Year: 2018
Work finished in :2018
Status: Completed works
Type: Churches


The church of Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande will be the first church built in France’s Brittany region in the 21st-century. The project has been contracted to the Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira. Siza’s use of light and white concrete provide a unique ceremonial space that gently folds into the neighborhood south of Rennes, a residential area with five-story housing blocks.

Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande教堂將是21世紀法國布列塔尼地區建造的第一座教堂。 該項目已與葡萄牙建築師ÁlvaroSiza Vieira簽訂合同。 西扎(Siza)使用的淺色和白色混凝土提供了一個獨特的禮儀空間,該空間可以輕輕地折疊到雷恩(Rennes)以南的居民區,這是一個有五層樓高的住宅區。

Siza’s main concern when designing the project was being able to integrate the church into the urban fabric. One of the hallmarks of the building is the circular shape on the second floor, which will hold up to 120 people – freeing up the first floor for social and administrative areas.

Siza在設計該項目時的主要關注點在於能否將教堂整合到城市結構中。 該建築物的標誌之一是位於第二層的圓形形狀,最多可容納120人-騰出一層用於社會和行政區域。

The church will be inserted as a free-standing volume that adapts to the existing plan and the dimensions of the nearby buildings and spaces, extant or planned, in particular the size of the apartment block to the north. The programme is distributed across two levels by superimposing a cylinder with a 14.75 m outer diameter on a 16xi6 m square plan with a total height of 12 m. The Parish Centre and the church are on the first and second floors respectively, with a smaller 97.2 m2 basement for the technical and storage areas.

教堂將作為獨立空間插入,以適應現有計劃以及現有或計劃中的附近建築物和空間的尺寸,特別是北部公寓樓的大小。 通過將外徑為14.75 m的圓柱體疊加在總高度為12 m的16xi6 m正方形平面上,可以將該程序分佈在兩個級別上。 教區中心和教堂分別位於第一層和第二層,用於技術和存儲區域的地下室面積較小,為97.2平方米。

Two rectangular volumes break off to the west of this core, framing the entrance atrium and spanning the full height of the building. Another two iden­tical quadrangular volumes lie to the east, along with a cantilevered half cylinder that emerges from the top floor. Circulation between the two floors is via a lift and two stairways —one of them enclosed— with two flights.

在此核心區的西部,有兩個矩形體積折斷,形成了入口中庭,並橫跨了建築物的整個高度。 向東還有兩個相同的四邊形體積,以及從頂樓出來的懸臂半圓柱。 兩層樓之間的流通是通過電梯和兩個樓梯(其中一個封閉)進行的,有兩個航班。

The central part of the church has seating for 126, with access tor the disabled. A side chapel to the south contains the baptismal font, a semicir­cular apse (Chapel A) contains the image of the Virgin and the tabernacle, and a lateral chapel on the north side (Chapel B) contains the crucifix. A raised platform extends above chapels A and B, the base of the altar and the pulpit. The diagonal axis of the congregation area, which runs from the mam stairs towards the crucifix, defines the position of the attar.

教堂的中央設有126個座位,可供殘疾人士使用。 南部的禮拜堂包含洗禮字體,半圓形的後殿(禮拜堂A)包含聖母像和會幕的像,而北側的禮拜堂(教堂B)包含耶穌受難像。 一個升高的平台在教堂A和B,祭壇的底部和講壇之上延伸。 會眾區域的對角軸(從媽媽樓梯向耶穌受難像延伸)定義了the骨的位置。

The restricted access sacristy is on the upper floor of the volume containing the lift and the enclosed staircase. A square platform is suspended above the cylindrical space of the church to control the light entering through the clerestory and hold the lighting and ventilation equipment. The sides of this square panel are parallel to the axis of the congregation zone. This church is thus lit from above and indirectly, reflecting off the ceiling and the cylindrical walls. Another two small clerestories are set above the image of the Virgin and the baptismal font. Light enters Chapel B through a glazed west-facing shaft.

限制進入的雜物間位於包含電梯和封閉樓梯的空間的上層。 一個方形平台懸掛在教堂的圓柱空間上方,以控制通過天窗進入的光線並固定照明和通風設備。 該方形面板的側面平行於會聚區的軸線。 因此,該教堂從上方間接照明,從天花板和圓柱壁上反射回來。 在聖母子和洗禮字體的圖像上方還設置了兩個小書房。 光通過朝西的玻璃軸進入教堂B。

The church will be built using white reintorced concrete bearer walls with internal thermal insulation. The marks of the formwork used in its construction will be visible on the facades. The interior of the church and the Parish Centre will be paved with marble. The walls will be painted after instaling a 110cm high marble panel, except for the kitchen and bathrooms, where it will rise to 220cm. The pavements in the basement will have an epoxy fin­ish and 220cm high epoxy wall protection. The exterior frames will be in wood with an aluminium finish on the outer face.

教堂將使用帶有內部絕熱材料的白色鋼筋混凝土承重牆建造。 在建築中使用的模板的標記將在立面上可見。 教堂和教區中心的內部將鋪上大理石。 安裝110厘米高的大理石面板後,牆壁將被粉刷,廚房和浴室除外,牆壁高度將升至220厘米。 地下室的人行道將具有環氧面漆和220厘米高的環氧牆面保護層。 外部框架將是木質的,外部表面為鋁質。


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