Architects: Nuno Ferreira Capa | arquitectura e design
Area: 2690 ft²
Year: 2020
Photographs: João Morgado
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Delta Light, Flos, Alfilux, Ana Paula Cerqueira, Cimenteira do Louro, GMbH, Isorenel Isolamentos, Semente Carpintaria, Vimajofil Serralharia Civil
Lead Architect:Nuno Capa
Project Team:Catarina Rego, Hélder Gonçalves, Ana Rocha, Nuno Bessa, Silvy Dias, Anabela Rodrigues
Cliente:Pedro Remy

建築師:Nuno Ferreira Capa | 建築設計
製造商:AutoDesk,Delta Light,Flos,Alfilux,Ana Paula Cerqueira,Cimenteira do Louro,GMbH,Isorenel Isolamentos,Semente Carpintaria,Vimajofil Serralharia Civil
首席建築師:Nuno Capa
項目團隊:卡塔琳娜·雷哥(Catarina Rego),海爾·貢薩爾維斯(HélderGonçalves),安娜·羅莎(Ana Rocha),努諾·貝薩(Nuno Bessa),西爾維·迪亞斯(Silvy Dias),安娜貝拉·羅德里格斯(Anabela Rodrigues)
客戶:佩德羅·雷米(Pedro Remy)

House 826, for the hairstylist Pedro Remy, is placed at the ground floor of a building of the 70s in the urban centre of Braga, in Portugal, in a store with 250m2 of total area.

髮型師佩德羅·雷米(Pedro Remy)的826房位於葡萄牙布拉加市中心的70年代建築的底樓,總面積為250平方米。

This space had been closed for several years giving evidences of layers of interventions, memories and stories. Each wall a story, each window a passage. A place with many spaces. Each space wrapped in materials and textures successively interrupted by others, where occasionally some naked concrete structural elements appeared. A complex composition of excess of materials and voids of materials.

這個空間已經關閉了幾年,提供了乾預,記憶和故事的層次的證據。 每堵牆一個故事,每扇窗戶一個段落。 一個有很多空間的地方。 每個包裹著材料和紋理的空間都相繼被其他空間打斷,偶爾會出現一些裸露的混凝土結構元素。 過多材料和材料空隙的複雜組成。

With the removal of these layers, it was possible to notice that the composition of its four large semi-enclosed spaces were visually connected but at different levels. The architectural concept for Maison826 came up with the interruption of the demolition at the point where fragments of that past could coexist with the new programme intended to be set out.

除去這些層後,可能會注意到其四個大的半封閉空間的組成在視覺上相互連接,但處於不同的高度。 Maison826的體系結構概念是在拆除的中斷點上進行的,在該點上,過去的片段可以與擬定的新程序共存。

The programme for the hair salon, for the cultural and musical space and for the concept-store, that share a common entry point, could now occupy each one of the spaces and create spatial and visual relations among them, where one-off interventions in each space would allow to observe the demolition spots.

共享一個入口點的美髮沙龍,文化和音樂空間以及概念店的程序現在可以佔據每個空間,並在它們之間建立空間和視覺關係,在其中進行一次干預。 每個空間都將允許觀察拆除位置。

The maison826 project is divided into four levels opened to each other. In the first level, at an intermediate elevation, a suspended wood block introduces itself as an entrance and as a service desk, steering, visually, the user to other two levels: a basement level, a space of cultural dynamics and concerts, and another intermediate level just above, for the working area and hair care, centrally inhabited by a 5-metre-long wooden working table. This space also comprises a recessed hair washing and colouring area for better privacy to the clients. This intermediate level takes us to the fourth level, an area for the OGQMOCA Concept store with a small dressing room.

maison826項目分為四個相互開放的層次。 在第一層的中間高度,一個懸浮的木塊將其自身作為入口和服務台,在視覺上將用戶引導到另外兩個層:地下層,文化動態和音樂會空間,以及另一個 位於中間的中間位置,用於工作區和頭髮護理,中間由5米長的木製工作台佔據。 該空間還包括一個凹入式洗髮和染色區域,可為客戶提供更好的私密性。 這個中級水平將我們帶到了第四層,這是OGQMOCA Concept商店的區域,帶有一個小更衣室。

A Praise to the Unfinished seemed to us to be a concept that could be a new life cycle of this space where there is no place for concern about details… lost by the unfinished where it is thought being missed by rule. The sparing materials, pillars or concrete beams as well as the solutions of unfinished walls are now what define the intervention. In each space, a long opaque curtain establishes limits enabling their closure. This common scenic element, of great flexibility, helps to define other spatial identities and other luminosities according to the intended use.

對未完成的讚美在我們看來是一個可能是這個空間的新生命週期的概念,這裡沒有地方需要關注細節……被未完成的地方迷失了,認為它被規則遺漏了。 現在,很少的材料,支柱或混凝土梁以及未完成的牆壁的解決方案決定了乾預措施。 在每個空間中,長長的不透明窗簾確定了限制,使其能夠關閉。 這種具有很大靈活性的常見風景元素,有助於根據預期用途定義其他空間標識和其他亮度。

FROM:Um olhar sobre arquitectura de Nuno Capa

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