Architects: Studio 10
Area: 780 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Chao Zhang
Architect In Charge:Shi Zhou
Design Team:An Huang, Chunhui Mo, Cristina Moreno Cabello, Meishi Zhao, Xin Zheng, Zixia Huang, Hao Wu(Intern), Liangyu Shen(Intern), Feifei Chen(Project Assistant), Jiaxiao Bao(Project Assistant), Ming Tang(Project Assistant)
Client:Village Committee of Qinchang, Chengguan Town, Xiuwu, Henan Province, China
Construction:Henan Chuanghui Architecture & Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
Interior And Landscape Design Consultant:Studio 10
Special Consultant:Shuaijun Han, Pengfei Chen
Graphic Design Consultant:SURE Design
Lighting Design Consultant:Matt Lighting Design Associates
Structural And Construction Drawings Consultant:Zhengzhou Kaiwu Landscape Design Ltd.

建築師:Studio 10
設計團隊:黃安,莫春暉,克里斯蒂娜·莫雷諾·卡貝洛,趙梅石,鄭新,黃子霞,吳昊(實習生),沉良宇(實習生),陳菲菲(項目助理),鮑佳曉(項目助理),唐明 (項目助手)
室內和景觀設計顧問:Studio 10
平面設計顧問:SURE Design

The Qinchang Village Community Center is located in Qinchang Village, Xiuwu County, an ancient town in central China with a history that dates back to as early as 1000b.c.

The site is at the eastern periphery of the village, adjacent to the residential neighborhood to its west and the rye fields to its east. It was renovated from an existing CPC village branch office, a walled two-story building covered in grey tiles. The 50-meter-long walled courtyard had made it necessary for pedestrians to bypass in order to get from one side to the other.


該場地位於村莊的東部邊緣,毗鄰其西部的居民區和其東部的黑麥田。 它是從現有的CPC村支部辦公室翻新的,這是一棟兩層高的灰色磚牆覆蓋的建築物。 50米長的圍牆庭院使行人必須繞過,才能從一側到達另一側。

The project explores the duality of both transcendence and everyday life aesthetics. On one hand, it calls for sublime feelings of transcendence and exaltation; On the other hand, being the only public facility building in the village, the community center naturally would need to accommodate multiple functions, serving as a venue for events and social gatherings, an office for the local administrative committee as well as a destination where villagers would take a walk to after dinner.

該項目探索了超越性和日常生活美學的雙重性。 一方面,它要求超越和超越的崇高感覺; 另一方面,社區中心是該村唯一的公共設施建築,自然需要容納多種功能,既可以作為活動和社交聚會的場所,也可以作為地方行政委員會的辦公室,也可以作為村民的目的地 晚飯後去散步。

We have taken inspirations from archetypes of the local traditional earth shelter courtyard dwellings, opened up the solid courtyard walls and replaced them with arched veranda open on three sides. Pedestrian experience between the west and east sides is thus enhanced with the increased porosity, while the open cloister has provided a hang-out space for villagers of all age.

我們從當地傳統的土方避難所四合院原型中汲取了靈感,打開了堅固的四合院牆,並用在三個側面開口的拱形陽台代替了。 因此,隨著孔隙率的增加,東西兩側之間的行人體驗得到了增強,而開放式迴廊為各個年齡段的村民提供了一個聚會的場所。

Meanwhile, the planar arches used repeatedly on the facades of the old building has been reinforced and extracted, reappearing as the motif throughout the project in a symbolic manner. By veiling the building facade with layers of translucent PC panel, geometric forms have been completed and articulated while a sense of lightness, ambiguity and surreality has been added to the “immaculate” geometry.

同時,加固並提取了在舊建築物外牆上反複使用的平面拱門,並以像徵性的方式重新出現在整個項目中。 通過用半透明的PC面板將建築物的外牆遮蓋起來,完成並表達了幾何形狀,同時在“完美”的幾何形狀中增加了輕盈,模糊和超現實的感覺。

Furthermore, by providing low-speed seating zones on the western pavement, the latter has become an extension of the east-west pedestrian flows; By removing the northern walls and burying the originally open septic tank into ground, the north facade now has redefined the northern alley interface, carrying along the openness from the other sides.

此外,通過在西行人道上設置低速就座區,後者已成為東西行人的延伸。 通過拆除北牆並將最初開放的化糞池埋入地下,北立面現在重新定義了北胡同的界面,同時保持了另一側的開放性。

The original blackboards at the gate have been preserved. In today’s Age of Information and Smart Phones, villagers would still take a walk regularly after dinner to the blackboards for obtaining information and exchanging gossips with acquaintances run into.

門口的原始黑板已保存。 在當今的信息和智能手機時代,村民們仍然在飯後到黑板前定期散步,以獲取信息並與相識的人交流八卦。

On a late summer afternoon, kids would practice their roller-skating skills in the matrix of dried birch trunks to which timeline information carved out on bronze plates are fixed. When night falls, villagers would voluntarily start night markets on the street in front of the Community Center, first-time visitors would start live stream broadcasts on their social media in the courtyard, where senior ladies attract large audiences as they rehearse their group dance.

在夏末的一個下午,孩子們將在乾燥的樺木樹幹矩陣中練習輪滑技巧,固定在青銅板上刻印的時間線信息。 夜幕降臨時,村民將自願在社區中心前的街道上開設夜市,首次來訪的遊客將在院子裡的社交媒體上開始現場直播,在那裡,資深女士在排練集體舞蹈時吸引了大批觀眾。

In the distance, boundaries are blurred while ideology and nature are intertwined and integrated with the human dimension. Qinchang Village CPC Branch Office has become a center that serves the community as well as a lively place of gathering.

在遠處,界限被模糊了,而意識形態和自然則交織在一起並與人的維度融為一體。 秦昌村黨支部已成為服務社區和熱鬧聚會的中心。


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