Architectural style:Modern
Location:Giza, Greater Cairo
Construction started:March 12, 2012
Estimated completion : 2020
Cost:$795 million
Client:Ministry of Antiquities
Floor area:81,000 square metres (870,000 sq ft)
Architect:Heneghan Peng
Structural engineer:Arup
Services engineer:Buro Happold
Main contractor:OCI/BESIX

服務工程師:Buro Happold
主承包商:OCI / BESIX

The Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM), also known as the Giza Museum, is an archaeological museum under construction in Giza, Egypt. Described as the largest archaeological museum in the world, it will house artifacts of ancient Egypt, including the complete Tutankhamun collection; many pieces will be displayed for the first time. The museum is sited a plot of land of about 480,000 square metres (5,200,000 sq ft) approximately two kilometers from the Giza pyramid complex and is part of a new master plan for the Giza Plateau.

Construction on the museum was set to be complete in the first quarter of 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic the museum opening was moved to 2021.

大埃及博物館(GEM),也稱為吉薩博物館(Giza Museum),是埃及吉薩正在建設的考古博物館。 被描述為世界上最大的考古博物館,它將收藏古埃及的文物,包括完整的圖坦卡蒙收藏; 第一次會顯示很多作品。 該博物館位於距吉薩金字塔綜合大樓約兩公里的約480,000平方米(5,200,000平方英尺)的一塊土地上,是吉薩高原新總體規劃的一部分。


The building design was decided by an architectural competition announced on 7 January 2002. The organisers received 1557 entries from 82 countries, making it the second largest architectural competition in history. In the second stage of the competition, 20 entries submitted additional information on their designs. Judging was complete by 2 June 2003. The competition was won by architects Róisín Heneghan & Shi-Fu Peng, and their company Heneghan.peng.architects (Ireland) winning 250,000 dollars. Second place was awarded to Coop Himmelblau. Héctor Vigliecca and Luciene Quel (Brazil), Ruben Verdi (Italy), Michael Zimmermann, Engel und Zimmermann (Germany), Fernando Pardo Calvo y Bernardo Garcia Tapia, Nuno Filipe Morais Monteiro (Portugal) and Martin Roubik (Czech Republic) received Honorable Mention.The building is designed by Heneghan Peng Architects, Buro Happold and Arup. The exhibition masterplan, exhibition design and museology is by Atelier Brückner.

建築設計由2002年1月7日宣布的一次建築競賽決定。組織者收到了來自82個國家/地區的1557個參賽作品,這使其成為歷史上第二大建築競賽。 在比賽的第二階段,有20位參賽者提交了有關其設計的其他信息。 評審到2003年6月2日完成。比賽由建築師RóisínHeneghan和Peng Shi-Fu贏得,他們的公司Heneghan.peng.architects(愛爾蘭)贏得了25萬美元。 第二名被授予Coop Himmelblau。 HéctorVigliecca和Luciene Quel(巴西),Ruben Verdi(意大利),Michael Zimmermann,Engel和Zimmermann(德國),Fernando Pardo Calvo y Bernardo Garcia Tapia,Nuno Filipe Morais Monteiro(葡萄牙)和Martin Roubik(捷克共和國)獲得了榮譽獎。 該建築是由Heneghan Peng建築師,Buro Happold和Arup設計的。 展覽總體規劃,展覽設計和博物館學由AtelierBrückner負責。

The building is shaped like a chamfered triangle in plan. It sits on a site two kilometers west of the pyramids, near a motorway interchange. The building’s north and south walls line up directly with the Great Pyramid of Khufu and the Pyramid of Menkaure. In front of the building is a large plaza, filled with date plants. One of the main features of the museum is the translucent stone wall, made of alabaster, that makes up the front facade of the building. Inside the main entrance is a large atrium, where large statues will be exhibited.

建築物的形狀像倒角的三角形。 它位於金字塔以西兩公里處的一個站點,靠近高速公路立交橋。 建築物的南北壁與胡夫大金字塔和門考爾金字塔直接對齊。 大樓前是一個大廣場,上面擺滿了棗樹。 博物館的主要特色之一是由雪花石膏製成的半透明石牆,構成了建築物的正面。 正門內是一個大型中庭,將展示大型雕像。

On 2 February 2010, Hill International announced that Egypt’s Ministry of Culture had signed a contract with a joint venture of Hill and EHAF Consulting Engineers to provide project management services during the design and construction of the Grand Egyptian Museum.

The total estimated project cost is US$550m, US$300m of which will be financed from Japanese loans, the remaining will be financed by the Supreme Council of Antiquities, other donations and international funds.



The new museum is designed to include the latest technology, including virtual reality. The museum will also be an international center of communication between museums, to promote direct contact with other local and international museums. The Grand Egyptian Museum will include a children’s museum, conference center, training center, and workshops similar to the old Pharaonic places.

新博物館旨在包括最新技術,包括虛擬現實。 博物館還將成為博物館之間的國際交流中心,以促進與其他本地和國際博物館的直接聯繫。 大埃及博物館將包括一個兒童博物館,會議中心,培訓中心,以及與法老時期相似的工作坊。


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