Zellige is a social housing complex in Nantes, France, designed in a collaboration between French architecture studios Tectône and Tact Architectes.

The 100-home housing project has been shortlisted for Dezeen Awards 2020 and won the public vote in its category.

Zellige是法國南特的一家社會住宅綜合體,由法國建築工作室Tectône和Tact Architectes合作設計。


Tectône and Tact Architectes arranged the apartment complex as three interlocking volumes clad in pale grey bricks.

The pair of studios won the competition to design the housing development for the future neighbourhood of Prairie au Duc in 2014.

Tectône和Tact Architectes將公寓大樓佈置為三個互鎖的淺灰色磚砌體。

兩間工作室在2014年贏得了競賽,為未來的Prairie au Duc設計住房開發。

Zellige is located on the île de Nantes, an island in the middle of Nantes. This post-industrial area was largely abandoned in the 1990s, and the project is part of a wider plan to rejuvenate the district.

“This project is very impacted by the fact that it combines three very different housing programs, social rents, co-housing and to-buy apartments,” said Tectône.

“It has been a long and very interesting design process that included its future inhabitants in every part of it, through workshops, discussions and votes.”

Zellige位於南特中的小島îlede Nantes。 這個後工業區在1990年代被大量廢棄,該項目是複興該地區的更廣泛計劃的一部分。



Some 15 of the 100 homes will be co-housing, and the occupants had already been chosen before the design process began.

Taking on board the feedback of Zellige’s eventual residents, the two practices included spaces and facilities such as common spaces and terraces, a communal workshop and wash house, a vegetable garden and a shared chicken coop.



These communal spaces are either on top of the shorter volumes or arranged in a central courtyard formed in between the U-shaped complex.

An external spiral staircase with wooden balustrades add flair to the facade and allows occupants views over the complex and of each other as they move up and down between floors.



The brick facade is uniform to tie the three volumes, which are four, six and twelve floors respectively, together.

As Nantes is in a seismic activity zone, Tectône and Tact Architectes worked with brick supplier Blockstar to develop anti-seismic brick technology.


由於南特處於地震活動區,Tectône和Tact Architectes與磚塊供應商Blockstar合作開發了抗震磚技術。



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