Rolla)設計的房屋中,外部人行道和玻璃居住空間隱藏在滑動板條木製品的後面。

羅拉(Rolla)和瓦爾迪維索(Valdivieso)完成了位於蓬塔皮特(Punta Pite)的房子,這隻手位於智利中部海岸向太平洋延伸。 建築師將房子描述為“坐落在兩個小海灣之間的岩石和暴風雨的懸崖上”。

Called Engawa House, it is composed of a glass and black steel volume that extends from a cliff to rest on slanted, bold red supports.

Sliding, slatted doors made from the Chilean wood Raulí wrap the house on three sides, giving the residents the option of privacy and natural light, or to open the residence entirely to the exterior views.

它被稱為Engawa House,由玻璃和黑色的鋼鐵構成,從懸崖延伸到傾斜的大膽紅色支撐物。


“The idea of the project is to generate a house that allows to work both as a refuge and as the opposite; a panorama,” said the architects.

“Thus, rather than generating a static relationship with the territory, it creates a medium for change.”



The walkway between the glazed structure and slatted wood gives the house its name, Engawa, which is the wooden edging strip typically found in Japanese architecture.

“This intermediate space is the main feature of our project,” Rolla added.



Matching slatted woodwork covers the pathway and gives the appearance that the house is a single wood enclosure.

Rolla and Valdivieso placed an open-plan living, kitchen and dining room on the northern side of the house to face the ocean.



In between the kitchen and the dining and living room hangs a black wood-burning stove, while other furnishings are similarly arranged in the centre of the floor to keep the glazed walls free.

White-painted pine wood floors contrast the warmth of the exterior wood deck and extend throughout this main volume, which includes three bedrooms and bathrooms as well as storage arranged to the south.



A black steel stair integrated into the engawa leads from a deck on the north side up to the house’s rooftop terrace.

Another stone staircase on the exterior of the property leads underneath the volume, where there is a terrace and a swimming pool.



Engawa House is among a number recently completed Chilean houses designed to make the most of dramatic natural settings.

Others include Casa Malalcahuello, which GAAA completed in Malalcahuell, and Prism House + Terrace Room, which Smiljan Radić completed near a national park.

Photography is by Cristóbal Palma.

恩川府(Engawa House)是最近完工的智利眾多房屋之一,旨在充分利用自然環境。

其他包括GAAA在Malalcahuell完成的Casa Malalcahuello,以及SmiljanRadić在國家公園附近完成的Prism House + Terrace Room。




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