Architects: InForm
Area: 353 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: James Geer
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Haymes Paint, Laminate, Silver top ash timber cladding, Woodcut Engineered Flooring
Lead Architect:Ross Berger
City:Red Hill

攝影:James Geer

Located on a sloping site set amongst the gum trees in Red Hill, the design is a direct response to its surroundings. Working with the natural topography, the house is divided into a series of stepped floor plates around a central courtyard. The tiered floors zone the interior spaces which offer unique views of the surrounding native bushland.

該設計位於Red Hill口香糖樹之間的斜坡上,是對周圍環境的直接反應。 根據自然地形,房屋被分為圍繞中央庭院的一系列階梯式地板。 多層地板劃分了內部空間,可欣賞周圍原始叢林的獨特景色。

The home incorporates carefully considered passive design principles to help the family reduce their energy consumption. The location of windows, skylights, and the central courtyard allow natural light to permeate throughout the house during the winter ensuring no artificial lighting is required throughout the day.

該房屋採用了經過認真考慮的被動式設計原則,以幫助家庭減少能耗。 窗戶,天窗和中央庭院的位置可以在冬季使自然光穿透整個房屋,從而確保全天無需人工照明。

An efficient wood burning fireplace sits at the lower level of the house and a series of ceiling fans help distribute the heat reducing the need for electric heating. The large array of solar panels also provides sufficient energy for the home.

一個高效的燃木壁爐位於房屋的較低位置,一系列吊扇有助於散發熱量,從而減少了電加熱的需求。 大量的太陽能電池板還為家庭提供了足夠的能量。

The cladding made from locally sourced rough sawn timber and pergola comprising of reclaimed timber beams blends effortlessly with the native environment. The soft grey pallet of the interior, together with the timber and bagged cement brick walls create a calm and quite character for this unique family home.

由本地採購的粗鋸材和涼棚組成的覆層由回收的木樑組成,可以輕鬆地與原始環境融合。 內部柔和的灰色托盤以及木材和袋裝水泥磚牆為這座獨特的家庭住宅營造出沉穩而頗具特色的氛圍。


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