Architects: TJAD
Area: 18842 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Yuan Ma
Architecture Design Team:Qiang Chen, Wensheng Wang, Jun Zhou, Wen Ye, Ran Chen, Kun Gong, Mingxu Zhou
Interior Design Team:Qiang Chen, Jianru Chen, Qingtao Bai, Ranran Lu
Engineer Design Team:Xi Li, Gang Jin
Mechanics Design Team:Wei Li, Qing Wang, Jing Huang, Zhizhen Xu


The music building is located in the southwest corner of the western teaching group of AUA, which is the end of the East-West landscape axis of the campus. It is composed of two buildings in the south and the north, which are connected by a 3-floor corridor bridge. A huge opening with a height of 3 floors is formed under the corridor bridge, which corresponds to the west gate of the campus.

音樂大樓位於AUA西方教學小組的西南角,校園是東西方景觀軸的盡頭。 它由南部和北部的兩座建築組成,由三層樓的走廊橋連接。 在走廊橋下形成一個高3層的巨大開口,該開口對應於校園的西門。

The interface at outer side along the campus ring road follows continuity with neighboring buildings, while the interface towards the inside is tortuous, so as to respond with the central water landscape.


On the east side of the North building, two wings are set up above the water surface, with a hydrophilic platform at the bottom and a two-story viewfinder on the upper part. The corridor is used to strengthen the connection with adjacent buildings, and the pleasant small space softens the scale of the building.

在北樓的東側,在水面上方設置了兩個側翼,底部有一個親水平台,上部有一個兩層觀景器。 走廊用於加強與相鄰建築物的連接,宜人的小空間可軟化建築物的規模。

The dark grey large overhanging volume of concert hall located on the 2nd floor of the main hall highlights its uniqueness among the teaching group. A shared music atrium is surrounded with ramps connecting different elevations between the teaching rehearsal area and the piano room area. People can wander in the space full of natural light and experience the charm of the blend of architecture and music.

位於主廳2樓的音樂廳懸挑著深灰色的大突出部分,突出了其在教學團隊中的獨特性。 共享的音樂中庭周圍環繞著坡道,這些坡道連接了教學演練區和鋼琴室區之間的不同高度。 人們可以在充滿自然光的空間中漫步,體驗建築與音樂融合的魅力。

The piano room units adopt corner window with floor-to-floor height to shape individual rest space for inhabitants. The windows with different orientation and direction strengthen the individuality, forming a rhythm like piano keys.

鋼琴室單元採用落地窗,該落地窗具有落地高度,以形成居民的個人休息空間。 方向和方向不同的窗戶增強了個性,形成了像鋼琴鍵一樣的節奏。


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