UK studio Gruff Architects has created a four-bedroom house in south London that has a first floor that is clad in black timber and overhangs its driveway.

Built on the site of a builder’s yard behind a row of Victorian terraced houses in Brockley, Pitched Black was designed for one of the Gruff Architects’ directors – Rhys Cannon – and his partner.

The studio wanted to create a family house that was appropriate to its site alongside a railway line and in a conservation area, but also had an element of fun.

英國工作室Gruff Architects在倫敦南部創建了一套四臥室房屋,其一樓覆蓋著黑色木材,並懸垂在車道上。

Pitched Black建在布羅克利(Brockley)一排維多利亞式排屋後面的建築商院子裡,是為Gruff建築師事務所的一位董事Rhys Cannon及其合夥人設計的。


“We sought to create a fun, experimental building that responded to its surroundings and created a sense of enclosure and privacy that maximised the potential of its unusual location, perched atop a railway cutting,” Cannon told Dezeen.

“But ultimately the core concept was to create a family home and a haven from the hustle and bustle of London life.”



The home has a brick ground floor above a concrete basement, with a first floor that is clad in black timber boards and pitched at a 10-degree angle away from the site boundary.

This angled upper storey projects out from the brick base to the side of the building where it is supported on angled blue columns to create a covered entrance to the house. This creates a dramatic view of the house from the street as well as protection for a car turntable.


傾斜的上層從磚基突出到建築物的側面,並在此處支撐在傾斜的藍色圓柱上,以形成有蓋的房屋入口。 這樣可以從街道上看到房屋的壯觀景色,並保護汽車轉盤。

“The tight site constraints and narrow track access meant that parking and turning a car on-site was always going to be tricky,” explained Cannon.

“Our solution was a car turntable right outside the front door, with the building’s upper storey floating over the top, creating a multi-purpose covered outdoor area, acting as sometimes parking; garden extension; covered play area and an inviting entrance sequence into the main house.”


“我們的解決方案是在前門外的汽車轉盤,建築物的上層浮在頂部,創建一個多功能的有蓋室外區域,有時充當停車位;花園延伸;有蓋遊樂區,以及引人入勝的進入停車場的順序 主屋。”

The blue angled legs were an example of how Gruff Architects added fun elements to the home while solving the practical problems created by the enclosed site.

“Pitched Black’s legs were a means to resolve the angular upper levels being brought back to the ground and became a deliberate expression of this transition,” Cannon said.

“Likely completely excessive! But enjoyable none-the-less with windows from the kitchen and dining room capturing little glimpses.”

藍色的彎腳是Gruff Architects如何在解決封閉場地造成的實際問題的同時,向房屋中添加有趣元素的一個示例。



So as not to overlook the surrounding homes, all of the windows in Pitched Black either face towards the side or the rear, which faces the railway cutting.

On the ground floor, the house’s open plan kitchen and living space has large glass sliding doors that open onto the rear garden. A timber stair leads up to the first floor bedrooms, while a further guest room and home office are located in the basement.


房屋的開放式廚房和起居室位於一樓,設有大玻璃推拉門,通向後花園。 木樓梯通向一樓的臥室,而另一間客房和家庭辦公室則位於地下室。

As well as creating a home for his family, Cannon also used the design to experiment with both the home’s form and the materials used to create it. The studio used its own CNC machine to cut the formwork for the concrete around the base of the blue legs, as well as the brass details inside the house.

“Small London sites can be challenging and always require unique, innovative solutions, above and beyond your average Victorian terrace extension,” he added.

“We had the incredible opportunity to experiment and use Pitched Black as a testing ground for the practice’s interests in craftsmanship; materiality and form-finding, using our own in-house workshop and CNC to create bespoke elements that add additional layers of detail to the building.”

除了為家人創建房屋外,Cannon還使用該設計對房屋的形式和用於建造房屋的材料進行了試驗。 該工作室使用自己的CNC機床對藍色腿腳周圍的混凝土以及房屋內部的黃銅細節進行了切割。


“我們擁有難以置信的機會,可以通過使用自己的內部車間和CNC創建定制元素來為實踐中的工藝,興趣,實質性和形式尋找感興趣的地方試驗並使用Pitched Black作為測試平台, 建造。”

Overall the architect hopes that the home will be an interesting place for his family to grow up in.

“You don’t put a turntable for a car in a house if a sense of fun isn’t there,” said Cannon.

“After all this is a house for myself and my family to live in, not a minimalist retreat so more accurately it puts a bit of fun in functionality,” he continued.

“Unsurprisingly the kids have found ways to use and enjoy the house and nooks and crannies within to their infinite enjoyment.”





Gruff Architects is a London-based studio that was established in 2010. It has previously overhauled a 1930s London terrace adding birch joinery and colourful accents and won the award for best architect’s website at last year’s Archiboo Web Awards.

Photography is by French+Tye.

Gruff Architects是一家總部位於倫敦的工作室,成立於2010年。該工作室以前曾對1930年代的倫敦露台進行了大修,增加了樺木細木工和色彩豐富的裝飾,並在去年的Archiboo Web Awards中獲得了最佳建築師網站獎。

攝影是由French + Tye攝。



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