Architects: Perkins&Will
Area: 110000 ft²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Connor Steinkamp, James Steinkamp
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Enscape, High Concrete Group, Oldcastle APG, Peerless Lighting, Shaw, Stylex, Viracon, elZinc, Andreau World, Armstrong, Blakelys, Colecraft Commercial Furnishings, Edge Lighting, Knoll
Lead Architects:Ralph Johnson, Tom Mozina
Design Team:Perkins and Will, Design Architect
Architect Of Record:Moody Nolan
Clients:University of Cincinnati
Mep Engineering:CMTA, Inc.
Structural Engineering:Schaefer
Civil Engineering:EMH&T Engineers
Landscape:Vivian Llambi & Associates, Inc.
General Contractor:Messer Construction
Country:United States

照片:康納·史坦卡普(Connor Steinkamp)
製造商:AutoDesk,Enscape,High Concrete Group,Oldcastle APG,Peerless Lighting,Shaw,Stylex,Viracon,elZinc,Andreau World,Armstrong,Blakelys,Colecraft商業家具,Edge Lighting,Knoll
首席建築師:Ralph Johnson,Tom Mozina
設計團隊:Perkins and Will,設計架構師
記錄建築師:穆迪·諾蘭(Moody Nolan)
景觀:Vivian Llambi&Associates,Inc.

University of Cincinatti Health Science Building; Cincinatti Ohio

As demand increased for the University of Cincinnati’s programs in allied health sciences, students and faculty were often using makeshift study areas in hallways and struggling to find places for group work. Buildings were scattered across campus and did not support the collaborative learning that today’s health sciences field demands.

隨著對辛辛那提大學相關衛生科學課程的需求增加,學生和教職員工經常在走廊上使用臨時學習區,並努力尋找小組工作的場所。 建築物散佈在整個校園中,不支持當今健康科學領域所需的協作學習。

This was the catalyst for the design of the modular, flexible University of Cincinnati Health Sciences Building, combining high-performance construction and cutting-edge design to support the future of science, research, and transdisciplinary learning. A key design driver was planning for enrollment and occupancy growth for a building that is the centerpiece of an integrated medical campus. When the building safely re-opens to full capacity – it was closed during the COVID-19 pandemic – 1,200 students and 130 faculty and staff will learn and teach in a facility that fosters collaboration among students, nurses, physicians, pharmacists, dentists, and allied health professionals. The flexible design allows users to social-distance, pivot to hybrid learning, and maintain public health guidelines while using the space.

這是辛辛那提大學健康科學大樓的模塊化,靈活設計的催化劑,結合了高性能的建築和尖端的設計,以支持科學,研究和跨學科學習的未來。 一個主要的設計驅動力是為綜合醫學園區的核心建築規劃入學人數和入住人數的增長。 當建築物安全地重新開放至滿負荷使用時-在COVID-19大流行期間關閉了該建築物-1200名學生和130名教職員工將在可促進學生,護士,醫師,藥劑師,牙醫和醫生之間協作的設施中學習和教導。 專職衛生專業人員。 靈活的設計使用戶可以在社交空間中與他人保持距離,轉向混合學習,並在使用空間時保持公共衛生準則。

Set back from the street to create connections with other campus buildings, the crescent-shaped building curves around a 1.5-acre forecourt. Classrooms and balconies overlook a four-story atrium in a functional learning environment on the medical quad. Transparent work areas remind visitors of the program’s mission of service and active learning.

該新月形建築從街道向後退,與其他校園建築形成連接,並在1.5英畝的前院周圍彎曲。 在醫療四邊形的功能性學習環境中,教室和陽台可俯瞰四層樓的中庭。 透明的工作區使訪客想起該計劃的服務宗旨和積極學習的使命。

“We wanted a building with plenty of light and a healthy atmosphere to encourage collaboration among the Academic Health Center colleges,” says Dale Magoteaux, project manager for the University of Cincinnati. Integrating education with practice and designing for inter-professional, problem-based learning demanded unique spatial solutions and technological applications.

辛辛那提大學項目經理Dale Magoteaux說:“我們想要一棟光線充足且健康的建築,以鼓勵學術健康中心大學之間的合作。” 將教育與實踐相結合,並針對跨行業,基於問題的學習進行設計,這需要獨特的空間解決方案和技術應用。

A central atrium hub for collaboration and movement:Bridge-like stepped ramps and monumental stair are distributed in and around the atrium, together with promoting wellness and reinforcing the notion of healthy activity through design. The ramps and stair provide sculptural visual interest and allow views into the classrooms and labs, putting learning on display.

Interdisciplinary collaboration: Glass-walled classrooms and labs feature large, airy breakout areas along with adjacent balconies, providing opportunities for informal discussions and project work.

Hands-on clinical training space: Students get real-life work experience while serving the local community, central to the university’s outreach programs to the greater Cincinnati region.

一個用於協作和運動的中央中庭樞紐:在中庭內和周圍分佈著橋狀的階梯狀坡道和巨大的樓梯,同時通過設計促進健康並增強健康活動的概念。 坡道和樓梯提供了雕塑般的視覺趣味,並允許觀看教室和實驗室,從而展示了學習成果。



Active learning spaces: A nutrition lab and gait lab facilitate industry partnerships and community connections.

Insulated precast wall panels, structural thermal isolators, and double-layer slabs: Together, these features help meet energy goals and achieve structural feats while maintaining the monolithic appearance of an exposed concrete building.



“With this building we wanted to create a true sense of place: a permanent, yet flexible, home for programs that will help the department of allied health sciences navigate a rapidly changing industry and the world,” says Mark Jolicoeur, managing principal at Perkins and Will. Adds Vince Terry, regional director for Moody Nolan’s Cincinnati office: “Being able to provide the architectural design support while quickly adapting to the changing needs required in the face of COVID-19, were key drivers in developing new standards in higher education with this project.”

珀金斯常務董事Mark Jolicoeur表示:“通過這座建築,我們希望營造一種真正的位置感:一個永久而靈活的計劃之家,將幫助相關健康科學部門駕馭瞬息萬變的行業和世界。” 還會。 穆迪·諾蘭(Moody Nolan)辛辛那提辦事處區域主任文斯·特里(Vince Terry)補充說:“在提供工程設計支持的同時,快速適應面對COVID-19的不斷變化的需求,這是該項目為高等教育制定新標準的關鍵驅動力 。”


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