Architects: Roarc Renew
Area: 2448 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Wen Studio
Principal Architect:Robben Bai
Project Architects:Mengxuan Sheng, Leqian Xue
Design Team:Xiaoyi Liang, Yejing Wu, Huiqin Lu, Junyi Yang
Terrazzo Parquet Floor Design:Qian Gu, Mengxuan Sheng
Lighting Design:AILD
Lighting Design Team:Shenglin Hong, Guyu Chen, Zhenyun Liu
Construction Consultant:Zhang Chenghua from EMCC Shanghai Jielu Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.
Terrazzo Flooring Constructor:EMCC / Shanghai Jielu Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.
Client:XBand Co.,Ltd
Party A Project Participants:Shengxuan Zhu, Tianshu Dong, Xiaolong Zhen, Hong Yu

建築師:Roarc Renew
攝影:Wen Studio
首席建築師:Robben Bai
水磨石地板施工方:EMCC /上海捷露裝飾設計工程有限公司

Renew – The Soul. This time Roarc Renew received a task themed at countryside renewing. We do believe with great certainty that the essential feature of a renewing project compared to a newly-built project is “conforming to the original energy field of the construction”. The soul of every renewing project is to find out the hidden flow and go with it. It is as if the bright moon cannot be seen before clouds move away. Certainly, the first thing is to identify which cloud should move away and how to move it away. This is the methodology Roarc Renew used in building renewing for the past years.

更新-靈魂。 這次Roarc Renew收到了以農村更新為主題的任務。 我們確實確信,與新建項目相比,更新項目的本質特徵是“符合建築的原始能源領域”。 每個更新項目的靈魂是找出隱藏的流程並與其一起使用。 好像在雲移開之前看不到明亮的月亮。 當然,第一件事是確定應該移走的雲以及如何移走它。 這是Roarc Renew在過去幾年中用於建築物更新的方法。

Alias as Lotus Granary. At Wangjiangjing Town, there are two granaries nearby hundreds of acres of lotus marsh and the Taocangcanal. The granaries were built in the 1950s/1960s. They were previously granaries for residents to store grains. Later they were burned and discarded for years. There was also a lotus pond before the granaries. It is speculated that nearby buildings get water from the lotus marsh and pond for firefighting. The granaries sit near the lotus pond, and that’s why they were also called Lotus granary. After the renovation, terrazzo lotus patterns in the granaries echo with structural arches of the granaries. The owner entrusted Roarc Renew to renew the project to make it a landmark of the place on the basis of architectural characteristics and historical background of the granaries.

別名為Lotus Granary。 在望江井鎮,附近數百英畝的蓮花沼澤和桃倉運河有兩個糧倉。 糧倉建於1950年代/ 1960年代。 他們以前是居民用來儲存穀物的糧倉。 後來,他們被燒毀並丟棄多年。 糧倉前還有一個荷花池。 據推測,附近的建築物從蓮池和池塘取水進行消防。 糧倉位於荷花池附近,這就是為什麼它們也被稱為荷花糧倉的原因。 裝修後,糧倉中的水磨石蓮花圖案與糧倉的結構拱形呼應。 業主委託Roarc Renew對項目進行更新,使其根據建築特徵和糧倉的歷史背景成為該地標。

Energy Field Exists with Functions and Goes beyond Functions. Inside of the Energy Field: Functionally, the future granaries are defined as an art center by the owner. The western granary will act as a commercial gallery, while the eastern granary will act as an art gallery. Since two granaries are made in a unique structure, i.e. a concrete arch-supporting system, they have a complete interior visual system. Arches form a complete field. It is not wise to break such a great energy field. Moreover, the granaries are very old, so any member except its original structures may become a burden. Consequently, we come to the conclusion that all the granaries space should be solely used for exhibition spaces, and auxiliary functions necessary for the art center are supposed to be provided outside. There is no ground for an alteration of the interior structure of the granaries.

