Swedish architecture studio White Arkitekter has refurbished a gym and built a new swimming pool building for Bølgen Bath and Leisure Centre in Drøbak, Norway.

Bølgen Bath and Leisure Centre now has its own lap pool, diving pool, children’s pool, water slide, therapy pool and baths, as well as a sauna and spa. The name Bølgen means the wave in Norwegian.

瑞典建築工作室White Arkitekter重新裝修了一家健身房,並為挪威Drøbak的Bølgen浴場和休閒中心建造了一座新的游泳池。

博爾根浴與休閒中心現在擁有自己的小型游泳池,潛水游泳池,兒童游泳池,滑水道,理療池和浴室,以及桑拿浴室和水療中心。 Bølgen這個名字的意思是挪威語中的wave。

Set on a sloping site overlooking the Oslo fjord, White Arkitekter had to be clever with the layout.

“The limited buildable area, challenging topography and a short time frame presented challenges when adding an extension to the activity centre with new swimming pools on the steep mountain slope,” said the studio.

White Arkitekter坐落在俯瞰奧斯陸峽灣的坡地上,因此必須巧妙地佈局。


White Arkitekter built the new areas on different levels and used the entrance and circulation areas to double as places for socialising and watching other teams practice.

“The building has been designed to give visitors clear sightlines between the different sports activities within,” added the studio.

White Arkitekter在不同級別上建造了新區域,並使用入口和流通區域加倍用作社交和觀看其他團隊練習的場所。


The extension also includes exercise facilities and is used by both the public and local amateur and professional sports teams – including the Norwegian elite synchronised swimming team.

White Arkitekter also built offices and meeting rooms for the local department for children, youth and families as part of the complex.


White Arkitekter還為該部門的兒童,青年和家庭的地方部門建造了辦公室和會議室。

White Arkitekter wrapped the complex in a facade of perforated metal powder-coated a rusty red colour to contrast with the snow-covered hillside.

The glass behind the metal screen reflects the changing light throughout the day.

White Arkitekter將復合物包裹在穿孔金屬粉末外牆上,表面為生鏽的紅色,與積雪覆蓋的山坡形成鮮明對比。


For the interiors, the practice wanted to emulate the caves and rock formations found in the Norwegian landscape.

Dark stone tiles with integrated benches and seating areas are heated to emulate the stone plateaus that catch the sun on the mountainsides near lakes and natural pools.



Floor-to-ceiling glass runs along the length of the pool, and a high clerestory window lets more light in at the ends. The pool hall is column-free, adding to the sense of expansive space.

“Nordic light was the inspiration for how walls should meet the ceiling,” said White Arkitekter.

“Often in Norway, misty clouds make the sky look completely bright white. Bright white walls with ribbon windows placed high up meet bright white ceilings, allowing plenty of natural daylight deep into the building.”

落地玻璃沿著游泳池的長度延伸,高的天窗可讓末端的光線更多。 泳池大廳是無柱的,增加了寬敞的空間感。

White Arkitekter說:“北歐光線是牆壁應如何與天花板相交的靈感。”


Pops of colour appear in the form of a bright green multi-sports court and a wall of acid-yellow tiles in the changing room showers.

Founded in 1951 by Sidney White, White Arkitekter has offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and England.

Previous water-themed projects from the practice include a design for a starfish-shaped sea pool in Bergen and a coastal bathouse in Karlshamn for sea-bathing enthusiasts.

Photography is by Annette Larsen.


White Arkitekter由Sidney White於1951年成立,在瑞典,丹麥,挪威和英國設有辦事處。


攝影是安妮特·拉森(Annette Larsen)。



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