A house designed by David Adjaye as part of the Make It Right Foundation’s contribution to rebuilding New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina is reportedly “in imminent danger of collapse” and is set to be demolished.

據報導,由大衛·阿賈耶(David Adjaye)設計的房屋,是“做對的權利”基金會對卡特里娜颶風後重建新奧爾良的貢獻的一部分,“即將崩潰”,並將被拆除。

Designed as one of 109 houses that were built by non-profit developer Make It Right Foundation, which was set up by actor Brad Pitt to rehouse people, the home was issued with a Notice of Emergency Demolition on the 30 September.

該房屋是由非營利性開發商Make It Right Foundation建造的109座房屋之一,該房屋是由演員布拉德·皮特(Brad Pitt)建造的,用於安置人們。9月30日,該房屋收到了《緊急拆除通知》。

Local news website Nola.com reported that the notice, which was posted on the property at 1826 Reynes Street, states that the house is “in imminent danger of collapse and/or threat to life” and will shortly be demolished.

The demolition will cost $7,085 and will be paid for by the building’s owner, the notice says. The date of the demolition is not yet known.

當地新聞網站Nola.com報導說,該告示張貼在Reynes Street 1826號的房產上,稱該房屋“正面臨坍塌和/或威脅生命的迫在眉睫的危險”,並將很快被拆除。

通知說,拆除費用為7,085美元,將由建築物的所有者支付。 拆除日期尚不清楚。

Adjaye house abandoned in 2012|阿賈耶的房子在2012年被遺棄

The Adjaye-designed house was built in the city’s Lower 9th Ward, which was largely destroyed by the flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

The home was purchased by Kamaria Allen in 2011, who said she almost immediately noticed problems.

According to a 2018 interview in NBC, she found mushrooms growing from her bedroom walls and kitchen, mouldy carpets and rotting wood within the first year of owning the property.

Following attempts to resolve the issues with damp, Allen sold the home back to the Make It Right Foundation in 2012. It has remained empty since this time. Photos on Nola.com show the boarded-up home with broken roof supports and missing cladding panels.


這所房子是卡瑪里亞·艾倫(Kamaria Allen)於2011年購買的,她說她幾乎立即註意到了問題。

根據NBC 2018年的一次採訪,她發現在擁有房產的第一年內,臥室牆壁和廚房,發霉的地毯和腐爛的木頭上長出了蘑菇。

在嘗試解決潮濕問題後,艾倫於2012年將房屋賣給了Make It Right Foundation。自那時以來,它一直是空的。 Nola.com上的照片顯示,這棟木板房子的屋頂支架破損,覆層面板缺失。

Problems with multiple Make It Right Foundation homes|多個“使之正確”基金會房屋的問題

Numerous high-profile architects including Frank Gehry, David Adjaye and Shigeru Ban designed homes for the development. Each timber home was constructed for around $150,000. In total, 109 homes were completed at a reported cost of $26.8 million.

However, according to multiple news sources, issues were quickly found with some homes and the Make It Right Foundation began replacing decks in 2008 due to rot.

Water leaks, black mould, foundation issues and ill health reported by numerous residents led attorney Ron Austin to file a class-action lawsuit against the Make It Right Foundation in 2018.

The case filed in Orleans Parish Civil District Court states that the non-profit developer sold “defectively and improperly constructed homes”.

“Essentially, Make It Right was making a lot of promises to come back and fix the homes that they initially sold these people and have failed to do so,” Austin told New Orleans news station WWL-TV at the time.

“We have some people who have gotten sick, or we believe to have gotten sick if you will, anything from severe headaches, Parkinson-like diseases.”

包括Frank Gehry,David Adjaye和Shigeru Ban在內的眾多知名建築師設計了該住宅。每個木屋的建造成本約為15萬美元。共有109所房屋完工,報告費用為2680萬美元。

然而,根據多個新聞來源,一些房屋很快發現了問題,Make It Right Foundation由於腐爛在2008年開始更換甲板。

許多居民報告的漏水,黑黴,基金會問題和健康不良導致律師羅恩·奧斯汀(Ron Austin)在2018年對Make It Right Foundation提起了集體訴訟。




Foundation suing architect and wood supplier|基金會起訴建築師和木材供應商

The Make It Right Foundation has itself started several lawsuits that aimed at determining the reason for the home’s issues.

In 2018, the foundation began legal proceedings against the development’s architect of record New Orleans-based John C. Williams.

The lawsuit accused the architect of defective design work that led to damages that will require $20 million to repair.

At the time, Williams responded to the lawsuit, which has yet to be resolved, with a letter that stated: “To now be confronted with this baseless lawsuit is shocking and insulting and we intend to prove that we were not at fault.”

The Make It Right Foundation also sued lumber supplier TimberSIL for $500,000 in 2015, alleging that defective treated timber used to build the homes led to the rotting. This case is also unresolved.

Other homes designed for the project include Duplex by Frank Gehry, a “floating house” by American studio Morphosis and an elevated home by Atelier Hitoshi Abe.

Main image shows New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward where the Make It Right Foundation homes were built. Photo is by Michael Maples.

Photo of 1826 Reynes Street taken by James Ewing/OTTO in 2012.


在2018年,該基金會開始針對該項目的開發建築師約翰·威廉姆斯(John C.



Make It Right Foundation在2015年還以500,000美元的價格起訴木材供應商TimberSIL,稱用於建造房屋的有缺陷的經過處理的木材導致了腐爛。這種情況也未解決。

為該項目設計的其他房屋包括Frank Gehry設計的Duplex,美國Studio Morphosis設計的“浮動房屋”和Atelier Hitoshi Abe設計的高架房屋。

主圖顯示了新奧爾良的第9區下部病房,在那裡建造了Make It Right Foundation房屋。照片由Michael Maples提供。

James Ewing / OTTO在2012年拍攝的1826 Reynes Street照片。



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