能量場具有功能並超越功能。 能源領域內部:從功能上講,未來的糧倉被所有者定義為藝術中心。 西部的糧倉將充當商業畫廊,而東部的糧倉將充當藝術畫廊。 由於兩個糧倉採用獨特的結構製成,即混凝土拱形支撐系統,因此它們具有完整的內部視覺系統。 拱形形成一個完整的領域。 打破如此巨大的能源領域是不明智的。 此外,糧倉非常老,因此除其原始結構外的任何成員都可能成為負擔。 因此,我們得出的結論是,所有糧倉空間應僅用於展示空間,而藝術中心所需的輔助功能應在外部提供。 沒有理由改變糧倉的內部結構。

Outside of the Energy Field: After the nearby textile warehouse was demolished, the two old granaries stand side by side in parallel. The granaries go in an east-to-west direction, facing canal to its north and a vast stretch of land to the south, while close at hand is a lotus pond. In this context, the best solution to add structures to the original architecture is to take an “accompanying” approach to explore new stories with the old granaries. That’s why the connective corridors were coming into shape. In architectural functions, the corridors not only change the way of entrance and its layout but also create commercial and social space on its own. Acting as the accompanying space for an art museum, the corridors also allow for extending exhibition space externally in a way to protect the internal. Through all these architectural efforts, we are paying our tribute and respect to the history of the old granaries.

在能源領域之外:拆除附近的紡織倉庫後,兩個老糧倉平行並排站立。 糧倉沿東西方向走,北面對運河,南面對廣闊的土地,而附近則是一個荷花池。 在這種情況下,將結構添加到原始體系結構的最佳解決方案是採用“陪伴”方法來探索舊糧倉的新故事。 這就是連通走廊得以形成的原因。 在建築功能上,走廊不僅改變了入口的方式及其佈局,而且還獨自創造了商業和社會空間。 作為美術館的附屬空間,走廊還允許在外部擴展展覽空間,以保護內部空間。 通過所有這些架構上的努力,我們向舊糧倉的歷史致敬和尊重。

Redefinition of Entrance: The main galleries have four entrances. Newly added corridors lead flow to the center. Visitors move from two sides to the center along the appropriately sized corridors and then enter the galleries. The east and west ends serve as freight entrances. In this way, visitors and freights are clearly separated.

重新定義入口:主要畫廊有四個入口。 新增加的走廊將流量引向中心。 訪客沿著適當大小的走廊從兩側移到中心,然後進入美術館。 東端和西端用作貨運入口。 這樣,遊客和貨物被清楚地分開了。

Commercial and Social Purposes: As mentioned at the beginning, all renewing projects come down to an economic behavior eventually. Along the corridors, such facilities as restaurants, coffee stores, and souvenir stores will be set to support the operation of the whole art center. The full-height glass will be installed and electromechanical positions will be reserved to make the corridors an indoor space. However, for a variety of reasons, the corridors are presented to the public as a grey space when the design is finished.

商業和社會目的:正如開頭提到的,所有更新項目最終都歸結為經濟行為。 沿著走廊,將設置餐廳,咖啡店和紀念品商店等設施,以支持整個藝術中心的運營。 將安裝全高玻璃,並保留機電位置,以使走廊成為室內空間。 但是,由於種種原因,設計完成後,走廊會以灰色空間的形式呈現給公眾。

Energy Field: Construction Directivity. The main granaries run east-west, showing the direction of the space. Once a sense of direction confirmed in a space, field, namely the standpoint of the construction, reflects itself naturally. With a unique ingenuity, the twin corridors are designed to be parallel not only in horizontal but also in vertical forms by raising their heights to a peak at the central entrance, thus creating filed energy in two directions. The energy field lies the “souls” of this renovation project: on one hand, the horizontal form fits well into the parallel nature of the old granaries; on the other, the ascending trajectory in vertical form directs our focus to the sky. In form, the corridors are designed to be accompanying structures to direct the way to the main entrance in the center. In the spatial arrangement, the twin corridors ascend in a continuum to reach a hollow and quiet space at the central peak, which brings the architectural emotions to a climax. In form, the corridors are designed to be accompanying structures to direct the way to the main entrance in the center. In the spatial arrangement, the twin corridors ascend in a continuum to reach a hollow and quiet space at the central peak, which brings the architectural emotions to a climax.


