Architecture studio Farrells has unveiled a group of six interconnected skyscrapers at the heart of the Qianhai district in Shenzhen.

Named One Excellence, the group of skyscrapers are built on reclaimed land alongside Qianhai bay to the west of downtown Shenzhen as part of the development of the Qianhai district.



Farrells designed four office towers and two residential towers as a central hub for the development, which is intended to house one million people.

The office skyscrapers include a pair of 180-metre-tall “gateway towers” that are connected by a curved glass canopy.

“The gateway towers play an important role in shaping the emerging city, through welcoming visitors and signifying the beginning of the next chapter in Shenzhen’s unprecedented growth,” said the studio.




The remaining four skyscrapers, which includes the 300-metre-high “landmark tower” are connected by a series of bridges described by the studio as “multi-level streetscapes”.

These bridges will link the skyscrapers and a series of low-level buildings that contain shops, cafes and restaurants and a metro station entrance.



“Human experience formed the foundations of this advanced concept of mixed use, transit orientated design,” said Farrells director Stefan Krummeck.

“We have created a rich and varied network of urban spaces that cultivate a strong sense of place, encourage interaction and an organic flow of pedestrians in the area,” continued Krummeck.

“This sensitive thinking is balanced with a series of architectural highlights and memorable landmarks, which add to the district’s cityscape.”

Farrells董事Stefan Krummeck說:“人類經驗構成了這種先進的混合使用,面向交通的設計概念的基礎。



The two residential skyscrapers, which contain serviced apartments, are connected at the 27th floor by a “sculptural clubhouse”.

As well as One Excellence, Farrells is designing five further towers in the Qianhai district and also collaborating on the design of ten stations of the Qianhai Metro.



The district faces out to Qianhai bay where architect NBBJ is designing a car-free district named Net City, which is “roughly the size and shape of Midtown Manhattan”.

Also in Shenzhen OMA recently completed an office skyscraper with three cut-outs for terraces lined with golden hexagons.

Photography is by Rex Zou.

該區面向前海灣,建築師NBBJ正在設計一個名為Net City的無車區,該區“大致大小和曼哈頓中城的形狀”。


攝影是鄒Re(Rex Zou)。



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