Architects: Santos Bolívar
Area:75 m²
Year: 2017
Manufacturers: Home Depot, La casa del acero, Madereria los Olivos
Author:José Antonio de los Santos Bolívar
Collaborators:Giancarlo Reyes Olgin, Roberto Amaya Alvarado, Tayde Chan Ojeda, Jorge Armando Quevedo Jordán

製造商:Home Depot,La casa del acero,Madereria los Olivos
合作者:Giancarlo Reyes Olgin,Roberto Amaya Alvarado,Tayde Chan Ojeda,Jorge Armando QuevedoJordán

The project is located in northwest Mexico, in the Valle de Guadalupe, Wine Route, which is a place with significant growth and development of the wine industry.

該項目位於墨西哥西北部,葡萄酒之路的瓜達盧佩河谷(Valle de Guadalupe),這是葡萄酒業顯著增長和發展的地方。

According to a master plan established in 2013, the first step in the case of an intervention in the property should be the development of a brewery named Media Perra, which was built in 2014. As a second step, it was considered the design and construction of the house of our customer: Media Perra House.

根據2013年制定的總體規劃,在對該物業進行干預時,第一步應該是開發一家名為Media Perra的釀酒廠,該釀酒廠於2014年建成。第二步,該廠被認為是設計和建造公司。 客戶的房子:Media Perra House。

For the development of the project, it was given an area with very peculiar natural features, a steep topography with sharp level changes. A large-scale rock was an important part of the possibilities, with the intention of making it versatile with our proposal.

對於該項目的開發,它被賦予了一個區域,該區域具有非常獨特的自然特徵,陡峭的地形和高度變化的地形。 大型岩石是可能性的重要組成部分,目的是使其在我們的建議中變得通用。

Adaptation and connection with the surrounding area were concepts that led us to decide that the rock was a symbol of belonging to the place and that the new house should be related to and interact with it.

In order to connect living and nature by creating a bridge (through the rock) and producing a dialog between both, the stairs of the main access to the house and part of the foundations were settled in the rock.



We raised the main floor of the house using wood and steel pillars, with the solid idea of letting the ground floor more permeable and open in order to not cause a huge impact in the natural land and use the lower floor as an open-air auditorium for family gatherings and events.

我們使用木頭和鋼柱將房屋的主地板抬高,其基本思想是使地下地板更具滲透性和開放性,以免對自然土地造成巨大影響,並使用較低的地板作為露天禮堂 用於家庭聚會和活動。

With that, we wanted to achieve a sequence and a vertical rhythm that would be a reinterpretation of the façade of its predecessor and now part of its context, the brewery Media Perra.

因此,我們希望獲得一個序列和一個垂直的節奏,以重新詮釋其前身(現在是啤酒廠Media Perra)的外觀。

The area of the residence is only 75m², which is the ideal space for our customer needs: a master bedroom, bathroom, closet, living room, kitchen, pantry and a mezzanine for the guests. The main views to the surrounding landscape are centered in the areas of the master bedroom, living room and mezzanine.

住宅面積僅為75平方米,是滿足客戶需求的理想空間:主臥室,浴室,壁櫥,客廳,廚房,餐具室和夾層樓。 主臥室,客廳和夾層樓的區域集中了周圍景觀的主要景觀。

The residence orientation, the handling of sunlight and the use of materials, such as exposed wood, straw for the thermal insulation inside the walls, besides the application of an ink made from the land, are participating elements in the design composition of the house and a convergence point between living and nature.

居住方向,日光處理和使用材料(例如裸露的木材,用於在牆壁內進行隔熱的稻草),除了使用由土地製成的墨水外,都是房屋和建築設計要素的組成部分。 生命與自然之間的交匯點。


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