Energy Field: Poetic Companion. The accompanying corridors reflect Roarc Renew’s love for the granaries. We like to compare construction to human beings, and they were indeed the direct reflections of human beings’ abstract thinking. Geometry has no emotions, but people can find relationship and emotion from the work of geometry. And it is the reason why old professions like architects always lead to innovation. Architecture likes people, and Roarc Renew wants empathy in its works. Landmark buildings were too often used to represent the will of power. However, with hundreds of Mus of lotus pond by side, we wish the two granaries will find more inner peace after 60 years of ever-changing experience.

能量場:詩意伴侶。 伴隨的走廊反映出Roarc Renew對糧倉的熱愛。 我們喜歡將建築與人類進行比較,它們確實是人類抽象思維的直接反映。 幾何沒有情感,但是人們可以從幾何工作中找到關係和情感。 這就是為什麼像建築師這樣的老職業總是引領創新的原因。 建築喜歡人,Roarc Renew希望作品具有同理心。 具有里程碑意義的建築物經常被用來代表權力的意志。 但是,我們希望在擁有數百畝蓮花池的情況下,經過60年不斷變化的經驗,這兩個糧倉將能夠找到更多的內在寧靜。

Drainage. The bricks go up and down to hold and carry the water dropped after diversion and drainage. As the most important decorations of the structure, water is silently incorporated into the language of bricks.

引流。 磚塊可以上下移動,以保持並運送分流和排水後滴下的水。 作為結構最重要的裝飾,水被默默地融入了磚的語言中。

Wheat Ear Wall. In the pattern of a wheatear, we saw the past of the granary. Through the monument-like brick structure, we hear the age-old granary who resumes speaking to the world. Resembling the design of the drainage system, the wheatear pattern is formed by combining bricks with three different moduli. The modern bricks of the corridors connect the old bricks of the granaries, which is a salute to the bygone memories.

麥穗壁。 按照麥穗狀圖案,我們看到了糧倉的過去。 通過紀念碑般的磚結構,我們聽到了古老的糧倉,他在與世界對話。 類似於排水系統的設計,麥穗圖案由具有三種不同模量的磚塊組合而成。 走廊上的現代磚塊連接著糧倉的舊磚塊,向過去的回憶致敬。

Symmetrical Structure. In structure, concrete arches support the brick roof so that the old granaries have a double-curved roof. It brings a dramatic visual effect. Roarc Renew uses arcs orderly in two corridors to make the structure symmetrical to the granaries with a cascading effect.

對稱結構。 在結構上,混凝土拱門支撐著磚瓦屋頂,因此舊糧倉有一個雙彎曲的屋頂。 它帶來了戲劇性的視覺效果。 Roarc Renew在兩個通道中有序地使用弧線,以使結構與糧倉對稱並具有級聯效果。

In the pond flowers bloom like a piece of brocade; within the granary, the flower-decorated floor makes a flourishing scene. If the external structure of the TaoCang Art Center shows the ability in arousing emotions, its internal design proves the power of storytelling by interpreting the origins of its name – a granary where lotuses bloom. While lotus suggests the unique features of this landscape. The villagers of Wangjiangjing Town have grown lotus for generations. For them, the flowers, roots, leaves, and stalks of the lotus mean all their life in four seasons changing from spring, summer, autumn to winter. While grains feed the people, lotus makes their lives prosperous.

池塘里的花開得像錦緞一樣綻放。 在糧倉內,花朵裝飾的地板營造出了繁榮的景象。 如果桃倉藝術中心的外部結構能夠喚起人們的情緒,那麼它的內部設計將通過解釋其名字的起源(荷花盛開的糧倉)來證明敘事的力量。 而蓮花暗示著這片風景的獨特特徵。 望江井鎮的村民世代相傳。 對他們來說,蓮花的花,根,葉和莖意味著從春天,夏天,秋天到冬天的四個季節中的全部生命。 穀物為人民服務,蓮花使他們的生活繁榮。


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