Architects: Ross Barney Architects
Area: 8024 ft²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Kate Joyce Studios
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Crossville, Kawneer, Landscape Forms, Trane, Unilock, Armstrong, Corian, Moffatt Corporation, Onyx Solar, Republic Doors and Frames, Resopal/Wilsonart, Semper Green, Sunpower, The Great Outdoor Gym Company, idX Corporation, reSAWN Timber
Lead Architects:Carol Ross Barney, Ryan Giblin, Misa Inoue
Design Team:Mordecai Scheckter, Yifan Liang, Ryan Gann, Itzi Velazquez, Jason Vogel, Shinya Uehara
Mc Donald’s Corporation:Christopher John Kempczinski, Max Carmona, Michael Ceferin, Jennifer MacLeod, Jack Wegler
Architect And Engineer Of Record:CPH
Structural Engineer:Goodfriend Magruder Structure
Lighting:Schuler Shook
General Contractor:Southland Construction
Country:United States

建築師:Ross Barney建築師
製造商:AutoDesk,Crossville,Kawneer,Landscape Forms,Trane,Unilock,Armstrong,Corian,Moffatt Corporation,Onyx Solar,Republic Door and Frames,Resopal / Wilsonart,Semper Green,Sunpower,The Great Outdoor Gym Company,idX Corporation,reSAWN Timber
首席建築師:Carol Ross Barney,Ryan Giblin,Misa Inoue
設計團隊:Mordecai Scheckter,Yifan Liang,Ryan Gann,Itzi Velazquez,Jason Vogel,Shinya Uehara
結構工程師:Goodfriend Magruder結構

The McDonald’s Flagship – Orlando aims to become the first Net Zero Energy quick-service restaurant and in doing so represents McDonald’s commitment to building a better future through “Scale for Good”. Incorporating visible and impactful symbols of change, the restaurant arranges architecture and technology to firmly place itself in the future. Under a canopy clad in solar panels, the restaurant is a sustainable and healthy response to the Florida climate.

麥當勞旗艦店-奧蘭多的目標是成為第一家“零淨能耗”快餐店,這是麥當勞致力於通過“規模擴大”實現更美好未來的承諾。 餐廳融合了可見和有影響力的變化標誌,將建築和技術進行整理,以牢固地擺在未來。 在覆蓋有太陽能電池板的天篷下,這家餐廳是對佛羅里達州氣候的一種可持續,健康的回應。

Energy consumption is reduced by optimizing building and kitchen systems. On-site generation strategies: 18,727 square feet of photovoltaic panels, 4,809 square feet of glazing integrated photovoltaic panels, and 25 off-the-grid parking lot lights produce more energy than the restaurant uses.

通過優化建築和廚房系統來降低能耗。 現場發電策略:18,727平方英尺的光伏面板,4,809平方英尺的玻璃集成光伏面板以及25個離網停車場燈產生的能量比餐廳使用的能量還多。

Taking advantage of the humid subtropical climate, the building is naturally ventilated for about 65% of the time. Jalousie windows operated by outdoor humidity and temperature sensors close automatically when air-conditioning is required. An outdoor “porch” features wood louvered walls and fans to create an extension of the indoor dining room.

利用潮濕的亞熱帶氣候,建築物自然通風約佔時間的65%。 需要空調時,由室外濕度和溫度傳感器操作的百葉窗窗戶會自動關閉。 戶外“門廊”設有百葉窗木牆和風扇,構成了室內餐廳的延伸。

Additional sustainable strategies include paving materials that reduce the urban heat island effect, previous surfaces that redirect rainwater, 1,766 square feet of living green wall that increases biodiversity, new LED lighting, and low flow plumbing fixtures. A robust education strategy was the goal of the project. The architecture itself becomes a narrative tool in addition to interior graphics, interactive video content, and gaming unique to this location. The restaurant teaches visitors of all ages to be more dedicated environmental stewards.

其他可持續發展戰略包括鋪路材料,以減少城市的熱島效應;以前的表面可改變雨水的方向; 1,766平方英尺的生活用綠牆可增加生物多樣性;新型LED照明;以及低流量的管道固定裝置。 強有力的教育策略是該項目的目標。 除了內部圖形,交互式視頻內容和該位置獨有的遊戲之外,該體系結構本身還成為一種敘事工具。 該餐廳教會各個年齡段的遊客成為更專注的環境管理者。


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