Architects: Hamonic + Masson & Associés, a/LTA
Area: 14000 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Stéphane Chalmeau, Takuji Shimmura
Manufacturers: Alucoil, GRACE, POLYREY, TOLARTOIS, Wicona, sammode
Client:ICADE + Poste Immo
Lead Architects:Hamonic + Masson & Associés
Associate Architect:a/LTA Le Trionnaire – Le Chapelain
Environmental Engineering:Éléments Ingénieries
Engineering :BETOM
Acoustics :Jean-Paul Lamoureux
Landscape :La Plage (Guillaume Derrien)
Construction Company :Eiffage Construction
Environmental Approach :NF HQE Très Bon

建築師:Hamonic + Masson&Associés,a / LTA
攝影:StéphaneChalmeau,Takuji Shimmura
客戶:ICADE +郵政伊莫
首席建築師:Hamonic + Masson&Associés
助理建築師:a / LTA Le Trionnaire-Le Chapelain
風景:La Plage(紀堯姆·德里恩)
施工公司:Eiffage Construction
環境方針:NF HQETrèsBon

Near the Multimodal Exchange Center (railway-bus-metro-bus station), “Urban Quartz” is initiating the urban invention of EuroRennes. It is therefore taking advantage of the efficient transport network which serves the sector. Its location, strategic for an office program, meets the conditions for an integrated and lively business sector.

在多式聯運交易中心(鐵路公交地鐵站)附近,“城市石英”開始了EuroRennes的城市發明。 因此,它利用了為該部門服務的高效運輸網絡。 它的位置對執行辦公計劃具有戰略意義,可滿足活躍而完整的業務部門的條件。

The urban development plan, drawn by FGP, is an invitation to a bold and radical architecture. Three chiseled buildings stand out in the railway landscape and change a regular simple skyline.

FGP制定的城市發展計劃邀請了大膽而激進的建築。 三座精巧的建築物在鐵路景觀中脫穎而出,並改變了規則的簡單天際線。

All of the three buildings are shaped in a unique way, resembling a canyon, through which the urban space infiltrates and lead us to discover an unexpected wild garden. This extraordinary experience offers a lively, generous, and alternative interpretation of the office program.

這三座建築的所有形狀均以獨特的方式形成,就像一個峽谷,城市空間通過峽谷滲透並引導我們發現一個意想不到的野生花園。 這種非凡的體驗為辦公程序提供了生動,慷慨和另類的詮釋。

The three buildings each take their own shape and character, which distinguishes “Urban Quartz” in the city skyline. To adjust to each other and respond to their orientations, the three buildings transform, gain height or tilt, each turning towards urban breakthroughs. This dynamic rhythm gives each volume its uniqueness and gives the whole balance and coherence in its implementation.

這三座建築各自具有自己的形狀和特徵,在城市天際線中與眾不同。 為了彼此適應並適應其方向,這三座建築物進行了轉換,增加了高度或傾斜度,每一個都朝著城市突破。 這種動態節奏賦予每個音量其獨特性,並在實現過程中提供整體平衡和連貫性。

The three buildings were designed to provide great flexibility towards its occupiers. They range from small start-ups to large companies. The introduction of three walkways connecting buildings 1 and 2 contributes to this idea of flexibility, thus making it possible to offer a variable current floor from 500 to 1000m2 of the surface.

這三座建築的設計旨在為居住者提供極大的靈活性。 從小型初創企業到大型公司,不一而足。 引入連接建築物1和2的三個人行道有助於實現這種靈活性,因此可以提供500到1000 m2的可變電流地板。

The interaction between the project and its context is underlined by three “urban windows”. These immense framings in the landscape occupy the prow of the constructions and interact with the city.

該項目及其上下文之間的交互以三個“城市窗口”強調。 這些巨大的景觀框架佔據了建築的前茅,並與城市互動。

With a new architectural style and a configuration adapted to the local context, the “Urban Quartz” project offers an alternative to the generic and often agreed on, a vocabulary of office buildings.



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