Architects: SSDesign
Area: 7500 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Ripei Qiu
Design Team:Juntian Zhang, Hongfei Sun, Sui Zhou
Partner:Zhejiang Huaheng Architechtural Design
Client:Hongyue Horticultural Corporation


If the greenhouse is understood as an orderly adjustment of light, temperature, humidity, wind, and the place where plant grows,the garden center which relies on the greenhouse for sale can be imagined as a place where light,shadow and nature order is captured.


Garden Center. As a garden center with strong individual professionalism, it often takes the greenhouse as its main part, and the plans can be regarded as the owners here. Compared with the ordinary market, the growing environment is more empathized, which is similar to a place for sheltering plants. According to the distribution of plants, the garden center is divided into three parts: the shopping experience area, plant area, and material area. As a place of consumption, the participation and experience of customers need to be paid more attention to. Therefore, how to deal with the coexistence of people and plants, and how to adjust the connection between the building and the greenhouse become the problems that need to be improved in design.

花園中心。 作為具有較強個人專業精神的花園中心,它通常以溫室為主要部分,在這裡可以將計劃視為所有者。 與普通市場相比,成長環境更加移情,這類似於庇護植物的地方。 根據植物分佈,花園中心分為三個部分:購物體驗區,植物區和材料區。 作為消費場所,需要更加重視客戶的參與和體驗。 因此,如何應對人與植物的共存,以及如何調整建築物與溫室之間的連接成為設計中需要改進的問題。

Start with greenhouse: Continuous roof truss and standard height are the characteristics of the greenhouse. The specific attribute basically determines the architectural form of greenhouses. The demand for plants for light and air limits the facade materials of greenhouse buildings as well. As a glass greenhouse for cultivating plants, it is difficult to be reconstructed into a spatial form. Thus,it can be regarded as a developing area that can regulate nature. Sunshine, wind, temperature, and humidity are regulated orderly so that plans can grow smoothly here.

從溫室開始:連續的屋頂桁架和標準高度是溫室的特徵。 具體屬性基本上決定了溫室的建築形式。 對光和空氣的植物的需求也限制了溫室建築物的外牆材料。 作為用於栽培植物的玻璃溫室,很難將其重建成空間形式。 因此,可以說是可以調節自然的開發區。 陽光,風,溫度和濕度受到有序調節,因此計劃可以在此處順利進行。

Superposition of greenhouses: Different from the cash register of supermarkets or other stores, the trading area of the garden center is also the area for customers to rest and experience. As a store nearest to the greenhouse, it is also a transit station for plants and a point for people to exchange. Absorbing the commonality between gardening and life, the cashier space has made a natural organization for the structure, facade, and space of the building, which makes the area where people stay have a natural atmosphere.

溫室的疊加:與超市或其他商店的收銀機不同,花園中心的交易區也是供客戶休息和體驗的區域。 作為距溫室最近的商店,它還是植物的轉運站,也是人們交流的場所。 收銀員空間吸收了園藝和生活之間的共通性,使建築物的結構,立面和空間成為自然的組織,使人們居住的區域擁有自然的氛圍。

The superposition and interweaving make the building form a new order and the structural array of the greenhouse evolves. The order of cast-in-place concrete coordinates with nature form creates a more growing space. With the distribution of functional areas, the overall rhythm of the building also comes into a coherent form.

疊加和交織使建築物形成新的秩序,溫室的結構陣列也在不斷發展。 現澆混凝土坐標與自然形態的順序創造了一個更大的空間。 隨著功能區域的分佈,建築物的整體節奏也變得連貫。

The order of nature. Corresponding to the double slope top of the greenhouse, designers hope to establish a cast-in-place framework order. Similar to a greenhouse, it can shelter flowers from wind and rain, at the same time, the sheltering sense of canopy space not only satisfies the order of nature but also the atmosphere of space. So that the tree-shape concrete structure is selected as the module unit to form a continuous distribution of trunk and branch. Intertwined twists make the roof undulate, such as walking under the forest, which creates a free and comfortable space atmosphere.

大自然的秩序。 設計師希望與溫室的雙坡頂相對應,以建立現澆的框架順序。 類似於溫室,它可以保護花朵免受風吹雨打,同時,對冠層空間的遮蔽感不僅滿足自然的秩序,還滿足空間的氛圍。 因此,選擇樹形混凝土結構作為模塊單元,以形成主乾和分支的連續分佈。 交錯的扭曲使屋頂呈波浪形,例如在森林下行走,從而營造出自由舒適的空間氛圍。

The rhythm of light and shadow. The organization’s form of the facade extracts elements from the trees. It creates a natural and random array. The grid system not only avoids the direct sunlight but also gives people the enlightenment of associating the crown and shade. From the trunk to the crown, the filtering of light and shadow is from sparse to dense, like the flickering light and shadow of trees. The grids have three unit modules from bottom to top. The first floor is the widest. Combined with a glass curtain wall, it can maximize the external scenery and sunshine in the sight of consumers. The grids on the second floor are narrower to form a relatively regular facade organization. The third layer of grids is most dense, which corresponds to the folded roof, with rich twists and turns, forming a natural continuous shadow image, filtering the direct sunlight to the maximum extent. Through the changes of the three rhythms of the facade grid, not only an interesting facade light and shadow order is created, but also a deep forest imagination is provided for consumers.


As a flagship store, the garden center is not only used as a greenhouse market but also as the main exhibition hall at the World Garden Conference annual, becoming a garden center integrates sales, exhibition, and experience.



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