Architects: Rebecca Naughtin Architect
Area: 277 m²
Year: 2018
Photographs: Daniel Fuge
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Dulux, James Hardie, Mondoluce, EST Lighting
Lead Architect:Rebecca Naughtin
Engineering:Keith Long & Associates
Landscape:Rebecca Naughtin Architect
Consultants:Clancy Construction
Collaborators:James Hardie
Text:Stephen Crafti

建築師:Rebecca Naughtin建築師
製造商:AutoDesk,Dulux,James Hardie,Mondoluce,EST Lighting
工程:基思·朗(Keith Long&Associates)
文字:斯蒂芬·克拉夫蒂(Stephen Crafti)

Located in a wide and leafy street in Kew, this Edwardian-style home has been brought into the 21st century while still keeping its heritage intact. Renovated in the 1990s in a ‘faux Edwardian’ style by the current owners, it required a substantial makeover. “My clients were living in Papua New Guinea for almost 20 years, renting this place while they were away,” says architect Rebecca Naughtin. “It was only when they returned (in 2017) that they were keen to make some serious changes,” she adds.

這座愛德華時代風格的房屋坐落在基尤(Kew)一條寬闊的綠樹成蔭的街道上,已被帶入21世紀,同時仍保持著其完整的遺產。 目前的業主在1990年代以“人造愛德華七世時代”風格進行了翻新,因此需要進行大量改造。 “我的客戶在巴布亞新幾內亞居住了將近20年,在他們離開的時候就租了這個地方,”建築師麗貝卡·諾廷(Rebecca Naughtin)說。 她補充說:“只有在他們返回(2017年)時,他們才願意做出一些重大改變。”

Naughtin’s brief from the couple was for open plan living together with a first- floor addition. Avoiding the typical response of a large glass contemporary box attached to the rear, Naughtin took her design cues from the period home’s pitched roofline. As the backyard is orientated to the south, it was also imperative to draw in northern light. And although this property isn’t heritage listed, Naughtin was mindful of not ‘overshadowing’ the first-floor extension in this streetscape. The only sign of the two first-floor bedrooms are the black painted windows/doors on the first floor that lead to a balcony, set well back from the home’s period façade.

諾丁夫婦的簡介是關於開放式居住和一樓公寓的生活。 諾丁(Naughtin)避免了將大型現代玻璃框裝在車尾的典型反應,而是從那段時期的住宅傾斜屋頂上汲取了設計靈感。 由於後院是朝南的,因此必須吸收北極光。 儘管此屬性未列入遺產名錄,但諾丁還是謹記不要“遮蓋”此街景中的一樓擴建部分。 兩層一樓臥室的唯一標誌是一樓的黑色油漆門窗,通向陽台,該陽台從房屋的舊外牆退後。

Timber features extensively in the home, both in the floors and the period detailing, and in the new joinery. The main bathroom, for example, which would have once been a bedroom, still features an Edwardian over-mantle and fireplace. However, not wanting to remain in the past, there’s also a new spotted gum vanity and a freestanding bath. The same level of detail can be seen in the kitchen and living areas, with timber shelves set into the island bench and also used in the living area as display boxes for the owner’s mementos. “We designed a lot of joinery as though it was free-standing furniture, not dissimilar to the Edwardian approach, but in a contemporary manner.” Other joinery items demonstrate a more considered approach to how people live today. Edwardian-style robes are long gone, and in their place Naughtin used the entire passage outside the two bedrooms to create a continuous line of wardrobes.

木材在家庭中具有廣泛的功能,包括地板和時期細節以及新的細木工。 例如,原本應該是一間臥室的主要浴室,仍配有愛德華七世時代的壁爐架和壁爐。 但是,不想保留過去,還出現了一種新的口香糖虛榮和獨立式浴缸。 在廚房和起居區中可以看到相同級別的細節,在島凳上放有木架子,還可以在起居區中用作主人紀念品的展示盒。 “我們設計了許多細木工,就好像它是獨立式家具,與愛德華七世時代的方法沒有什麼不同,而是以現代方式。” 其他細木工製品展示了當今人們如何生活的更深思熟慮的方法。 愛德華七世時代風格的長袍早已一去不復返了,諾丁在他們的位置上利用了兩間臥室外的整個通道,創造出連續的衣櫃。

Although this home is semi-detached, it benefited from having almost two metres in width along the side, allowing the dimensions of the property to feel considerably greater. And while the first owners of the home may have settled with a horse and cart, today, having off-street car parking, is expected. As this property comes with a rear laneway, Naughtin has included a detached carport to the rear. Other works included a new front fence and replacing the original timber boards in the front façade. “It still has that strong Edwardian character, but as you can see, it’s tailored to a couple who want to connect to the garden and the outdoors,” says Naughtin, pointing out the kitchen bench that extends through the large glass sliding doors onto the terrace, complete with built-in barbecue. And when the doors are left open, the lines between indoors and out are further blurred.

儘管這棟房屋是半獨立式的,但它得益於沿側面近兩米的寬度,使房屋的尺寸感覺更大。 雖然房屋的第一批所有者可能已經坐好了馬車,但今天卻有望在路邊停車。 由於該物業設有後巷,諾丁在後方設有一個獨立的車棚。 其他工程包括新的前圍欄和替換前立面中的原始木板。 “它仍然具有愛德華七世時代的強烈特徵,但是正如您所看到的,它是為想要連接到花園和戶外的一對夫婦量身定制的,” Naughtin指出,廚房長椅穿過大玻璃推拉門延伸到廚房。 露台,內置燒烤設施。 當門保持打開狀態時,室內和室外之間的線條會進一步模糊。


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