Architects: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects
Area: 139000 m²
Year: 2017
Photographs: Jeff Goldberg/ESTO
Manufacturers: Terreal, AGC, Lightblocks
Lead Architect:Ellerbe Becket
Design Team:Cesar Pelli, Fred Clarke, Mark Shoemaker, Randy Volenec, Edward Dionne, Ashley Forde Rao
Structural Engineer:Ellerbe Becket
Mep Engineer:Ellerbe Becket
Civil Engineer:GHD Global Pty Ltd
Landscape Architecture:EDSA

建築師:Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects
照片:Jeff Goldberg / ESTO
首席建築師:Ellerbe Becket
設計團隊:塞薩爾·佩里(Cesar Pelli),弗雷德·克拉克(Fred Clarke),馬克·舒克梅克(Mark Shoemaker),蘭迪·沃倫內克(Randy Volenec),愛德華·狄昂(Edward Dionne),阿什利·福特·勞(Ashley Forde Rao)
結構工程師:Ellerbe Becket
機械工程師:Ellerbe Becket
土木工程師:GHD Global Pty Ltd

Sidra Medicine is a world-class hospital and ambulatory care center offering state-of-the-art clinical services and biomedical research. This academic medical center is part of the Qatar Foundation’s Education City campus, which hosts branches of American universities.

Sidra Medicine是世界一流的醫院和門診醫療中心,提供最先進的臨床服務和生物醫學研究。 這個學術醫學中心是卡塔爾基金會教育城校區的一部分,該校擁有美國大學的分支機構。

The 380-bed hospital has dedicated divisions for children’s health, women’s health, and adult acute care. The identity of each specialty hospital is articulated by a sweeping, sail-like atrium form with dedicated drop-off and entrance zones from both street level and underground parking level. Natural materials, including wood, granite, and marble, are used throughout the lobby and public spaces to create a warm and welcoming environment.

該醫院擁有380個床位,設有專門的部門,負責兒童保健,婦女保健和成人急症護理。 每家專科醫院的身份都以像帆一樣的中庭形式來表達,從街道層和地下停車場層都有專門的落客區和入口區。 整個大堂和公共場所均使用天然材料,包括木材,花崗岩和大理石,營造出溫馨宜人的環境。

The inpatient rooms for each hospital are organized around three healing garden atria. Glass-enclosed elevator lobbies overlook the lobby atrium and healing garden atrium, orienting visitors and patients within the building. The atria are clad in ceramic tile, enamel-coated metal panels, and high-performance glass with stainless steel accents and sunshades, utilizing a variety of measures to filter and soften the strong sunlight.

每家醫院的住院室圍繞三個康復花園心房組織。 玻璃封閉的電梯大廳俯瞰著大堂中庭和療愈花園的中庭,將訪客和患者定向到建築物內。 該心房採用瓷磚,搪瓷塗層的金屬面板以及帶有不銹鋼裝飾和遮陽簾的高性能玻璃所覆蓋,並採用多種措施來過濾和軟化強烈的陽光。

The 37,160-square meter (400,000-square-foot) Ambulatory Care Clinic frames a historic house, preserving the heritage of Qatar’s built environment. Directly tied to the main hospital by bridges on three levels, the clinic building also connects back to the Weill Cornell Medical College, providing a direct link between education and practice. The center is also planned to include translational research facilities and a central services plant.

佔地37,160平方米(400,000平方英尺)的門診診所構築了一棟歷史悠久的房屋,保留了卡塔爾建築環境的遺產。 該診所大樓通過三層橋與主要醫院直接相連,還與維爾康奈爾醫學院相連,提供了教育與實踐之間的直接聯繫。 該中心還計劃包括翻譯研究設施和中央服務工廠。

The complex will include structured above grade staff parking for 1,000 cars, and underground public parking for 1,000 cars. The design treats the parking garages as an important part of the public experience. Rather than a utilitarian transit zone, visitors parking their cars pass an engaging space with sculpted arch forms and an undulating ceiling plane. Projected future phases will accommodate the future underground walkway to Weill Cornell Medical College.

該綜合大樓將包括結構化的上層員工停車位(可容納1000輛汽車)和地下公共停車場(可容納1000輛汽車)。 該設計將停車場視為公眾體驗的重要組成部分。 停放汽車的遊客不是經過功利性過境區,而是經過雕刻拱門形式和起伏天花板的互動空間。 預計的未來階段將適應威爾康奈爾醫學院的未來地下走道。


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