Architects: Lake|Flato Architects, Matsys Design
Area: 900 ft²
Year: 2018
Photographs: Casey Dunn
Manufacturers: Tremco, Lumenpulse, Prosoco, Kreysler & Associates, Mission Solar
Design Team:Bob Harris, Tenna Florian, Sunnie Díaz, Jordan Tsai
Pavillion Design:Andrew Kudless (Matsys)
Landscape Architecture:Rialto Studio, Inc.
Mep:CNG Engineering
Petal Formwork:Kreysler & Associates
Client:San Antonio River Foundation
City:San Antonio
Country:United States

建築師:Lake | Flato建築師,Matsys設計
攝影:凱西·鄧恩(Casey Dunn)
製造商:Tremco,Lumenpulse,Prosoco,Kreysler&Associates,Mission Solar
設計團隊:鮑勃·哈里斯(Bob Harris),天娜·弗洛里安(Tenna Florian),遜尼·迪亞茲(SunnieDíaz),喬丹·蔡
Pavillion設計:Andrew Kudless(Matsys)

Confluence Park is a living laboratory that allows visitors to gain a greater understanding of the ecotypes of the South Texas region and the function of the San Antonio River watershed. Throughout the park, visitors learn through observation, engagement and active participation.

Confluence公園是一個有生命的實驗室,可以讓遊客對南德克薩斯州的生態類型和聖安東尼奧河分水嶺的功能有更深入的了解。 在整個公園中,遊客可以通過觀察,參與和積極參與來學習。

Located at the confluence of the San Antonio River and San Pedro Creek, the idea of confluence is ingrained in every aspect— from big gestures like the landform of the park representing the convergence of ecotypes in the South Texas region, to the pavilion “petals” imitating the form of plants that are structured to funnel dew and rainwater to their roots, down to the scale of the paver patterns reminiscent of the flow and confluence of waterways.

位於聖安東尼奧河和聖佩德羅河的匯合處,匯合的思想在各個方面都根深蒂固,從像公園地貌這樣的大手勢,代表著德克薩斯南部地區生態類型的融合,到涼亭“花瓣” 模仿植物的結構,將露水和雨水集中到根部,直至攤舖機的規模使人聯想起水路的流動和匯合。

Constructed of concrete petals designed thoughtfully to sit lightly upon the land, the BHP Pavilion— the main pavilion— forms a geometry that collects and funnels rainwater into a sitewide water catchment system. The pavilions throughout the park provide shade and shelter, simultaneously engaging visitors to visualize the cycle of water at Confluence Park and how it relates directly to the San Antonio Rivershed.

BHP涼亭(主要涼亭)由混凝土花瓣製成,經過精心設計,可以輕巧地落在土地上,形成了一個幾何形狀,可將雨水收集起來並彙集到整個場地的集水系統中。 整個公園的涼亭提供了遮蔭和庇護所,同時吸引了遊客,使Confluence公園的水循環以及與聖安東尼奧河棚的直接聯繫可視化。

The multi-purpose Estella Avery Education Center, featuring a green roof that provides thermal mass for passive heating and cooling, serves as a classroom space that opens to the pavilion. Rainwater collected through the site-wide water catchment system serves as the primary source of water throughout the park, and the entire site is powered by a photovoltaic array providing 100% of on-site energy on a yearly basis.

埃斯特拉·艾弗里(Estella Avery)多功能教育中心設有綠色屋頂,可為被動供暖和製冷提供熱量,是開放給展館的教室空間。 通過整個站點集水系統收集的雨水是整個公園的主要水源,並且整個站點由光伏陣列供電,該光伏陣列每年提供100%的現場能源。


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