The organisers of Expo 2020 Dubai have released images of buildings by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, Grimshaw and Foster + Partners that will host next year’s coronavirus-delayed event.

Dubai Expo 2020 was originally scheduled to begin later this month, meaning that many of the buildings on the 438-hectare (1,083 acres) site to the south of Dubai are largely complete.

The rescheduled event will now open a year from today on 1 October 2021.

2020年迪拜世博會的組織者發布了Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill,Grimshaw和Foster + Partners的建築物圖像,這些建築物將舉辦明年的冠狀病毒延誤活動。



At the centre of the 438-hectare-site, which has been masterplanned by American architecture firm HOK, stands the Al Wasl Plaza enclosed in a spherical building.

Designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, the plaza at the intersection of the expo’s three thematic districts will be covered with a steel trellis with a pattern informed by the expo’s logo.

由美國建築公司HOK總體規劃的佔地438公頃的中心是Al Wasl廣場,封閉在球形建築中。

由阿德里安·史密斯(Adrian Smith)+戈登·吉爾(Gordon Gill)設計的世博會三個主題區交匯處的廣場將覆蓋有一個鋼格架,其格紋由博覽會的徽標告知。

Standing alongside the Al Wasl Plaza, the United Arab Emirates’ national pavilion designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava is also nearing completion.

The building, which was modelled on “a falcon in flight”, will contain exhibition spaces, an auditorium, cafe areas and VIP lounges.

站在Al Wasl廣場旁邊,由西班牙建築師Santiago Calatrava設計的阿拉伯聯合酋長國國家館也即將竣工。


Extending out from the central plaza are three leaf-shaped thematic districts that each culminate in a thematic pavilion.

Aiming to “deliver an aspirational message about the natural world, ecology and technology to a global audience,” the Sustainability Pavilion was designed by the New York and Dubai offices of architecture studio Grimshaw.



The structure has been designed with a large overhanging roof that will provide shade for the surrounding gardens and exhibition spaces, as well as being a platform for solar panels. It will also harvest fresh water from the humid air.

Surrounding the pavilion are a series of solar trees, which will track the sun and provide additional electricity.

Following the expo the Sustainability Pavilion will reopen as a science museum.

該結構設計有一個大的懸挑屋頂,可以為周圍的花園和展覽空間提供陰影,並且可以用作太陽能電池板的平台。 它還將從潮濕的空氣中收穫淡水。



Set in a dedicated plaza near the site’s south entrance, Foster + Partners’ trefoil-shaped Mobility Pavilion is also largely complete.

Conceived “as a fairground” for demonstrating technological innovations related to mobility, the pavilion will include a partly open-air 340-metre track for visitors to see vehicles in operation.

The third thematic district will focus on Opportunity, with a pavilion designed by AGi Architects. However, the organisers have not released images of this building.

Foster + Partners的三葉形Mobility Pavilion坐落在該站點南入口附近的專用廣場中,基本上也很完整。


第三個主題區將以機會為中心,由AGi Architects設計的展館。 但是,組織者尚未發布此建築物的圖像。

The Dubai Expo 2020 organisers also revealed images from within the thematic districts, which contain over 86 permanent buildings designed by UK studio Hopkins Architects.

Three central pedestrian walkways, each running from the central plaza to the trio of thematic pavilions, will be shaded by a series of tree-like structures.

2020年迪拜世博會的組織者還展示了主題區域內的圖像,其中包含英國工作室Hopkins Architects設計的86多個永久性建築物。


Along with the main thematic pavilions, the expo will feature 192 national pavilions, including a structure by Es Devlin for the UK and a pavilion topped with stained glass-style solar panels for the Dutch Pavilion.

Each of the site’s main three entrances will be marked by a 21-metre-high gate designed by British architect Asif Khan.

除主要主題館外,該博覽會還將設有192個國家館,其中包括英國的Es Devlin搭建的建築物和荷蘭館的彩色玻璃太陽能面板。

該地點的主要三個入口中的每一個都將標有由英國建築師Asif Khan設計的21米高的大門。



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