Architects: Plan Architect
Area: 5900 m²
Year: 2015
Photographs: Panoramic Studio
Manufacturers: Danpal, Bluescope, S&P NAKORNLUANG, TOA, WILLY
Architect In Charge:Plan Architect Company Limited
Design Team:Sinn Phonghanyudh Wara Jithpratugs Anak Boonprasartsuk Chayothorn Songtirapunya

製造商:Danpal,Bluescope,S&P NAKORNLUANG,TOA,WILLY
設計團隊:Sinn Phonghanyudh Wara Jithpratugs Anak Boonprasartsuk Chayothorn Songtirapunya

The Golden Jubilee Museum of Agriculture is well-known as a place that propagate knowledge about all kind of agriculture in Thailand. This new office is not just a normal office building, it also served as a welcoming space for all visitors who come to visit the museum.

金禧農業博物館以在泰國傳播有關各種農業知識的地方而聞名。 這個新的辦公室不僅是普通的辦公樓,還為所有來博物館參觀的遊客提供了一個歡迎的空間。

Visitors will be placed here and will be introduced to the key objective of the institution before entering the main exhibition or any other parts. The function inside this 5,900 sqm. building includes a variety size of seminar room for a small group of 10 people up to a big group of 700 people. It also includes an exhibition space, museum shop, office, etc.

在進入主要展覽或任何其他部分之前,參觀者將被放置在這裡,並將被介紹給該機構的主要目標。 佔地5,900平方米的功能。 大樓包括各種大小的研討室,可容納10人至700人。 它還包括展覽空間,博物館商店,辦公室等。

“Rise from the Earth” is the main concept of this museum office, the architecture itself rises up from the ground and the ground unified with the building. Trees are placed over the rooftop to link with landscape, to become one.

“從地球上崛起”是這個博物館辦公室的主要概念,建築本身是從地面升起的,地面與建築物統一。 樹木被放置在屋頂上以與景觀相連,成為一棵。


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