Architects: Sameep Padora & Associates
Area: 5750 ft²
Year: 2018
Photographs: Edmund Sumner
Design Team:Vami Sheth Koticha, Archita Banerjee, Manasi Punde, Aparna Dhareshwar
Structural Engineering:Foundation Design: Sameer Sawant
Superstructure:Rhino Vault, Vivek Garg
Contractor:Unique Concrete / Rajesh Murkar, Milind Naik
Site Supervision:Zubair Kachawa
Client:Somaiya Vidyavihar
Site Area:3 acres

建築師:Sameep Padora&Associates
攝影:埃德蒙·薩姆納(Edmund Sumner)
設計團隊:Vami Sheth Koticha,Archita Banerjee,Manasi Punde,Aparna Dhareshwar
結構工程:基礎設計:Sameer Sawant
上層建築:Rhino Vault,Vivek Garg
承包商:獨特的混凝土/ Rajesh Murkar,Milind Naik
現場監督:Zubair Kachawa
客戶:索馬亞·維迪亞維哈(Somaiya Vidyavihar)

The site chosen for this small addition of a children’s library within a school in rural Maharashtra, was a sliver between existing buildings and the school boundary, a site that almost implied a linear building footprint to adjust the program for the chosen site.
Alluding to the impetus that children have towards landscape over a building we imagined the library building to be a formal extension of the ground plane. A place inside for study and a place above for play. With the limited teaching resources available in the larger vicinity we needed the inspiring spatial experience to be a magnet to attract students and hopefully other residents from the nearby settlements after school hours.

在馬哈拉施特拉邦農村地區的一所學校中為兒童圖書館增加少量空間的地點是現有建築物和學校邊界之間的一塊,該地點幾乎暗示著線性建築物的佔地面積,可以針對所選地點調整計劃。 暗示著孩子們對建築物上的景觀的推動力,我們認為圖書館建築物是地面的正式延伸。 一個供學習的地方,一個供娛樂的地方。 由於在較大範圍內可用的教學資源有限,我們需要啟發性的空間體驗來吸引學生,並希望在放學後吸引附近定居點的其他居民。

On our first visit to the site it was interesting to see Geodesic structures built by an engineer for a few of the school buildings, we were somewhat encouraged by this to pursue a project that followed from a construction intelligence. We hence parsed through several possible material configurations ranging from concrete shells to brick vaults for building this ‘architectural landscape’. At this point we were captivated by the material efficiencies of the Catalan tile vault from the 16th century, it’s use by Gustavino in the early 19th century and finally the incredible details from the work of Eladio Dieste from the mid-twentieth century. While working with the specific site condition we used Rhino Vault developed by the Block Research Group at the ETH to articulate a pure compression form for the project.

在我們第一次訪問該站點時,很有趣的是看到由工程師為一些教學樓建造的測地線結構,這使我們受到一定的鼓舞,他們從建築智能的角度進行了一個項目。 因此,我們分析了幾種可能的材料配置,從混凝土殼到磚拱頂,用於構建“建築景觀”。 在這一點上,我們被16世紀加泰羅尼亞瓷磚穹頂的材料效率所吸引,古斯塔維諾(Gustavino)在19世紀初使用它,最後從20世紀中葉Eladio Dieste的作品中獲得了令人難以置信的細節。 在處理特定的現場條件時,我們使用了由ETH的Block Research Group開發的Rhino Vault為該項目表達純壓縮格式。

The library lies at the intersection of a student’s daily routine it became a pavilion accessed from multiple sides with students potentially engaging with books while traversing through the library or over it.


The library interior has varied spatial & seating systems, a floor stool system towards the edges for a more intimate study area and towards the centre, tables and stools for collaborative study. The self-structured window bays are striated profiles for increased stability with economical window section sizes.

圖書館的內部空間和座位系統各不相同,地板凳子系統朝向邊緣以提供更私密的學習區域,而中心凳子,桌子和凳子則用於協作學習。 自構造的窗托架為橫紋,可通過經濟的窗截面尺寸提高穩定性。

The construction technology for the project also makes a case to reexamine the age-old binaries of the global and local as being in opposition. The regional or the local within the South Asian paradigm typically manifests within strict formal constraints of the style in memory. This is often at the expense of material efficiencies.

該項目的構建技術還為重新審視全球和本地的古老二進製文件提供了理由。 南亞範例中的區域或局部通常在記憶的風格的嚴格形式約束內表現出來。 這通常以犧牲材料效率為代價。

Our effort to search for a material and construction efficiency in brick tile looked to leverage the networks of knowledge that our practices are situated in, allowing us to enrich the regional or local through the extended capacities of the global.


In using principles ranging from the Catalan Tile Vaulting sytem to the compression ring detail from the work of Eladio Dieste in Uruguay, to using a form finding software plug -in made in Switzerland the library is a resultant of not only lessons learnt from various geographic locations but also various lessons through time/history.

從加泰羅尼亞語的瓷磚拱頂系統到從烏拉圭Eladio Dieste的作品到壓緊環細節,再到使用瑞士製造的表格查找軟件插件,該圖書館的使用不僅是從各個地理位置汲取的教訓的產物 而且還有時間/歷史上的各種課程。


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