American studio SHED referenced Japanese design and three-ring circus tents when creating the Me-Kwa-Mooks Net-Zero house in Seattle, Washington.

Located on a sloped site beside Me-Kwa-Mooks Park, the dwelling is a remodel of an existing house with a jumbled layout and poor energy performance that the studio said followed “several ill-conceived additions and modifications”.

美國工作室SHED在華盛頓西雅圖創建Me-Kwa-Mooks Net-Zero房子時參考了日本設計和三環馬戲團帳篷。


SHED’s overhaul was designed to make the house more sustainable and better reflect the interests of its owners – two former circus performers with a love for Japanese architecture.

To achieve this, it stripped back the dwelling into two interlocking volumes and simplified its interiors to create brighter, open spaces with views outside.



“Both clients have lived in Japan, and enjoy both traditional and contemporary design elements from the concept of the tea room to Studio Ghibli to contemporary Japanese architecture,” said the Seattle-based studio.

“Both clients had been professional circus performers, bearing an affinity for open, dynamic spaces,” it added.

“A key element of the brief was for the small individual spaces to open, and become interconnected spaces with big views to forest and water.”




To modernise the Me-Kwa-Mooks Net-Zero house’s stripped-back exterior, SHED clad one of the volumes in wood and the other in standing seam metal panels.

They are unified by a large, wooden veranda, which evokes a Japanese engawa and provides private outdoor space and a viewing platform of the park.

為了使Me-Kwa-Mooks Net-Zero房屋的後翻式外觀現代化,SHED將其中一個用木材包裹,將另一個用立縫金屬板包裹。


During this process, SHED also “over-insulated” the building’s envelope and introduced Passivhaus-certified windows.

Teamed with an array of rooftop photovoltaic panels, the studio claims this puts the dwelling “on track” to operate as a net-zero energy building – giving the house its name. This means that the energy that it uses annually will be equivalent to the renewable energy that it creates.

Inside, the centrepiece of the Me-Kwa-Mooks Net-Zero is a large hearth on the middle floor, from which a bright orange flue extends up and out.

This flue is modelled on the mast that supports a pitch of a circus big top. While paying tribute to the clients’ history, it also helps to stitch the two volumes together internally.


該工作室與一系列屋頂光伏板配合使用,稱這使住宅“步入正軌”,成為零能耗的能源建築,並因此而得名。 這意味著其每年使用的能源將等於其產生的可再生能源。

在內部,Me-Kwa-Mooks Net-Zero的核心是中層的大爐膛,明亮的橙色煙道從爐膛中向上伸出。

該煙道以支撐馬戲團大頂部的俯仰的桅杆為模型。 在向客戶的歷史致敬的同時,還有助於在內部將這兩本書合在一起。

On the middle floor, three different but interconnected rooms are placed around this hearth to emulate a three-ring circus. This includes a dining room, living area and space for performing music.

The bedrooms are placed on the upper floor, alongside an office that is visually connected to the three rooms below to create the feeling of sitting up inside a big top.

在中層,三個不同但相互連接的房間圍繞此壁爐放置,以模仿三環馬戲團。 這包括一個飯廳,起居區和表演音樂的空間。


The interiors have deliberately spare finishes, dominated by white-painted plasterboard that emphasises the size and open-plan nature of the rooms.

Highlights include a grey steel stair, an ensuite bedroom with Japanese-style tatami bed and soaking tub, and warm wooden cabinetry and flooring throughout.



As part of the project, SHED also developed a new entrance sequence for the house as its steep site was originally difficult to access.

This includes a circular stair that leads up from the street to a new trail of steps and a covered bench to allow visitors to stop and rest after the sharp incline.



A more accessible driveway with turnaround space has also been incorporated, alongside an open carport that was converted from the old enclosed garage.

Elsewhere, SHED also recently refurbished the early 1950s dwelling in the Pacific Northwest that was built cartoonist Irwin Caplan, and created a pared-back studio space and guesthouse from an old horse stable.

Main image is by Tony Kim. Other photography is by Rafael Soldi unless stated otherwise.


在其他地方,SHED最近還翻修了1950年代初期在太平洋西北地區建造的漫畫家歐文·卡普蘭(Irwin Caplan)所居住的房屋,並從一個古老的馬stable中創建了一個精簡的工作室和賓館。

主要圖片是Tony Kim。 除非另有說明,否則其他攝影作品均為Rafael Soldi攝影。



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